Remembering Twitter, Musk, Biden, Trump and Soldiers on Veterans Day

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the 13 young soldiers who were denied the opportunity to live out their lives because of the so-called Commander-in-Chief by the name of Joe Biden who abandoned them and our partners and allies in Afghanistan. Joseph Stalin Biden will sink down in history as the worse ‘non-birthing’ person to ever sit in the White House. Yes, he stands up for the Woke crap before he does a military of good men and women who will give and have given their lives for this nation. Yes, Joseph Stalin Biden has seen fit to weaponize various branches of government such as the FBI, DOJ and now the FTC to go after his enemies. He has used the raid on President Trump’s home to show the world that he—Joseph Stalin Biden—is the U.S.A.’s first dictator. Now, he goes after new Twitter owner Elon Musk. In both cases, Joseph Stalin Biden stays true to his modus operandi as a segregationist-socialist. Yes, this is how segregationists in their official capacity used the FBI, the judicial system, DOJ and other government agencies to take down their enemies. Joseph Stalin Biden has the audacity to say that Musk could be compromised because of some alleged misuse of data and foreign entities, when it is he—Joseph Stalin Biden—who is so damned compromised in his alleged dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia that if he crawled on his belly, it wouldn’t be low enough. You can bet your bottom dollar that at the end of the day, Joseph Stalin Biden will leave the Oval Office as America’s first billionaire. The good citizens of this nation should remember how this so-called Commander-in-Chief stood glancing at his watch while our 13 soldiers’ flag-draped coffins were being taken off the plane. These young fine men and women did not fall in war, but rather because of a cowardly Commander-in-Chief who abandoned them. And let us do remember the many who suffered or lost their lives in the aftermath of his traitorous behavior. These people were beheaded, tortured, set on fire, and this is still happening. Yet, this bastard-in-chief has the audacity to say that he is going to keep going after President Trump, Elon Musk, and anyone else who gets in his way.  Joseph Stalin Biden should be dragged down the muddy aisle of impeachment. And, if he’s not impeached while he’s in office, then he should be impeached after he leaves office as ‘Where’s Nancy’ Pelosi did to Pres. Trump after he was out of office. May God bless our wonderful military men and women on this Veterans Day 2022 and let us play ‘Hell’ to the Chief for Joseph Stalin Biden.




By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Memphis made headlines across the nation with the murder of teacher and mother Eliza Fletcher who was killed while jogging in the East Memphis area in the vicinity of the University of Memphis, usually considered a safe neighborhood.   A few days later, a killing spree which took the lives of four was being streamed live via Facebook.  What these murders have in common is the Black Thug and a Black community which continues to accept and protect the Black Thug, even at the cost of their children, seniors, hard-working citizens and others.

When Black folks march and wage war on the police under the banner of Defund the Police, unfortunately it is usually on behalf of a Black Thug. Yes, even George Floyd. Yes, we hate what happened to Floyd and can empathize how he was killed as any human being ought to feel another’s pain, but at the end of the day the bad apple policemen were held accountable.   However, the Black Thug doesn’t feel any empathy when he kills and maims his victims. He doesn’t care that he has taken the life of a baby or throws a victim off a subway platform to be plowed under by a train; he doesn’t feel anything when he knocks someone in the head and leaves him comatose; he doesn’t feel anything when he shoots randomly into a house killing innocent victims; he doesn’t care when he rapes women and children. There was nil coverage that Floyd had held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman. Floyd, like so many other Black Thugs, has been elevated to sainthood. Is it not true? Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other Black ministers come out in droves when it comes to praising the Black Thug as Good, Wonderful, Perfect angels in their Sunday pulpits or marching to protest White police brutality. Rev. Warnock, a Democrat U.S. Senator running for reelection, is the pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church which was once pastored by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Rev. Senator Warnock like so many of his Black Democrat minister colleagues has not condemned the Black Thug, BLM, Marxism, Antifa, or socialism. Why? Because it goes against the Democrat Party’s agenda to change America into socialism.  This is a party where the word ‘God’ was initially taken out of its platform, where ‘Honor thou Father and Mother’ has been reduced to replacing the word ‘father’ with ‘non-birthing person’ and the word ‘mother’ with ‘birthing person’. The Democrats’ latest WOKE move is to do away with the words of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ altogether in the same spirit as they did during slavery when the family was totally dismantled, when Blacks became livestock and there was no need for parents (a condition symptomatic in ALL slavery). Yes, even these Black VIP ministers no longer worship God Almighty but the Golden Almighty Donkey.

Let us bow our heads and praise the Black Thug. Let us also praise George Soros, the Patron Saint of Black Thugs, as he spreads his billions to purchase district attorneys, mayors, judges, Woke secretaries of state—what have you.

You see, we don’t see any outrage and marches when Black victims and other victims are killed. If a Black Thug is killed, he will get headlines and the press will carry his sorry story on a biblical level so that he can receive sympathy and understanding because of his Black skin and that society did not do him right. He will have BLM (a Marxist organization supported by Black elites and academia), Antifa, NAACP, and the Democrat Party fighting for him as they get rich from the chaos they create on his behalf. Think about it. Nary a member of any Black Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), a Black Democrat, or a White Democrat has come out to condemn the Black Thug. Consummate Socialist and Democrat Bernie Sanders has not come out to condemn the Black Thug, instead Bernie boy advocates for Black Thugs to be released from every prison in the U.S.A. Bernie the Socialist doesn’t care because he gets to go back to one of his three multi-million-dollar houses, including one in Martha’s Vineyard. America’s first Black Vice President, a ‘birthing person’, has not come out to condemn the Black Thug. Nary any Black Democrat mayor or officeholder has come out to condemn the Black Thug. Why not, you ask? Black crime has become the Democrat Party’s weapon to advance socialism, and in paraphrasing Cong. James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucus, ‘the United States must be completely destroyed and remade.’ Remade into what? Thug haven? Thug heaven? Sanctuary for socialist Democrat elites to have a one-party system?

 Floyd, like so many Black thugs, has been elevated to sainthood and the excuse to tear down Black-owned businesses, burn down neighborhoods, the local Walgreen’s and other pharmaceutical businesses where no one can even get a prescription filled, grocery stores, McDonald’s and other restaurants. So, if you were employed at any of these places or saved up to buy a nice house, your needs have been subjugated to the Black Thug.

                Now, let us bow our heads and praise the Black Thug.

We agree with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland in his assessment:  ”The people of our city were confronted with the type of violence no one should have to face.   Ezekiel Kelly was charged with criminal attempted first degree murder but pled guilty in April of 2021 to the lesser charge of aggravated assault.  He was sentenced to three years, but only served 11 months and was released on March 16, 2022 – less than 6 months ago. These evil actions show why truth in sentencing is a must, and we should do all we can to make our city safe.  We should not be terrorized by anyone who wants to strike fear in our hearts and take away what we love about Memphis.  We must unite around this principle and stand up to the challenge of violent crime in our city. If Mr. Kelly served his full 3-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and 4 of our fellow citizens would still be alive.”

We don’t give a damn about being politically correct: Ezekiel Kelly is a Black Thug who has been elevated to Black mass murderer, and the way it’s going, Kelly is on his way to sainthood by a liberal Woke press. Maybe this is the reason he’s smiling in his mugshot. Strickland did right to use the adjective ‘evil’ in describing this demon. Perhaps ‘evil’ should be extended to a press which is no longer about the Fourth Estate and Code of Journalism Ethics but about being a branch of what has become the Democrat Socialist Party.

We also highly commend U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty on introducing the Restoring Law and Order Act.

Sen. Blackburn stated: “We need to increase funding for law enforcement, root out weak on crime prosecutors and judges, and keep violent criminals locked up. Senator Hagerty and I are introducing the Restoring Law and Order Act to ensure state and local law enforcement agencies have the resources needed to combat violent crime and improve the processing of DNA evidence such as rape kits. It is sad that in Washington, Democrats have made heroes out of criminals and turned police officers into villains. The defund the police movement is demanding compassion for criminals, but not their innocent victims. Senator Hagerty and I believe we must fund, not defund, the police and are proud to Back the Blue. This legislation will provide much-needed resources to our brave law enforcement officers so they can hunt down violent criminals and keep Tennesseans safe.”

Yes, there was a time in the Black neighborhood in the thickest of Jim Crow when the blackest of criminal would not murder or maim a child, attack a senior, or even rob a church.

Getting rid of Black crime is now the duty of Black fathers and Black men to protect their families, neighborhoods, and the City of Memphis. Do we care how old-fashioned this sounds? We do not. When Antifa and BLM activists were heading out to destroy a Black middle-class suburb outside of Chicago, the Black men came out in droves, parked their cars as a blockade, and BLM and Antifa hightailed it out. No coverage of that, except on a local level. Why? Because these were Black men protecting their families and homes. They were real men who knew how to kick real ass. They epitomized the fabric of what the Black community used to be about: Dignity, hard work, raising families, making careers, entrepreneurship, education, and faith. These are the building stones of a safe society regardless of race, color, or creed.

 The face of crime is Black. That is the scalding reality.  Deal with it.

 Policemen are not the enemy of the Black community, but rather Black Democrat politicians, BLM, Antifa, CRT-teachers, the Democrat Party, Woke Corporate America, and White holier-than-thou liberals and socialists all of whom have made Black victimhood a commodity. They are making millions and/or having millions donated to them on their façade of “Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity” which is a bunch of bull for Blacks to accept mediocrity, victimhood, crime, and self-inflicted genocide.

Black citizens, especially Black men, must work in conjunction with the Memphis Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. They must stop crime in its infancy by getting rid of Woke germ-ridden CRT teachers. CRT is no more than a reemergence of Black Codes which made it a crime for Blacks to learn to read and write.

Black citizens, especially Black men, must demand that Black politicians, Black lawmakers, and the judiciary to do their duty and lock away the Black trash. Black citizens must demand of their Black politicians that they must put first their Black constituents before politics of the Democratic Party.  

Black people are their own problem in the 21st Century, and must now stand up and stand for law and order to protect babies, children, and women—to protect the future. Time for Black men to Black man-up and embrace their role as men and not as ‘non-birthing persons’.  Freud is famous for his quote of “What do women want?” If he were to return to a 21st Century, he would ask: “What do Blacks want?” The 1964 Civil Rights Bill made segregation illegal. Even the Irish who at one time endured such signs as “No Irish Need Apply” or “No Irish or Dogs Allowed” has moved into the 21st Century. The Hispanic American has, the Native American has, the Asian American has. What else do Blacks want? Freud is speechless.  

