Remembering Twitter, Musk, Biden, Trump and Soldiers on Veterans Day

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the 13 young soldiers who were denied the opportunity to live out their lives because of the so-called Commander-in-Chief by the name of Joe Biden who abandoned them and our partners and allies in Afghanistan. Joseph Stalin Biden will sink down in history as the worse ‘non-birthing’ person to ever sit in the White House. Yes, he stands up for the Woke crap before he does a military of good men and women who will give and have given their lives for this nation. Yes, Joseph Stalin Biden has seen fit to weaponize various branches of government such as the FBI, DOJ and now the FTC to go after his enemies. He has used the raid on President Trump’s home to show the world that he—Joseph Stalin Biden—is the U.S.A.’s first dictator. Now, he goes after new Twitter owner Elon Musk. In both cases, Joseph Stalin Biden stays true to his modus operandi as a segregationist-socialist. Yes, this is how segregationists in their official capacity used the FBI, the judicial system, DOJ and other government agencies to take down their enemies. Joseph Stalin Biden has the audacity to say that Musk could be compromised because of some alleged misuse of data and foreign entities, when it is he—Joseph Stalin Biden—who is so damned compromised in his alleged dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia that if he crawled on his belly, it wouldn’t be low enough. You can bet your bottom dollar that at the end of the day, Joseph Stalin Biden will leave the Oval Office as America’s first billionaire. The good citizens of this nation should remember how this so-called Commander-in-Chief stood glancing at his watch while our 13 soldiers’ flag-draped coffins were being taken off the plane. These young fine men and women did not fall in war, but rather because of a cowardly Commander-in-Chief who abandoned them. And let us do remember the many who suffered or lost their lives in the aftermath of his traitorous behavior. These people were beheaded, tortured, set on fire, and this is still happening. Yet, this bastard-in-chief has the audacity to say that he is going to keep going after President Trump, Elon Musk, and anyone else who gets in his way.  Joseph Stalin Biden should be dragged down the muddy aisle of impeachment. And, if he’s not impeached while he’s in office, then he should be impeached after he leaves office as ‘Where’s Nancy’ Pelosi did to Pres. Trump after he was out of office. May God bless our wonderful military men and women on this Veterans Day 2022 and let us play ‘Hell’ to the Chief for Joseph Stalin Biden.



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