By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell


The Mid-South Tribune

Are you a Good Negro or a Bad Negro? If you say this in the same cadence as Glenda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, you can experience both the absurdity of the question as well as the seriousness in which Glenda the Good Witch said it.  

                This time the Land is not Oz but the United States of America, and the wizard is Big Tech Giants, Big Corporations, and a Democrat Party which is no longer the Democrat Party we think of, but rather the Democrat Socialist Party. All of these entities cooperated (conspired?) to practically annihilate America’s Bill of Rights and were oddly enough aided and abetted by the Black Church which has become not the sanctuary of God Almighty but of the Democrat Party and the Golden Donkey. This is more than a sin; this is blasphemy and a fear not of God Almighty but of a political party which has ushered in a Black group of Marxists under the guise of Black Lives Matter (BLM) which has outright stated that it is a Marxist organization and believes the concept of family is white supremacist.

Of course, not all Black churches adhere to the dictates of the Democrat Party, but this trend of accepting this party and exclusively inviting their candidates into the Black church during Election Time has been elevated to a tradition which ‘shalt not be questioned.’

BLM in essence is anti-male. It is carrying out what was begun under President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty which drove the Black male out of the family; therefore, killing off the Black family which BLM now deems as white supremacist. BLM has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for continuing the practice of slave masters. Big Tech now operates in the capacity of the Overseer slinging the black whip. If you are Black and call yourself a conservative, Republican, or even an independent-mined thinker, Big Tech will strip you naked and whip you publicly for all the world to witness what will happen if you are a disobedient ‘Negro’.

 Pay attention to presently what is going on: The Democrat Party and Big Corporations are placing emphasis on having numerous programs aimed at building Black female leadership at the expense of the Black male. Of course, Joe Biden should know about the preemption of Black males as he was the creator of a crime bill which incarcerated thousands of Black males affecting generations of Black families and individuals—encompassing those males born in the 1960s to the beginning of the 21st Century.

 Over the years and especially now, we have received a slew of press releases pushing and praising organizations that emphasize exclusively Black females. Please put emphasis on the adverb ‘exclusively.’ Why?

The answer is simple and chilling: In time of war and conquest, the tactic is to eliminate the male and annihilate communication.  At this juncture of what is now the Democrat Socialist Party rule and in the words of Black Cong. James Clyburn, it is to “restructure” the United States of America into full-blown socialism.  The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is no longer about the Black community but about elevating themselves as powerful prognosticators of socialism to accommodate the Democrat Party and Big Tech. Do you think it a bit odd and extreme that after President Donald J. Trump was acquitted of his second impeachment that Cong. Bennie Thompson and the NAACP would sue President Trump under the little-known Ku Klux Klan Act from the Civil War era?  Trump, his family, his businesses—all of it must be destroyed and completely annihilated because he represents a threat of peeling off Black voters from the Democrat Party, as represented by the growing movement of ‘Blacks leaving the Democrat Plantation,’ BLEXIT (Blacks exiting the Democrat Party), Black conservatism fighting to bring back the concept of family, Black Republicanism (Blacks going back to the party which was created to rid the nation of slavery), and Black independent thinkers. The Democrat Socialists have seen the likes of Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones and once-loyalist Democrat Attorney Leo Terrell turn and go into the Republican Party.  They are witnessing that Black males are embracing the party of Lincoln with the same rebellion and commitment as Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. These are defiant Black males such as Ice Cube and his Contract with America proposal. They are thinkers and once more, they actually write and read and create proposals. These Black males and others in their ilk such as Dr. Ben Carson, Cong. Burgess Owens, Pastor Scott, the late Herman Caine represent those pillars of manhood in the Black community which gave us the blueprint of the Civil Rights Movement. In other words, they get things done with the patience to put it on paper and implement. Both commonsensical Black men and women are needed in the Black community, but to reiterate, it is the defiant Black men who intimidate Democrat Socialists. These are the same defiant Black men who lined up their cars across the street and came out with their shotguns when they heard Antifa and BLM were planning a march to their predominantly black suburb after they had destroyed the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.  One middle-aged Black man came out and said that he was ready for them and that they were not going to burn the home he’d worked all of life to get. ‘Woke’ media didn’t dare cover that, and it was only covered on a local level. ‘Woke’ media didn’t cover BLM and Antifa being run off with their tails between their legs.