America can no longer afford Black crime or any other crime; America can no longer afford Whites who suffer with White Guilt.  Guilt from what? From being born when you were born? From being born the color you were born?

We commend the work of the Shelby Crime Commission in its statement: “In the past few weeks, we have seen extensive media coverage of a number of highly productive, gifted, committed Memphians who have lost their lives to violence. Many others who did not receive as much coverage have been victims of senseless violence in our community as well. When will this stop, and what are we doing to curtail the unacceptable level of violence? We do have a 5-year Safe Community Action Plan which, taken together and if implemented correctly, can have a significant positive impact on our level of crime. (See the entire plan at During this first year of the plan, we have already succeeded in getting a number of steps implemented. The key will be follow up.”

The Crime Commission will hold a community meeting on September 29 at First Baptist Church Broad at 2835 Broad Avenue in Memphis, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit

We further concur with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland on his statement: “Our judicial system is too often a revolving door.  A citizen emailed me today- ‘until/unless there are real consequences for criminal behavior, it will continue.’ I agree 100%.  We need the courts and additional state laws to stop this revolving door and I need the public to make their voices heard by those decision makers. I want to thank the Men and Women of our Memphis Police Department, and all the supporting law enforcement agencies who supported in capturing the suspect tonight, and aided in the search for Liza Fletcher earlier this week. This has been a painful week in our city, but I have hope for Memphis, I have love for Memphis, I know that united …. we will endure.”

 It is time for Black citizens who must like those citizens of the Wild West come to terms that without safety there is no justice.  Without safety, there is no peace. Without safety, there is no progress.   Without safety, there is no life.


In Defense of The Honorable Clarence Thomas and the Case against Joe Biden

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Like most back in the day when the Clarence Thomas congressional hearings were going on, we were glued to the television at home and in the newsroom. Not only was this event a historic soap opera but a revelation of character of the ‘grand’ inquisitors and the man who stood his ground in spite of a “high tech lynching”. Joe Biden was one of those inquisitors. As editor of another newspaper back then, I listened intrigued to see who would become America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice. One of our political columnists who was a Black Democrat loyalist sat intrigued as well. While in the newsroom one day, I received a call from a reporter in Cleveland, Ohio. (I add the ‘Ohio’ because in these parts, you have Cleveland, Tennessee and Cleveland, Mississippi). The reporter asked me what did I think about Clarence Thomas and the proceedings. I gave her a short answer where I recall simply saying: “I’m open-minded. Let’s see what he has to say.” Little did I realize that I would receive a call from the White House. It seemed somehow, someway, President George H.W. Bush had read my statement. The woman on the other end asked politely would I mind if they (the White House) sent me material on Thomas. I said I would not mind. And boy! Did I receive a mountainous stack FedExed in. I read every bit of it and took notes.

Towards the end of the hearings and after my combing (sometimes re-reading certain items) through the material the White House had sent me, we strongly endorsed Clarence Thomas as America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice. I viewed Judge Thomas back then as a God-fearing warrior judge who stood his ground, and I viewed the proceedings as no more than the Democrats (aided and abetted by the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and the usual Black status quo suspects) having a field day because Thomas was not the right ‘Negro’. He was a conservative, he didn’t kowtow, and worse yet, he was a Republican. I didn’t agree with him on everything, most notably on Affirmative Action, but I did agree with him that Affirmative Action was not a good thing in the long run for Black Americans. Where we perhaps differed just a bit (as I would write a few years later) was that I believed Affirmative Action needed some written deadlines and written goals and then it should be put to rest in the annals of history. Not so. Affirmative Action has morphed into a policy of perpetual Black victimhood under a 21st Century public relations campaign of ‘Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity’, Woke, CRT, BLM and other B.S.

Even the staunch Black Democrat senior political columnist was on Thomas’ side, and the only one at odds was a White liberal political columnist who happened to have been baptized a Harvard graduate and figured that should give him added weight. But, alas, the buck stopped with me, so that was that after hearing pros and cons. To reiterate, we endorsed Clarence Thomas who would make history by becoming America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice, and the Black status quo has never forgiven him for not allowing himself to be a victim of ‘high tech lynching’. (After all, their relevancy and power are based on perpetual black victimhood).

During those hearings, I began to suspect Joe Biden was a throw-back segregationist wrapped in 1990’s swaddling Democrat Party liberal clothing.  A 21st Century Joe Biden has substantiated my suspicions in spite of presenting himself as ‘woke,’ ‘progressive’ and pro-Black—you know, a good White boy Democrat Blacks would vote for or they ‘ain’t Black’.  Yes, he remains Joe Biden, a segregationist who has ‘WOKEN’ into a socialist-Marxist to appease George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Squad, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and the other darlings on the extreme Left. In short and in my opinion and observation, Biden continues to go in whatever direction will expedite him politically and financially, aided and abetted by what is now a Gestapo Press (save for a few here and there in the media).

My instincts about The Honorable Judge Thomas were right, and it was later proven, that Clarence Thomas was not hated in the Black community as the Black elites would have one believe. I witnessed this when Thomas a few years later came to Memphis to speak. On my way to have what turned out to be to my surprise a one-on-one interview with him, I had to pass what seemed to have been an infinite line of Black admirers there for this historical occasion. I even saw a father with his Black son on his shoulders waiting to see Clarence Thomas. Other Black parents were there with their children. As I said, this turned out to be a long one-on-one interview, when I thought I would merely be part of a packed press.  When the Marshals escorted me back for my interview, Clarence Thomas said to me, “Ms. Mitchell, we might not agree on everything, but you’re the only reporter who has ever been fair to me.”  “Fairness” is a word any journalist would appreciate.

When Clarence Thomas became America’s second Black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall was still living, and Thomas had the pleasure of meeting him, as Thomas relates in his autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son”: “What was supposed to have been a brief courtesy call on Justice Marshall ballooned into a two-and-a-half hour visit, and I loved every minute of it. He regaled me with tales of his long, remarkable career as a civil-rights lawyer. ‘I would have been shoulder to shoulder with you back then—if I’d had the courage,’ I said.”

“I did in my time what I had to do,” Justice Marshall replied. “You have to do in your time what you have to do.”

 Thomas concludes in that recollection: “Those words have stayed with me, too.”

We say The Honorable Clarence Thomas has done in his time what he had to do in his decision on Roe v. Wade and other decisions he has made which remain unpopular with the Left, Democrats and status quo Blacks. Yes, he has withstood with dignity the paid mobs and nasty protesters sent to his home to harass him, his family, and other Supreme Court Justices appointed by President Trump. I use the word ‘nasty’ because most of them are nasty-acting and nasty-looking which is an appropriate combination to make dirt.  They actually could use the hoses of the 1960’s sprayed on them. These paid protesters demonstrate neither dignity nor commitment which made those protesters of the 1960’s push on until the 1964 Civil Rights Bill was signed, sealed and delivered. They are, in fact, an insult to those who actually put their lives and livelihoods on the line—Blacks and Whites. There was not this Antifa crap made up of spoiled White brats laughing and giggling while they protest and tear up whatever is in sight. Democrat Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson never would have flown Marxist BLM flags on embassies as Joe Biden has done to signal to China that he, too, is a Marxist (Let us do remember that BLM is a self-avowed Marxist organization).

From my observation, Joe Biden has such a deep hatred and resentment of Clarence Thomas, seemingly stemming back from those congressional hearings that he chose to attack him overseas in the G-7 meeting in Madrid, Spain in his cloaked statement—no—rage— when he stood before the world on foreign territory and stated: “So I — I can understand why the American people are frustrated because of what the Supreme Court did.  I can understand why the American people are frustrated because of inflation.  But inflation is higher in almost every other country.  Prices at the pump are higher in almost every other country.  We’re better positioned to deal with this than anyone, but we have a way to go. And the Supreme Court — we have to change that decision by codifying Roe v. Wade…”

Of course, those high prices at the pump did not stop Biden from delivering millions of gallons of American oil reserves to a Chinese oil company related to his son, Hunter. Why?

It is Joe Biden with whom America is frustrated. The polls show that, but dare I say that the polls in reality are worse. Biden continues to be what I saw back then: He is weak and he cannot man up to take on the responsibility of a real man and a real leader without blaming Russia’s Putin for everything and all things. America has never, never, never had a ‘non-birthing person’ sit in the oval office who is so low that if he crawled on his belly like any legless worm, it would still be too high. With Joe Biden, Benedict Arnold now sits in the Oval Office. And we all know Benedict Arnold was never elected president.

 Throughout the history of the United States of America, no man sitting in the Oval Office has ever attacked his own country while on foreign soil. Yet, Biden goes scot-free because of liberal privilege. Why?

If I hear another excuse about Joe ‘Benedict Arnold’ Biden being senile or that he’s not the same astute politician he was in days of yore, I am apt to puke on the person spewing such.  Joe Biden was never astute. I doubt very seriously if he even knows how to spell astute. But I shall tell you this: Joe Biden knows exactly what he is doing. He knew exactly what he was doing as Commander-in-Chief when he abandoned American troops, American citizens and America’s partners and allies in Afghanistan. At this delicate juncture in America’s history, any ally or partner or even soldier would be foolish to go into any war as long as Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office. He will leave them stranded. Thirteen young soldiers will never, ever get to be his age, because he left them in Afghanistan to die. Why? Because he didn’t give a damn. Now he is commanding our brave men and women in the military to adhere to a WOKE culture advocated by General Mark ‘White Rage’ Milley and Secretary of Defense General Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin. Both White Rage and Idiot Amin sat before woke-joke of congressional hearings with blood on their hands, defending Joe Biden who as Commander-in-Chief did a nod-nod-wink-wink when he purposely abandoned Afghanistan to leave it wide open for China to come in to get control of Afghanistan’s rare minerals (needed for computer and car chips, etc.), and for the Taliban to claim billions in state-of-the-art military equipment and parade around with American equipment on the graves of the 13 soldiers, severed heads of those he had promised get out, and so many others who have lost life and limb so this sorry bastard-in-chief can live in the White House. It sickens me still how he had the audacitythe disrespect— to check his watch several times as those young 13 soldiers lay cold in their flag-draped coffins and with unfinished futures. Yes, it sickens me still, because Joe Biden is the first domino in the theory that has unbalanced the world.  

 Yes, I am sure I shall have to serve a little time in hell, but I shall neither forgive nor forget this the bastard who has now become the first domino to destroy this nation of patriotic warriors before the Greatest Generation and beyond who put and will put their lives on the line to keep AMERICA Safe!  And then he has the audacity to criticize Judge Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court, and yes—even blame Putin—for his treasonous behavior towards these United States of America. At least, Putin isn’t selling out his own country!

Yes, I might have to spend a little time in hell, but unlike Joe Biden, at least I’ll know why I’m there for my short time, but Joe Biden won’t. He is disgraceful, and any American ally and American soldier who will fight another war with him at the helm will need all the prayers they can get, because Joseph Stalin Biden will abandon them, sell them out to enrich himself and his family and cronies making the Teapot Dome Scandal and Watergate look like child’s play. I don’t even put it beneath Joe Biden to instigate World War III as the ultimate distraction to keep his sorry ass clean as he opens the borders even wider to accommodate George ‘Sorry’ Soros’ so-called Open Society (Nouveau Hell). Yes, the borders are so wide open that any enemy can send in armies and terrorists with Joe Biden’s blessing. Yes, the borders are so wide open that sex and human traffickers are making billions, and with that kind of money, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone in this nation and yes, even in this government, is getting kickbacks. All of which brings us back to the question of ‘why exactly is Joe Biden keeping the borders open?’ No check points, no procedures—nothing. Why is he flying unvetted immigrants in the middle of the night to states, some of which are projected to be toss-up states in the 2022 mid-terms? Are they to be outfitted with the deceased’s Social Security cards to vote? American taxpayers are paying for these nefarious night flights. And, what other destinations are these undocumented immigrants slated for? Is it too farfetched to say they are being rerouted into China? Sold? Sold for body parts? Modern slavery? World history has shown that the imagination of cruelty is not farfetched in the hands of madmen, dictators, and power-cravers. Sex and human trafficking are not new. They’re happening every day.  Hunter Biden is already being connected to possible sex-trafficking. Read and re-read “Hunter’s Lap Top” by Miranda Devine.

 Yes, I do believe Joe Biden is the manipulator of a corrupt justice system inside the White House. Joe Biden is the FBI; Joe Biden in the CIA; Joe Biden is the Secret Service; Joe Biden is the DOJ with his HMIC (Head Monkey in Charge) Merrick Garland; Joe Biden is indeed Marshall McLuhan’s ‘the medium is the message’ in the Fourth Estate and Big Woke Tech.

America be damned as far as Joe Biden is concerned, because this nation allowed Joe Biden to kneel on its flag and break its back as he smiled at America’s silence, its consent to let him walk away without penalty, without question, without guilt, without impeachment.

 America be damned as it lets Joe Biden con his way to lead America down a road of no return, into Third World poverty, into a new racism of white liberalism, Woke madness, BLM Marxism, Bernie Sanders socialism, Black thug privilege, Maxine Waters screaming violence, Antifa’s chaos, and George Soros’ bigotry of an open society.  America be damned as it lets America’s Gestapo media protect him, embrace him, and kiss his lily-white red ass. America be damned as it lets Joe Biden snicker as it runs out of baby formula, food, gas, jobs, and small businesses; as it lets itself be locked down, locked up, locked out and locked jawed forever as it hits a high in homelessness and hopelessness and be strongarmed by a CDC which behaves as the Democrat Party’s henchman. In fact, the CDC should change its name to the Centers for Democrat Control. It is no longer a medical agency Americans can trust and should trust.

Those who F’ ed Joe Biden, got it right because they know that Joe Biden is America’s sin.

Yes, we stand by the God-fearing warrior judge known as Clarence Thomas. We stand by the institution of the U.S. Supreme Court.  We stand by this nation which began its birth that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. They are NOT birthing persons. They are NOT non-birthing persons. They are NOT livestock!   We have fought a Revolutionary War and a Civil War to uphold those precious words and the spirit of those words found in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. America is not perfect, but damn it, it’s home! It is the home NBA player Brittany Griner is whining over now that her black butt is locked up in a Russian prison.   And it remains the ONLY nation on Earth (despite global warning and the rest of the B.S.)  where people who crave freedom want to come and see their dreams come true. Yes, they, too, have a Dream!

No, America, Clarence Thomas is not corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is Barabbas!  America has emboldened him to a point where he knows he can say anything, do anything and not be held accountable for anything. His silence is a deadly inference that he condones the assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh, and if Kavanaugh is six-feet under this will give Joe Biden and his WOKE extremists a chance to name a new Supreme Court justice to advance socialism and an elite class. Like any segregationist and turncoat when it comes to lynching, murdering, crippling or defaming anyone who is denying them power, Biden is okay with this. This is why he has yet to denounce left-wing bounties put on Supreme Court justices to pay anyone who will inform them where targeted Supreme Court justices are. Is this the America we are living in today—a 21st Century America? A dictatorship?

Joe Biden is moving like a lightening-speed bulldozer to deliver the United States to China, and to take Mao’s Great Leap Forward to make America China’s satellite nation. Why else would the borders remain wide open? Why else would he give Afghanistan to China? Why else would he deliver millions of gallons of America’s oil reserve to China? Joe Biden is compromised. Joe Biden is bought. And once China has what it wants, it will reveal just how much it owns Joe Biden via that laptop, his actions, and other evidence. Then, we shall see how much worse it is than we thought. Shame on us!

You see, I don’t want to hear those who continue to excuse Joe Biden for not being ‘all there’, as some sweet decrepit old man who has lost his way and his marbles. I don’t want to hear those who continue to let him sit in the White House drenched in blood, because America knows exactly where his crime was first committed: Afghanistan.   Yet, America continues to turn its back on that crime—on the 13 soldiers he left to die, on those many he abandoned, on those he never gave a chance to survive. But why should Joe Biden respect America when America cannot respect itself?

 Yes, Joe Biden is America’s sin.  Time to repent. Time to impeach Joe Biden.


Memphis Councilmen Martavius Jones and JB Smiley, Jr. Continue to be Jackasses in Attempting to Stop Memphis Police Security for Trump Rally

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

 Many of you may remember me as editor of another newspaper which, I in that capacity endorsed Dr. Willie Herenton as Memphis first Black mayor. Dr. Herenton himself can tell you of the hell that went down when we broke the color barrier to give Memphis, Tennessee its first African American mayor. In my capacity as editor of that particular newspaper, we went against the local NAACP, a bunch of prominent Black ministers, some Democrat good-ole Black-boys-and-girls club, and other organizations which in our estimation we deemed to be no more than the Black elites and cliques pushing back on us. We fought and we won.  Breaking this color barrier to get Memphis its first Black mayor came about by organizing every Black precinct in Memphis to attend and vote for ONE Black candidate. This occurred in what is now known as the historic African American People’s Convention which still serves as a prototype in how to organize the Black community in a business manner to get done what needs to be done. Those Blacks (and it was all-Black) who attended this convention can attest that it was ORGANIZED on a micro level in the same sophisticated manner as any Democrat and Republican convention. Each precinct with its respective captain conducted this political move to make history. Mayoral Black candidates campaigned and spoke to convention delegates to get his or her vote. Out of that historic convention, Dr. Willie Herenton (Memphis’ first Black school superintendent) emerged as the victor.  

This convention was held in the Mid-South Coliseum which has since been demolished and is now the home of The University of Memphis Tiger Football, the Southern Heritage Classic, the Liberty Bowl and other events. Even several White City Councilmen tried to shut down the Mid-South Coliseum from us. Yet, we prevailed.

Even after it was over and Dr. Herenton was the consensus Black candidate, other Blacks decided to dismantle what had been done to break the consensus ‘code’ of having only ONE Black candidate in the Memphis mayoral race to break the color barrier. This meant that even Memphis’ first Black U.S. congressman and a perennial Black mayoral candidate chose to challenge Herenton; therefore, chose to split and splinter the Black vote where we again would not have broken this barrier. Yes, I was among those who helped to remove these spoiler Black candidates from destroying what the African American People’s Convention had accomplished until they got the hell out of way. No brag, just fact. As editor of that particular newspaper, I along with the other African American People’s Convention warriors, knew the mainstream media would and did fight us like there was no tomorrow, and we fought back taking no prisoners.

 I preface this editorial now as Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The Mid-South Tribune to point out back then there was a time to use ‘color’ as a criterion to break the ‘color’ barrier to get Black candidates elected. That time is over. Let us fast forward from the early 90’s to this 22nd year in the 21st Century. What you get now is a slew of Memphis Black Democrats who refuse to get beyond ‘color’. This newspaper has long advocated and strongly editorialized that the Black Vote must not be taken for granted by the Democrat Party which from our observation is not the same party from days of yore, but rather is now the Democrat Socialist Party which refused to put the word ‘God’ in its platform, endorsed BLM (a self-acclaimed Marxist organization which is anti-nuclear Black family), and endorsed CRT which teaches Black children are born oppressed (forever victims) and the White child is born the oppressor. CRT even teaches that math is ‘white supremacist’ (but I digress just a bit). This Democrat Party (aka Democrat Socialist Party) has yet to even speak out against the Black thugs who participate in smash and grab to the point that no self-respecting business will invest a penny in a Black neighborhood. This Democrat Party has yet to speak up in support of hard-working, everyday Black citizens who want safety for themselves and their children. This is a Democrat Party which advocates that Black mothers are to be called birthing persons and Black fathers are to be called non-birthing persons reducing Black parents to no more than livestock to merely reproduce, which harkens back to slave-breeding farms run by Democrat voting White slave-owners.

Now let me get to the point of all this prefacing: Memphis Councilmen Martavius Jones and JB Smiley, Jr. (who continually display that they are 13 eggs short of a dozen) are on the warpath. It seems these two Black councilmen have decided that they should lead a campaign to tell the Memphis Police Department not to provide any type of security whatsoever for President Donald J. Trump during his upcoming June 18 event in Southaven, Mississippi. Southaven is a quasi-suburb of Memphis. Southaven is home to the Memphis Hustle which is the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team’s junior team. If Memphians tip one toe over, they are in Southaven and vice versa for those living in Southaven. 

Now, let’s sit down and provide these two jackasses Martavius and JB some of their own hay. Smart-ass Marty and Smiling JB are members of the Democrat Party which advocates Defund the Police, a policy so popular among Democrats that not even one member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and state Black caucus or any other Black Democrat office-holder came out against Defund the Police. After all, why should they risk their own security for Black peasants? They live in safe neighborhoods in fine houses—some, even in white gated communities.

Gee whiz, now these two sophisticated jackasses want to tell the Memphis Police Department how to conduct their business via the Donkey. These two ‘non-birthing persons’—to use the Democrats’ WOKE nomenclature– are introducing a resolution in the Memphis City Council to prevent the Memphis Police Department from providing any security support for a president because his name is Donald Trump and he’s a Republican!

Now, let’s stand up and backtrack to the time the Memphis Police Department provided ample security for the KKK which decided to march on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and protest Memphis getting its first Black mayor. At that time, I was as I am now publisher/editor-in-chief of The Mid-South Tribune, and we strongly thought that the last thing Memphis needed was the KKK putting on a national March in Memphis where King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, lest we forget. Our protest along with others did not stop the KKK’s March. Remember, this was a national KKK march and organizers sent out word in practically every state for KKK members to show up. We covered this March as the Memphis Police Department protected them as if they were White newborn babes lost in Zululand. Things got so bad that the police had to form a line of linked hands to stop the crowd, and everyone had to go through tight security before being let in to the downtown courthouse vicinity where the Klan would speak. It got worse when the Klansman speaker began praising Hitler and the Holocaust, saying that Hitler did the right thing to slaughter six million Jews and that the number should have been higher.  This time our Jewish brethren and sisters moved in on them as if Hitler had been reborn and they were going to slaughter him. The police moved in, and if you’ve ever seen Klansmen Clorox whiter than their sheets, this was the day. I’m yelling for our photographers and reporters to get closer. Of course, later, I got teargas along with others and even some Black councilmen who had come down.  The Memphis Police moved in and surrounded the Klansmen to protect them from an equally mad Jews and Blacks.  And the Klansmen happily let the police force escort them down the courthouse steps, off the street, into safe haven. I walked alongside a couple of them with policemen between us and them. Many of these policemen were Black; yet, they protected the KKK. To reiterate, the Memphis Police Department had no problem then in providing high security for the KKK. This speaks volumes on how professional the Memphis Police Department is.  Some years earlier, I was in a limousine with Secret Service, interviewing Bill Clinton as the Memphis Police escorted him to the airport. So, if he had been a Republican would that have been reason for President Clinton not to have security? Memphis is known as the Capitol of the Mid-South which includes the Tri-State area of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas; therefore, it is not unusual at times for these states to cooperate with each other on various occasions.

We have always respected our police officers who put their lives on the line when we would not even go near the line. In any profession there are bad apples, but the Memphis Police Department is comprised of good men and women who want their families and communities to be safe. This is why we wholeheartedly support the numerous Walks Against Gun Violence and other programs sponsored by the Shelby Crime Commission under the guidance of its president, Bill Gibbons. These Walks are by mostly Black citizens who want to take back their neighborhoods mainly from Black thugs and for a Walmart or Walgreen’s to be safe in these neighborhoods where seniors and others go for their prescriptions.  The Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch and the Memphis Police Department have been instrumental in helping to spearhead these Walks and provide security for them. Of course, these everyday hard-working citizens don’t get the publicity of the Black thugs. 

Now back to the subject at hand: These two Black Democrats in the forms of Mr. Jones and Mr. Smiley have begun hollering those words—you know, ‘Republican,’ ‘racists,’ ‘white supremacist,’ and last but not least, ‘Trump’ to rile up Black Memphians and strong-arm the police department. Anything to keep the focus off real problems plaguing Black Memphians such as high gas prices, high food prices, high clothes prices, high crime and no baby formula.  See, it’s easy when Black Democrats just bitch instead of finding solutions to real problems. Mr. Jones and Mr. Smiley are so obsessed with Donald Trump and his popularity that if they were apt to see a white dog walking, they’ll yell out ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist.’  The poor white dog would stop and bark, ‘what did I do?’ And these two jackasses would have no answer, other than yelling loud enough to get the black dogs riled up to start a race riot over essentially nothing. Like most Black Democrats, Jones and Smiley’s modus operandi is emotionalism.  They can sit down and write a resolution, but not legislation and policies to get something constructive done in the Black community, one of the poorest communities in Tennessee in spite of Memphis being the largest city in Tennessee.  This type of 1960’s Black leadership which should be defunct in the 21st Century continues to Willie Lynch Black Memphians.

Just as it took some time to break the ‘color’ barrier to get our first Black mayor, we know it will take some time to cleanse Memphis of Blacks who run on being Black and Democrat and nothing else. Just as it took some time to break the ‘color’ barrier, we know it will take some time to get candidates who use their brain cells and not their skin cells.

The Democrat Party is losing the Black Vote. We vow to keep this trend going, and that means voting out Black Democrats such as Mr. Jones and Mr. Smiley and replacing them with strong Black candidates with common sense who are committed to God, family, community, and country.


No Endorsement for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

                After listening carefully and open-mindedly to all four days of Supreme Court Confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, we shall NOT endorse her in her endeavor to become America’s first Black female Supreme Court Justice. Of course, we could be sarcastic in the ‘context’ of this endorsement and question if she is a woman?

                Judge Jackson more than likely will make this history because she has what has now become the Democrat Socialist Party’s numbers.

  Our dilemma with Judge Jackson is that she is WOKE. 

Never was this more telling than when U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked her: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

“Can I provide a definition?” she repeated. “I can’t.”

“You can’t?” Sen. Blackburn asked again.

“Not in this context,” Judge Jackson began her answer and ended in a maze of legalese gobbledygook, “I’m not a biologist.”

Outside of our own surprise, we thought she would have given at least the Democrat Party’s via Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member Cori Bush’s definition that a child’s mother should be referred to as a “birthing person” and a child’s father should be referred to as a “non-birthing person.”  But Judge Jackson even failed to use this latest WOKE language to define a ‘woman’ in this regard which, in our estimation, renders what was previously known as female and male as no more than any other animal on planet Earth used for livestock and for the procreation of more livestock, pretty much in the same manner as slave breeding farms did in what has become a blot on human history, not exclusive to American history and not exclusive to Black American slaves.  Slavery is universal today and yesterday. Yet, today there is such a fear of BLM (Black Lives Matter), a Marxist organization, that Democrat Blacks dare not even question BLM’s advocacy that the nuclear Black family is white supremacist. Did Judge Jackson fall into the throes of BLM fear that she, too, dared not answer this fundamental question? Forbidden question?

                We have to wonder how Judge Jackson would have answered the legendary Black woman abolitionist Sojourner Truth who asked, “Ain’t I A Woman?” which is the foundation of one of the most famous speeches in American and Black history on freedom.

                Even before Sen. Blackburn’s question was asked, layers of Jackson’s Wokeness was being exposed by Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, and John Kennedy. Yes, they are all Republicans, White, and non-birthing persons, but what has that to do with the price of justice? (As a side note: Sen. Blackburn is Tennessee’s first woman U.S. senator, and she has no problem acknowledging herself as a ‘woman’, as would most women.).  

                In our estimation, these senators’ interrogations revealed the following:  1). Judge Jackson is pro-CRT (Critical Race Theory) which teaches that the Black child is oppressed and the White child is the oppressor and 2).  Judge Jackson is lenient in sentencing pedophiles and in sentencing those possessing child pornography. In the latter, her answers became such a legalese rigmarole that we wondered if she viewed child porn as no more than a person’s bad taste in art.  Her answers rightly prompted Judiciary Committee Republican members to write her a letter dated March 25, 2022 which began: “During your confirmation hearing, you were asked by multiple members about the extraordinarily lenient sentences that you have given to child pornography offenders. Your sentences for child pornography offenders were routinely less than the sentences recommended by the sentencing guidelines and less than the sentences recommended by the prosecutors—in fact, you give reduced sentences far more often than did average federal judges.”

                During Sens. Graham’s and Hawley’s interrogations, Judge Jackson seemingly showed more sympathy for the perpetrators than the victims. One such instance is brought out in that same letter of March 25, 2022: “In one specific case that was addressed at the hearing, you sentenced a man named Wesley Hawkins, who distributed child pornography on the internet. The sentencing guidelines recommended a sentence of about 8-10 years. As a result of a plea agreement, the prosecutors in the case recommended a 24-month sentence, and your own probation office recommended 18 months. You, however, sentenced Hawkins to a mere three months in BOP custody for his crimes.”

In another instance, Judge Jackson explained that her light sentence of a man selling drugs which were laced with fentanyl was as light as it was because there were no victims she could call as witnesses and, therefore, could perhaps deem his behavior as a victimless crime. All we could think was that if fentanyl is as deadly as it is, the victims could have all been dead!  This was surely not the victimless crime Judge Jackson ascertained.

                No matter how non-PC our next observation is, it, nevertheless, falls into Judge Jackson’s WOKE-CRT methodology. Keep in mind, Judge Jackson finally confessed that her ‘methodology’ was her ‘philosophy’ when she kept being pressed on ‘what is your judicial philosophy?’ A fair question, we thought.

                This led us to wonder how many of those criminals were Black she set free? This may seem like a racist statement when, in fact, it is not. It is relevant or should be when it comes to Judge Jackson and her ‘methodology-philosophy’ which screams of WOKE-CRT discrimination.

                Joe Biden made it a point to nominate a Black woman (birthing person) to become the first to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Back in the 90’s we advocated for such, too, but with the understanding that she would follow the dictates of jurisprudence – blind justice—regardless of party affiliation. Joe Biden, of course, has the distinction of sponsoring a crime bill so tough that it affected at least two generations of Black men (non-birthing persons) over possession of crack while his own son, Hunter, was a crack cocaine addict and has yet to serve a second in jail. Now, Biden has nominated a Black ‘woman’ judge who seemingly sets criminals loose at the drop of a hat. Maybe between Joe Biden and Judge Jackson, crime sentencing has come full circle: One puts them in at the drop of a hat; the other lets them out at the drop of a hat. Both actions are irresponsible, racist, and creates devastating crime waves.

                We were pleased to see—yes, a young Black ‘woman’, Keisha Russell, testify against Judge Jackson’s nomination, citing that CRT could color (our pun intended) Judge Jackson’s judicial decision-making.

                Russell stated on that fourth day of testimony reserved solely for pro and con witnesses: “CRT encourages racist actions and attitudes against the perceived ‘oppressor’ group, namely whites. Ibram X. Kendi, one of CRT’s advocates, brazenly declared: ‘The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.’  In essence, CRT proposes that the oppressed group must be granted advantages in society to the detriment of the oppressor group in order to address past injustices.”

                ‘Detriment’ is a key word here, because in our interpretation it means ‘obliteration’. Even CBC member Cong. James Clyburn talked of the total ‘deconstruction’ of American society when campaigning for Joe Biden. The word ‘Black’ becomes a key propagandized component in justifying the obliteration of a race of people that’s not Black. Is this where we want to go?

                When you read and reread Kendi’s justification for CRT, you can understand why Black thugs have become America’s ‘Poster Children’ (albeit, teens and young adults) of crime and given unimaginable freedom to smash and grab in robbing stores, walking out in broad daylight with stolen goods, throwing victims in paths of subway trains, smacking babies in their mothers’ arms, sucker-punching nine-year-olds, shooting and killing babies, rioting, destroying businesses at will, cell phone filming of  murders  and torture via the sanctioning giants of  Big Tech internet, etc.  Creating chaos helter-skelter is becoming the norm, just as CRT-PC judges are on their way to becoming the norm to act as agents to transform America. Into what? What?

                Russell continued in her assessment: “Adherence to CRT removes the principle of equality before the law that is necessary for just judicial decision-making. Consider, for example, how a CRT philosophy could influence a judge’s view in criminal sentencing …”

                Russell certainly answered the question and our concern we had on that first day of the hearing. We were happy to see it answered on what turned out to be a vital fourth day, when Russell expounded: “A judge who is a critical race theorist may decide to provide a lower sentence for a black defendant or a higher sentence to a white defendant to correct perceived disparities in the criminal justice system. Such a philosophy will impact a judge’s fundamental view of legal justice and undermine her ability to adhere to the rule of law.”

 Judge Jackson serves on the board of a prestigious school which has in its library and curriculum a WOKE book that even babies should be taught CRT and that White babies should learn to apologize to Black babies for oppressing them. Babies? Really? CRT further teaches that the Black child must not learn math because math, too, is white supremacist. Math? Really? CRT proponents have become so bold that they don’t mind yelling out to parents (birthing and non-birthing persons) that their children do not belong to them! Would they have been so emboldened five years ago, ten years ago? Would Americans of whatever race, color or creed have accepted this outrageousness in the name of Equity that they have no parental rights and that their children are to be used for fodder to advance a Democrat Party socialist agenda, and that Blacks themselves must presently be weaponized in every area (especially the judiciary) to justify for past, present and future discrimination, according to Kendi? In the ‘future’, can we expect Judge Jackson not to be able to answer, ‘What is a child?’ And, if she does not know what a ‘child’ is, are we to presuppose that if there is no ‘child’ then child pornography in fact does not exist?

                Does America want to go backwards then forwards into a blood-thirsty, revenge-motivated society? The Black community already under WOKE, CRT, BLM (a Marxist organization which espouses CRT) has, in fact, gone backwards to the Democrat Party’s delight and encouragement as exemplified by Sen. Cory Booker whose salivating praise of Judge Jackson on her last day of testimony bordered on emotional insanity and little else. Sen. Booker, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is typical of those Black-elected officials who continually preempt the socio-economic needs of the Black community for the sake of the Democrat Party.

  Black judges and Black-elected officials cannot rectify the past by revenge-oppression of Whites in the present and future, then turn around and demand the subjugation of their Black constituents never to look beyond color for the sake of the Democrat Party. There are no dialectics at all in this closed ‘Black’ society from which to develop any type of paradigm to move up the ladder; thus, mystifying even those idealists Marx and Hegel.  And where there are no dialectics, mediocrity and ignorance become the Rule of Law and the Rule of Life—and anything goes. Even a Judge from an Ivy League school who can’t define ‘what is a woman?



Build Back Better Slavery

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Each of the 13 Republicans who crossed over to vote on the first half of Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill should pick up a nail and hammer shut the coffins of the 13 soldiers who gave their lives in Afghanistan to save America from terrorism. As commander-in-chief (?), Joe Biden, aka ‘let’s go Brandon’, abandoned these young soldiers and left Americans and our partners to suffer some of the cruelest of deaths—from beheading to being set on fire alive, and only God knows what else.  In the true fashion of a Marxist dictator, Biden looked Americans straight in the eye promising not to leave any American behind. He did and now he lays the foundation of a plan to implement a socialism which goes against the grain of America’s value of freedom.

The 13 turncoat-Republicans are: Cong. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Cong. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Cong. Andrew Garbarino of New York, Cong. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, Cong. John Katko of New York, Cong. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Cong. Nicole Malliotakis of New York, Cong. David McKinley of West Virginia, Cong. Tom Reed of New York, Cong. Chris Smith of New Jersey, Cong. Fred Upton of Michigan, Cong. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, and Cong. Don Young of Alaska.

To reiterate, they need to go! Vote them down, vote them out, vote them gone!

 The passage of this first half of Build Back Better has very little to do with infrastructure and more to do with ‘deconstructing America completely’ to see the Democrats’ vision of socialism, to paraphrase Cong. James Clyburn, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, who urged Black Americans to put this segregationist into office in the first place.   Clyburn is in a long list of Black elite socialists which offers up the Black community as the ultimate human sacrifice to destroy America’s capitalism. This core of Black rot (Black elites) continues to control the Black peasants with ‘hammer and sickle’ to keep them in tow for delivery at votin’ time to the American Politburo (Democrat Party). Presently, this core of Black rot via its clique member, the NAACP, is aiding and abetting the Progressives in an ongoing campaign to destroy OAN. The Black rot’s ace move has been to force AT&T to pull the financial plug on OAN. Project 21, a Black conservative organization, is fighting back the NAACP’s attempt to Woke nuke OAN. (Of course, AT&T can put an end to the NAACP’s campaign by buying 10 or 20 tables from them for their next NAACP Annual Banquet. (Everybody knows this or so the joke goes in the Black community!)

Joe Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure bill will go down as the most corrupt bill in American history, dragging along a slew of dirty politicians with it, including some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). This bill is America’s next Teapot Dome Scandal. If the second half of this bill is passed, America goes into Third-World status. This bill is so corrupt that it has such ridiculous and dangerous language that even roads and highways are racist. Really?

The same trickery the Democrat Party used during Reconstruction to fool newly freed Blacks into Jim Crow segregation is now being used to ease Blacks back into a new segregation via BLM and CRT.

But why wouldn’t segregationist Biden and his Teapot Dome-machine of Soros-billionaires, corporate CEO bandits, iniquitous judicial sell-outs, a mediocre media, and techno-socialists from SiliKlan Valley (aka Silicon Valley) continually use ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’ as their propagandist sleight-of-hand to bankrupt America as they enjoy diving into the trillions generated by a false infrastructure bill to fatten themselves like the greedy pigs that they are.  Why wouldn’t SiliKlan Valley protect its own Grand Dragon Joe Biden? While this Teapot Dome outfit pushes Build Back Better, they will do the following and more: Use OSHA to place millions of dollars in fines on businesses with 100 employees or more who refuse to get the COVID vaccinations; hire an army of IRS agent-soldiers to monitor any bank account with a balance of $600; rid the military of soldiers they view not in line with socialism; plug up gas pipes to push up gas prices; and do anything and everything else to subjugate the individual citizen so they can later confiscate their property and children; outfit thousands of illegal immigrants with dead folks’ social security numbers and other means to obtain fake voter I.D.’s  so they can vote in any and all elections to secure the numbers to make America a one-party Democrat socialist nation. The latter is one reason why Biden is quickly re-populating red states with illegal immigrants by flying them to non-disclosed locations in the middle of the night without those governors knowing about it.

The relocation of nearly a million illegal unvaccinated immigrants is to justify a new national lockdown before the 2022 election. Think about it. Why else would the borders be left wide open if there is a pandemic? If you think you cannot go to bed one night and wake up the next morning with a totalitarian government, then give a call to those who have had to flee such a nightmare sometimes with only the clothes on their backs or hide like trapped rats until they could or submit their souls to a godless regime.

All of these hidden tactics are integrated into the Build Back Better plan to destroy America’s middle class. You break the middle class, you break America.  Once the middle class is destroyed and made dependent, that is the end of America as we know it, for it is the middle class which has made America great and a beacon of freedom where anyone can Pursue Happiness. As far as race, racism, and white supremist accusations, America has produced more Black millionaires than any nation on Earth. So, we don’t want to hear what rhymes with ‘hit’ from a Black anything, especially from Black star athletes and entertainers.

And don’t kid yourselves, folks, it will just be a short time before any business and any church with any number of employees will be fined. So, to all you Black churches that continue to worship the Golden Donkey, you are marked for extinction because religion has no place in a Marxist-socialist-communist government. This is why the word ‘God’ was eliminated from the Democrat Party platform.  Check your history and check what Marxism really is and why CRT is a Marxist theory and BLM is a Marxist organization. Read!

Joe Biden is so compromised by China and other questionable entities that he has probably already been rewarded. We’re betting he leaves office as America’s first dictator who became a billionaire while sitting in the Oval Office. However, first he should be impeached. In the meantime, Hunter Biden’s laptops should be investigated, as it is alleged that via his son, Biden, too is compromised by Russia. Biden’s actions on Afghanistan and so-called health mandates are enough prima facie evidence to warrant impeachment. He is pushing the coronavirus mandates to a point where he has instructed his administration to defy an appellate court ruling which blocked his mandates. Why? Is the ‘Big Guy’ set to get his cut and kickbacks from these mandates? ‘The Big Guy’ allegedly is the reference Hunter Biden makes to his daddy in his laptops where he—Hunter—is seen screwing a hooker and smoking dope. China has already made a billion-dollar loan to Hunter. So, that just might explain why Joe Biden removed the troops before he secured the safety of American citizens and our partners in Afghanistan, leaving a clear wide path for China to come in.  Biden is so compromised that he and his cohorts have to move extremely fast on the first half of this Build Back Better bill to get the next one passed at the blink of an eye. He’s cut too many backroom deals not to get all of the trillions promised to his Teapot Dome machine.

But mark our word: This first portion of the Build Back Better Bill made possible by the 13 Republican turncoats will reveal its depth of corruption before all is said and done. It is so rotten that it won’t take long to smell it and Joe Biden’s real motives. So, we don’t want to hear about po Joe being senile and feeble. This 50-year-politicized bastard knows exactly what he’s doing and why. The Build Back Better plan is Biden’s gift to China which can result in America being a satellite nation to China just as China was a satellite nation to Russia during the Cold War. If China were to hit Taiwan, why wouldn’t it do it with its boy in the Oval Office?  Joe Biden is a sell-out and Benedict Arnold reincarnated. No matter how much perfume the mainstream press tries to spray on him, he’s still a skunk. And if Americans and American independent and citizen-journalists don’t continue to fight, his stench like any skunk stench will suffocate generations. He has destroyed in less than a year what generations have built in hundreds of years. Impeach him!

We agree wholeheartedly with our Tennessee U.S. Sen. Bill Hagerty who stated: “When I refused to expedite Senate passage of the infrastructure bill in August, I predicted that the Speaker would hold that legislation hostage to coerce moderate Democrats to vote for Bernie Sanders’ dangerous, multi-trillion-dollar, cradle-to-grave reengineering of America. And that is exactly what she did by holding it in the House for three months until she secured commitments to pass the big-government socialism bill, which is full of anti-worker, Green-New-Deal provisions, anti-parent provisions putting the federal government in charge of preschool and daycare, giveaways to Big Tech, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, and hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for Blue State millionaires—all of which are funded by inflation-fueling debt shoveled on our children and grandchildren. Today, by passing the infrastructure bill, which is the gateway to big-government socialism, Democrats took another step on their pathway to radically transform America into a nation of government dependency, rather than a nation of opportunity.”

Indeed, Nancy ‘Pee-losi’ Pelosi’s motives smell as high as Joe Biden’s sellout. Pee-losi is China’s ‘ho’ on top of it with the same gusto as Hunter’s whores, but without the same dignity as Hunter’s whores who know what they are. Since Pelosi relished in destroying the small beauty shop of a female-owner, and in tearing up the State-of-the-Union Address for all the world to see, it is past time to tear into Pelosi at an impeachment trial for all the world to see.

To those Republicans who voted “NO” on this disguise of an infrastructure bill, we commend them. To those 13 turncoats who did not, we can tell you that our 13 soldiers who gave their young lives Afghanistan, did NOT die in vain. America is at a crossroads just as it was during the Civil War. Choose your side. This is no time for fence-sitters. America is going to remain an America or it’s going to be a nation of the Haves and Have-Nots where corruption breeds hopelessness. The Civil War gave us the America we have today; it gave us the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments; it strengthened the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. And because the American Civil War was fought and won, we can say “God Bless America” and “God Bless the N.R.A.”

We urge a NO vote on this second half of Biden’s Build Back Better bill because it is in reality Build Back Better Slavery.


Time to Impeach Joe Biden and Replace Mitch McConnell

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Impeach en masse. This is what needs to happen. But, first and foremost, Sen. Mitch McConnell must go.  This weak Minority leader in the Republican Party already has come out and flat out said that Joe Biden cannot be impeached because the Republicans do not have the numbers. This excuse is about as sorry as McConnell himself. Such Republican warriors as Sens. Marsha Blackburn, Bill Hagerty, John Kennedy, and Ted Cruz are demanding accountability from Joe Biden. They, too, must demand that same accountability of McConnell and replace him.

                The solution is simple: First, get rid of McConnell; secondly, impeach Biden.

Biden should not be given the dignity of resignation. He purposely pulled out American troops FIRST, leaving behind Americans and our partners to be tortured, slaughtered, beheaded, imprisoned at the whim and will of the Taliban. He then called back a few troops, among them 13 young soldiers who will never get to live as long as he has; or raise families as he has; or have careers as long as he has. They are gone. When he pulled out American troops FIRST before civilians, he did not even bother to inform our NATO allies which, too, had their respective soldiers, citizens, and partners there in Afghanistan. Callously, Biden provided lists of Americans and partners to the Taliban, and he left over $85 billion of military equipment, uniforms, weaponry and invaluable intel for the enemy to parade in victory, and possibly sell to the highest bidder.  Biden is the commander-in-chief who performed the inside job of leaving the door wide open to benefit China in the short and long run. This was not about getting America out of Afghanistan because most Americans wanted to get out of the war, but this was about Biden selling out to China and to a cabal of globalist-oriented billionaires and Techno-socialists who have decided that the United States of America should be a non-sovereignty. That is, having no borders and become what socio-economist George ‘Sorry’ Soros deems an Open Society. His Open Society economic theory is unworkable, inhumane, and inferior. Hidden inside its theoretical framework is the goal to simply wipe out America’s middle class by any means necessary, creating sustained chaos until deconstruction of this system is completed to his and his cabal’s satisfaction.

With his sell-out of the United States of America, Biden has made available Afghanistan’s precious mineral reserves used to make computer chips and other various must-needs in the New World Order of Techno-socialism. His resolve to create a borderless—non-sovereignty entity (no longer a nation) is evidenced by what is happening on the southern border of what will no longer be a United States of America but rather a satellite of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as China itself once was to Russia. Make no mistake, China will move to reincorporate Taiwan into the Chinese mainland. Why wouldn’t CCP’s Secretary and President Xi Jinping do as Mao Zedong and make a 21st Century Great Leap Forward to grab Taiwan when America has a leader as weak as Joe Biden? It’s only logical. Biden is compromised by China. His son Hunter’s laptops are indicative of that along with Biden’s behavior regarding Afghanistan. Everyday Americans are aware of this; thus, why one hears the “F____ Joe Biden” chants all over the nation.

However, Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn about Americans “F ing” him or about his declining poll numbers, because he is shielded by a mainstream press which treats him like a newborn baby. With the exception of a few media outlets, independent citizen journalists and bloggers, there would be no real news. The press is nothing but the propaganda machine for what is now the Democrat Socialist Party which appeases the CCP by indoctrinating American children with the CRT Marxist theory and praising the black Marxism of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the nouveau Nazism of Antifa. Biden has even given orders to have a BLM flag flown at an American embassy, signifying to China that he is a Marxist supporter. Recently, in his weak address to the United Nations, Biden did not even mention China’s name.  More proof that he is Xi Jinping’s boy.

Of course, Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin is pushing CRT doctrine down soldiers’ throats, telling them that White soldiers are the oppressors and Black soldiers are the oppressed. So, were the 13 soldiers discussing who was the oppressor and the oppressed when attacked by the Taliban? Was their blood separated by which ones were White or Black or Brown? Were their flag-draped coffins segregated by race?  Idiot Amin Austin’s derangement of indoctrinating soldiers in CRT (which is a bona fide Marxist theory) has divided the military. Idiot Amin Austin’s tactics to force Biden’s COVID mandates on soldiers are forcing out soldiers with dishonorable discharges and loss of pensions. Why would a Marxist theory be used as a basis of whether a soldier is fit or not to serve in the U.S.A. Military? Why would the commander-in-chief Joe Biden order this? All the more proof and prima facie evidence that Joe Biden is compromised by China. Gen. Idiot Amin Austin should be impeached and charged with treason for using his office as Secretary of Defense and status of a general to intimidate, threaten, and harass soldiers to serve communism.

In recent events, it has been revealed that Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley during his tenure in the Trump administration made a phone call to his equivalent in China to reassure China that he personally would alert them if President Trump decided to do any harm to them or nuke them. This was done behind President Trump’s back at Cong.  Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi’s urging. Pee-Losi doesn’t need any so-called ‘white privilege’ to get her way, as she continues to assert her political slut privileges to get what she wants. She used those privileges when she initiated two impeachment proceedings against President Trump, even when he longer held office.  This slut even had the audacity to put Cong. Eric ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell on a committee to impeach President Trump when she knew Swalwell had been caught ‘red’ handed (pun intended) having sexual relations with a female Chinese spy. Why did Pelosi put him on the committee? This slut is so low that she even objected to having the names of the 13 soldiers killed at Kabul read in Congress; thus, the names of these young Biden-murdered soldiers were not given the honor they deserved.  One can thank mainstream media (with the exception of a few) that gave America’s First Bitch this privilege to further degrade them. (I make no apologies for calling this slut what she is, and I don’t mind being unprofessional about it, as she had no problem being unprofessional about disrespecting and degrading these young men and women who gave their lives to keep her sorry ass free!)  Furthermore, Pee-Losi has used the Capitol Police as her own personal Gestapo by locking up January 6th protesters, making sure they receive “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley, Cong. ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell, and Cong. Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi should be impeached and charged with treason.

Kamala ‘Giggles’ Harris strongly supported Joe Biden and his moves in Afghanistan. Harris was put in charge of the U.S.A. southern border and illegal immigration on that border. Yet, she shucked and jived her duty as Border Czar while smiling and profiling. Why? Naturally, Harris is a proponent of CRT, BLM—and flat-out Marxism. After all, she was bailing out paid Antifa and BLM thugs.  Giggles Harris has no problem with unvaccinated and unvetted migrants crossing into America’s borders.  Outside of being 13 eggs short of a dozen, Harris has skated on girlish giggles and being economist George Soros’ ‘Negress-in-Chief’ in his Open Society scenario to possibly replace segregationist Joe Biden should he prove to be more unfit and the turncoat than he already is. Harris should be investigated for her ties with China and her Open Society tactics on the border.  She should be impeached and charged with treason.

 Why won’t Mitch McConnell begin impeachment hearings? His wife Elaine Chao, who is Taiwanese by birth, served as President Trump’s Secretary of Transportation. Chao’s family is worth billions. Who is to say that when China makes its move to take Taiwan that the Chao family won’t be reassured that its billions won’t be touched? All the more reason, why McConnell needs to get the hell out of Dodge and let a new sheriff come in.  To reiterate, China will make a move. It won’t get another opportunity to do so. As America’s first dictator, Biden is weak and at China’s beck and call. Leaving Afghanistan wide open for China to call the shots via the Taliban, was America’s first dictator’s   acknowledgment that China is, in fact, calling the shots.  One can surmise after all is said and done with kickbacks, payoffs, money laundering, Hunter’s paintings among other shenanigans, the Biden family will be America’s latest multi-billionaires. And you can bet your bottom dollar, Biden won’t be redistributing his family’s wealth like a good socialist. Just as calls were made to investigate President Trump’s financial records, the same calls must be made to investigate Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s financial records.

America is at a crossroads: Either it will bend to the will of its first dictator, Joe Biden, and his media babysitters or it will fight back what is now the Democrat Socialist Party which has in place a $3 Trillion-plus congressional bill under the guise of ‘infrastructure’ to fund its advancement of America into full-blown socialism on the backs of what will become American peasants.

Who said that impeachments have to be done one at a time? It is time to impeach en masse the following: Segregationist Joe ‘Benedict Arnold’ Biden, Kamala ‘Giggles’ Harris, Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley, Gen. Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin, Rep. Eric ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell and last, but not least, Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi who stinks to high heavens after refusing the reading of the 13 soldiers who were killed at Kabul.

Afghanistan is about Joe Biden and American sell-outs to China.  

                If two impeachment proceedings can be held for President Trump over some made-up bull by Nancy Pee-Losi asserting her political slut privileges and Maxine ‘Alligator Mouth’ Waters yelling ‘Impeach 45’ before he even took office, then, surely impeachment proceedings must begin on Joe Biden along with the aforementioned who are responsible for the blood of 13 soldiers and for the torture, beheadings and other deaths of other Americans, our partners and allies left behind.

 We don’t want to hear another excuse about how Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing because he has some alleged mental issues going on.  Biden knows exactly what he is doing. He volunteered to be the puppet all for the love of money.  Time will bear this out and so will China when the CCP reveals how they own him; and Hunter’s laptops will confirm it. China’s billion dollar-plus loan to Hunter apparently is paying off.

                Joe Biden is a joke, but America is not laughing.

              F-Joe Biden!

                I- Joe Biden! IMPEACH Joe Biden.


Joe Biden Must be Impeached and Charged with Treason

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Joe Biden must be impeached and charged with treason. No more excuses. He has had a free pass to the point of no return and no forgiveness. His cold-blooded action on Afghanistan is prima facie evidence and downright proof that Biden is compromised and that he has been bought, signed, and delivered to appease China.

Why would the Commander-in-Chief remove the troops in Afghanistan before removing American citizens? Why would he leave millions and billions of dollars of military equipment and vehicles on the ground for the Taliban? Why did he not think that this equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters, would be dismantled and studied by the Taliban to be replicated? Why would he leave military equipment to be used on America in another 911 attack or any other attack on American soil?  Why would he leave the U.S. embassy intact with sensitive intel for the Taliban? Why would he close all but one of the air fields before an evacuation was executed to get out American citizens and others who helped America? Why would he not contact and consult with American allies before abandoning Afghanistan?  Why would the military cargo plane (ironically, numbered 1109 which can eerily translate into 9-11) be available on the only opened air strip, seemingly with only Afghanistan citizens being there to get on it? Why would Biden not think that the Taliban leadership could and more than likely did place Taliban soldiers and cells on this cargo plane? Why was the Afghanistan president allowed plenty of time to flee with carloads of cash? Why did Biden not know that the Afghanistan president had fled with billions? Or to be totally sarcastic, if Hunter was his travel companion?

Again, the question which begs the most is: Why did Biden remove the troops in Afghanistan before some 10,000-plus American citizens? This question is so elementary that no matter how one wants to make Biden’s alleged feebleness an excuse, it is not. At this point, no matter if Biden sends in one million troops, the question still remains: Why did he remove troops before citizens? He has stated that his action was predicated on the Taliban not being able to take Kabul for another 90 days or so. Still, it doesn’t answer why would he take the troops out before the citizens?  Anyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows you don’t remove soldiers first.  Biden knew exactly what he did and why he did it.

Biden deliberately left the door wide open for China to come in. My accusation is more than about anger. It is a legitimate accusation stemming from Hunter Biden’s billion dollar-plus business loan from the Chinese; it is from Hunter Biden having said, according to one of Hunter Biden’s former business partner, that certain monies were for “the Big Guy.” It has long been legitimately speculated that the “Big Guy” was Joe Biden himself. Why did Biden give orders for a BLM flag to be flown at an American embassy?  BLM is a Marxist organization and fits in well with China’s own Marxist philosophy. Why would an American president give orders for a Marxist flag to be flown alongside the U.S.A. flag at an American embassy? It doesn’t make sense.

                Again, think about it: U.S. troops were pulled out before American citizens; air strips of other Afghani airports were closed, except that particular one. How convenient was that? Once the Taliban quickly brought down Kabul, China recognized the Taliban in a heartbeat as if it already had knowledge that Biden would make such a move. China gives the Taliban a legitimacy as a sovereignty, like it or not.  Afghanistan gives China access to one of the richest mineral resources in the world. Biden’s action has spawned a dangerous global domino effect resulting in a new Balance of Power, which leaves China on one end of that proverbial scale and possibly with Russia on the other end.  The United States is now perceived as weak and spiraling into chaos.  Biden’s open border policy has added to that perception, and perception is everything in international relations.

 None of this makes sense unless one presupposes that Biden’s actions were deliberate and based — shall I pound it in again—on the fact that U.S. troops were pulled out BEFORE American civilians? Why?  It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense!

                Biden’s actions and betrayal turned American citizens into ‘meat’—not human beings with souls, but ‘meat’ to be tortured, maimed, butchered, beheaded at the Taliban’s will. Why the F would the Taliban negotiate anything at this point when they have thousands of American hostages? This is what Joe Biden did. He acknowledged it when he tried to make himself into a Harry Truman by saying “the buck stops here.”

Joe Biden is America’s Benedict Arnold.

Instead of having a press conference where he would be man enough to take questions, Biden left, and later let loose Secretary of Defense Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin who made no secret that he has the gall and cut-throat nature of Uganda’s Idi Amin in systemically destroying the American military under the command of Biden. ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin made it his mission for months with Biden’s blessing to cram CRT (Critical Race Theory), a Marxist theory, down the throat of every American soldier.  Those who believed that White soldiers were the oppressors and Black soldiers were the oppressed were fit soldiers in his eyes. Austin was getting rid of, intimidating, or, for all anybody knows, getting a hold of their voting records to see if they voted for Democrats. Austin and Biden (who has never denounced CRT and BLM) by their action were priming U.S. soldiers to be indoctrinated in Marxism and anti-Americanism. Some Secretary of Defense! ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin’s press conference with his fellow comrade Gen. Mark ‘Mouse’ Milley could be used as a roadmap on how this Democrat Party-Marxist rot inside the White House plan to aid and abet to turn the U.S.A. into a socialist-Marxist open-border satellite nation for China with its HR1-one party system and flood of illegals. Do we really know how many Taliban soldiers and cells are being placed in military bases and throughout the United States as passengers among those 600 to 800 Afghani refugees who boarded the 1109 cargo plane?

                Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin and Mark ‘Mouse’ Milley should be fired and be investigated.  Runaway Kamala Harris should be investigated, seeing that she has bragged about wholeheartedly agreeing with Biden. Nancy Pelosi, too, praised Biden on his action on Afghanistan in removing the troops first. Pelosi has her ‘China’ ties, and she put Cong. Eric Swalwell, who was having sexual relations with a Chinese female spy, on the committee to impeach President Trump over nothing compared to what Biden has done! Pelosi’s ties to China and her protection of Swalwell should be investigated along with any interests she and her family hold in Chinese companies. She should be impeached. All hearings must be open to the public.

 Why did Joe Biden do this? Follow the money and keep following the money. Hunter Biden is the key to unlocking the vault. Unlock the vault.

                The press must demand answers. Biden is still getting away with his betrayal of America because he has been bolstered, emboldened, and anointed as God by a fickle American Press (with few exceptions). The press has allowed for too long to let Joe Biden hide under COVID which is more proof that Biden’s COVID press conference in the middle of the Afghanistan crisis is about distraction and manipulation to prime Americans to submit to a Chinese-style Marxist authority in his regime. This is not about health; this is about the politics of power. But, after all is said and done, it will be China who will reveal the truth about Joe Biden and son. China will expose the cards for all the world to see that America has been duped by Joe Biden. Why? Because the exposure will be too good for them to keep secret, and certainly something to brag and laugh about.

                Joe Biden must be impeached and charged with treason.


To NFL, there is Only ONE National Anthem; Stop Weaponizing ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing’ to Appease BLM

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

What was once known as the Negro National Anthem has been weaponized in the 21st Century. The latest in taking what is presently known as the Black National Anthem is the NFL’s decision to play both the National Anthem and the Black National Anthem at the beginning of its games. This is yet another example of PC appeasement based on ignorance and mollifying a bunch of spoiled multi-millionaire Black NFL players under the guise of Equity and social justice.

 First of all, I doubt very seriously if Roger Goodell until recently had even heard of the Black National Anthem or that the official name of the anthem is “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” which is a poem written by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 (and pre-dates the NFL by 20 years). The poem was set to music in 1905 by his brother J. Rosamond Johnson to celebrate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. Yes, it was Ole Abe himself, a Republican, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the WHITE man who was responsible for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, who had this honor bestowed on him by two Black men who actually lived under Jim Crow and were about 10 years short of being born into slavery. You see, when it came to ending slavery both Black and White worked to get it done, just as was done to end Jim Crow in the 1960’s. 

Generations of Black parents, citizens, teachers, preachers passed the song down to be a hymn of hope and “marching on until victory was won.”  The goal was to get this nation to live up to its moral contract of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. That victory was finally won with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill.  But now, Goodell in the 21st Century has taken it upon himself to become the Great White Hunter leading a tribe of Black NFL players in the PC jungle to “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” a song my generation knew and sang but certainly did not think of as a replacement of the National Anthem or become propaganda for a socialist-Marxist movement inside Big Sports.

  Of Course, Black Lives Matter (BLM), a Marxist group, has threatened numerous times to destroy the Lincoln Memorial, that historical marker where the March on Washington took place. All of the suddenly Lincoln is hated and King’s Dream is viewed unobtainable—not by Whites but young Blacks who view victimization as a rite of passage and not as a circumstance to ‘overcome’. When BLM came on the scene, we, too, thought this organization would be about working with the community and policemen to make for a safer community. BLM had no website at the time, and later we wondered why BLM was becoming so hostile towards Whites and even Blacks who did not think as they. Then, we discovered the reason when BLM’s first website went live. What was on the site since has been scrubbed, but not before we were able to download their philosophy: BLM has pledged its allegiance to Marxism and communism. It is anti-male. It is anti-White male, it is anti-family, it is anti-Black fathers. It thrives on chaos and rage.

                Presently, BLM supports the Critical Race Theory (CRT). Not only as a veteran journalist but also as a political scientist, I knew right off what this theory was and what it entailed.  In previous editorials, we have condemned the NEA (National Education Association) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) for their pro-CRT policy and their embrace of BLM. CRT teaches that the Black child is the oppressed (the victim) and the White child is the oppressor (translates into ‘massa’) and these two roles are inherent and will always be the reason why systemic racism in America will be everlasting.

CRT, BLM, and the weaponization of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” are about separation and reinstituting Black codes under the guise of systemic racism in America when systemic racism is no longer legal. That’s what the Civil Rights Movement was all about—making sure once and for all that systemic racism (aka Jim Crow) was no longer a legal framework. Of course, there will always be those who discriminate or who do not like Blacks—but these are not the point. Someone needs to inform Goodell that Black Americans do not need an NFL Great White Hunter to lead a tribe of Black elitist football players to aid and abet in re-segregating America in the name of BLM-Marxists whose main objective is to feminize males and replace a patriarchy at the expense of the family unit.  In fact, Goodell is advocating that players put on their helmets names of Blacks who died or who were abused by police brutality. The NFL Great White Hunter Goodell would do better to advocate that names of Black children who have been killed or maimed by Black thugs be placed on the helmets. A four-month-old Black baby was shot in the head by Black thugs, but through the grace of God Almighty, still lives. Put this baby’s name on a helmet.

Presently, BLM-Marxists’ target is to eliminate the White male utilizing white supremacy propaganda (even the teaching of math is white supremacy). Of course, this is no more than any war tactic found from ancient times to present which is to destroy and eliminate the dominant male regardless of what race, color, or creed that male is. This is no more than what happened during slavery when the Black male had to be destroyed or rendered powerless (which also was done in LBJ’s War on Poverty when Black fathers were pushed out of the household.) These tactics are being employed to advance socialism (communism and Marxism) in the United States. So, why not denigrate the National Anthem by destroying the historical significance of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” to push forth BLM propaganda?

                NFL owners need to man up, because the little White boy in the capacity of Commissioner has yet to grow up and smell the Communism. Goodell needs counseling, because I am seriously suspecting that not only does he want to be the Great White Hunter but a Great Black quarterback.  So, what’s in it for Goodell and the NFL? To embrace BLM to appease the Chinese Communist Party for NFL deals to continue Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” – but where? Into American Communism via Democrat Party Socialism and BLM-Marxism with some Hegelian dialectical flair? (As a side note: It is interesting that the NFL condones BLM which believes that masculinity is male toxicity.  Does not the NFL epitomize masculinity? Why would one advocate for his own demise?)

                See, I don’t want to hear Goodell lament about how the NFL needs Black players as an excuse for making his decision. No, the NFL needs talented players. If you don’t like what color skin God gave you, then take it up with the devil.  

                The NFL would exist without Black players. It was existing before Black players when it began in 1920.  By the same token, the NFL would exist without White players. There are other ethnic groups who can play football. As a matter of fact, the NFL can recruit in other failed socialist-communist nations where young men would jump at the chance to play in the NFL and become ‘real’ American citizens. Try South Africa (which I predicted would become a Third World Nation when the socialists took over; thus, it’s come to fruition.) or Cuba or former communist-socialist-run Eastern European countries or better yet, try the ‘hood’ or Appalachian communities in this country.  But the NFL would not exist without the fans, and ironically– if I might be so bold—without the White fans. This is why along with our No Coke No Woke campaign, we had strongly suggested that there should be a Whiteout Week or more where no White fans (consumers) showed up and/or refused to buy tickets. Then, let us see how long the NFL would last or how long Roger Goodell will keep his ‘capitalistic’ salary or how long these spoiled Black brat multi-millionaire players will keep their ‘capitalistic’ salaries.  We also strongly support the Consumers Research Organization’s ‘WokaCola’ campaign and its ads which can be seen on YouTube and at, because we, too, can no longer stomach this war Big Sports and Big Corporations have teamed up on to go against American consumers without whom they would have no companies. The NFL was born in America—not China and not under communism and socialism.

                We get an earful every day from Black people who in the words of the famous Fannie Lou Hamer, are getting ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ of these Black rich athletes who do more bitching than any group in America who actually lived under slavery and segregation or who now live in neighborhoods where the Black male thug is the nouveau oppressor (massa). These are the silent Black majority of the minority. They get neither the voice nor support from mainstream media. Most of these wealthy Black NFL players have enough cash to buy a one-way private jet ticket to take their black asses wherever they want—if they’re suffering that damn much. And, as for Roger Goodell, he needs to sit his white ass down and be grateful he has enough White fans to keep his multi-million-dollar salary going.

                The USA produces more Black millionaires and multi-millionaires than any nation in the world. It has the distinction of having produced a sizable middle class to keep this nation from falling into The Haves and Have Nots economic model.

                The United States is ONE nation with ONE National Anthem. From Black American to Native American to Italian American to Irish American to Asian American—we are all Americans first and foremost. Every World War and Conflict this nation has been involved in was fought to save America and to savor Freedom and yes, to “Lift ev’ry voice and sing til Earth and Heaven ring…”

                Yes, this beautiful, dynamic poem also invokes Black history and the pain of slavery and segregation which must not be forgotten but never, ever be used as an excuse not to achieve. As I’ve always said, “Socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism.”  All Americans who have brought us in to the 21st Century can and must continue to “Lift ev’ry voice and sing, ‘Til earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise…High as the list’ning  skies…Let it resound loud as the rolling sea…Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us …Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us…Facing the rising sun of our new day begun…Let us march on ’til victory is won…”

                 In spite of America’s flaws (for there is no perfect nation), ‘Victory’ has been won. The Johnson brothers from over a century ago would be proud of America and even of the NFL to see how far we’ve come as a nation and in a sport which once thought a Black quarterback could not exist. 


In Defense of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott Against the Washington Post

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Of course, the Washington Post would go after Sen. Tim Scott. In their mindset, he’s the wrong kind of Black because he said America is not racist, meaning that systemic racism is no longer legal. Taking away the legality of Jim Crow was the real fight, and that was won with the Civil Rights Bill of 1964.  The reason the NAACP has not out come in Sen. Scott’s defense (as was also done in Justice Clarence Thomas’ case) is that the NAACP is no more than an extension of the Democrat Party—so much for non-partisanship!

 If life in America is so horrible for Blacks, there never would have been elected a Black president and a woman of color vice president. America never would have been a nation where there are more Black millionaires than any other nation in the entire world, or Black home-owners than any other nation in the entire world! In fact, Black Americans can do as Lebron James, Jay-Z, Will Smith, and the Black Lives Matter founder and own multi-million-dollar estates protected by private security in predominantly White neighborhoods.

Also, there is a profound ignorance when this Pulitzer Prize-paper asserts that because Scott’s family owned land, he had some type of “wealth” privilege. In the South and in many cases, White slave owners either gave or sold land to their former slaves (because in some cases these were their children from their rape of slave women).  If the Washington Post were to go further into the South, this Carpetbagger publication would see that Blacks who owned their land also owned the shacks on that land, which consequently meant that it might have been a shack but they owned it and the property under it.

 Also, what the Post doesn’t get is that what historically distinguished the Black middle class from the White middle class was the VALUE for education—not money, because Blacks didn’t have the money. This Value for education did not depend on a Black person being materially rich or poor. This Value for education threaded throughout the entire Black community. This was the thread which sewed the quilt of HBCUs, the Emancipation Oak, ‘Hidden Figures’, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Dorothy Height, Tuskegee Airmen, etc.; this was the thread which made every adult and Black family members—the whole community– come out in droves to graduations and baccalaureates; this was the thread which made Tim Scott’s grandfather sit at the table and pretend to read so he could instill the Value for education in a future generation; this was the thread that produced dedicated Black teachers who made sure you spoke good grammar and not Ebonics or that you could learn math, science and technology without thinking it was white supremacist;  this was the thread that produced Black teachers who truly thought the mind was a terrible thing to waste and did not dummy down the Black student to fit an agenda of White liberalism and socialism; this was the thread which produced parents, teachers, grandparents and great grandparents who taught Black children that they had to be twice and thrice as good to make it under Jim Crow because no one could take your knowledge from you; this was the thread that produced Black Wall Street, and  Black-owned businesses that grew in spite of segregation. It is this thread which intimidates Washington Post White journalists and those ignorant Black sell-out journalists who think they’ve hit the big time only to find out that at the end of the (news) cycle, they’ll be thrown back into the briar patch and retrieved only when there’s a racial issue. It is the Washington Post which cannot tolerate Blacks who don’t fit its negative perception of a Black person who won’t kowtow.

It is the Washington Post which continues to ‘Willie Lynch’ Blacks in the 21st Century. But what is worse and is akin to the KKK on the extreme right, the Washington Post on the extreme Left has chosen to make Sen. Scott the poster ‘boy’ for any Black citizen, especially a Black male, who does not keep his place. The Washington Post like its mainstream counterparts is more apt to praise the Black thug than any decent hard-working Black male who is being productive.

We stand strongly behind Sen. Tim Scott and other African Americans who see themselves in the 21st Century as ‘Americans’ and adhere to moving America’s second largest minority into the economic realm of capitalism – not into the victimhood and mediocrity of socialism to appease the Democrat Party and its ‘racist’ roots.