One sees the destruction of President Abraham Lincoln in the name of a ‘Woke’ movement which has created only destruction and chaos in a concerted plan to restructure the United States in the image of Stalin who murdered millions of Russian peasants in the name of Marxism-communism. These ‘Woke’ people have yet to ask themselves, ‘What would have happened if Abe Lincoln had NOT signed the Emancipation Proclamation?’ And since Lincoln is responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation (which begat Juneteenth), why won’t WOKE cancel the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and become new slaves under the Democrat Party, the original party of slavery. You see, the thing about destructive people is that they feel a power that is abusive, vindictive, and blind. Witness what has happened to Gina Carano, (I admit I had never heard her until the following incident, but I am sure she had never heard of me either, so we’re even.), a popular actress (from what I’ve been told) in the Lucasfilm ‘Mandalorian’ series. Carano Tweeted out that Republicans were being hunted down like German Jewish citizens during the Holocaust. When she was abruptly fired for the Tweet, did not the WOKE slavers prove her point? Johnny Depp who starred in the Pirate of the Caribbean movies has not been fired for saying that it has been a long time since an actor had assassinated a president, clearly indicating that he, Depp, would like to be that actor who assassinated President Trump. Then, there was Madonna talking about blowing up the White House. Cong. Maxine Waters has advocated violence against Republicans. Republican Senator Rand Paul has been physically attacked—the list can go on and, in each case, this same type activity was precedent to what happened during World War II and in other nations—yes, and even in Uganda under Idi Amin, Rwanda, South Africa, India—when genocidal tactics were not about black and white people but any race and entity in the capacity of political power to attack, maim and kill anyone who disagreed with them or just because they felt like it. Big Tech billionaires and the likes of George Soros with his idealistic and impotent Open Society economic theory are no exceptions.

 What is now being called legacy media (aka mainstream media) operates as an arm of ‘Woke’ instead of the Fourth Estate which should be about Freedom of Press, but as we all know in times of dictatorial chaos (BLM, Antifa, Big Tech), the press is the medium and the message (ala Marshall McLuhan) is ‘suppression’ of voices that don’t adhere to the Democrat Party’s ripening this nation for socialism (aka communism and Marxism). It is a sad thing to say, but I shall say it resolutely: The Black community (Yes, we know there are Black individuals who will not obey) can be manipulated through emotional naivete and unforgivable stupidity which results in economic genocide. When you see Black business-owners standing outside their burned-out businesses being wimps about how they understand the violence perpetrated against them because of George Floyd and/or whatever bad situation has happened because of police brutality, you know Antifa, BLM, Big Tech, and George Soros are laughing all the way to the bank. Because, folks, one has not seen George Soros, Bernie Sanders, or Big Tech giants, or other so-called ‘socialist-Woke liberals’ volunteering to re-distribute their own wealth. Soros is about the sixth richest man in the world. Has he redistributed his billions? By all accounts, he doesn’t need billions to live. Yet, I am sure he views these billions as his and that he worked hard to make them in America’s capitalism. You see, folks, capitalism is good for them and bad for others; the fruits of capitalism are to be enjoyed by them and their cliques.  

At press time, we see so much changing before we finish our 26th Annual Black History Month edition, that we cannot keep up in real time, because the only thing real about the time is a level of insanity that is deadlier than COVID. In fact, many of these ‘Woke’ Democrat party politicians have used COVID and those suffering and dying from COVID as political fodder to advance their power. Thank God for FOX’s Janice Dean who is now seeing Gov. Cuomo paying for putting COVID seniors back into nursing homes. Dean lost her mother-in-law and father-in-law because of Cuomo’s decision to do this when President Trump had sent New York a Navy hospital ship and outfitted the Javits Center to take in patients. But Cuomo made the decision not to use these places of hope and cure, but rather to keep the game going of looking ‘GOOD’ and politically correct. Cuomo got an Emmy Award for his ‘goodness’, just as we are sure Black Lives Matter will get a Nobel Peace Prize for burning down Black-owned businesses, looting, maiming, murdering, and burning down other businesses which employed persons of those neighborhoods. Why should WOKE care? Why should George ‘Sorry’ Soros care? Bernie must have been delighted in feeling the ‘burn’ as he watched Black-owned businesses burning. When Black wimps stand by and let their communities be destroyed in the name of George Floyd, why should anyone else care? Words cannot describe the pain any human being felt seeing Floyd begging for his life. Words cannot describe the pain of the Black security guard who was being filmed live on Facebook as Antifa and BLM rioters tortured him until death. Big Tech giants didn’t censor this live killing.

 Events we don’t like can and do happen, but does that give you a right to burn down the house, kill the dog, skin the cat, choke a neighbor, and annihilate your parents? Floyd’s funeral became no more than a sanctuary for Black politicos and alleged white liberals to smile and profile and talk more about Donald Trump than Floyd himself! You know, the usual. It wasn’t about a family losing a loved one through a few policemen’s brutality.  It wasn’t about working with policemen to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Instead, this became part of the Defund Police madness movement, putting everyday Black citizens in jeopardy. And now you wonder why these law-abiding Black citizens are buying arms to protect themselves? Thank God, for the N.R.A.! After all, The Good Reverend Al Sharpton is going home to a safe community, and he probably has a shotgun hidden safely in his mansion.

Emmy Awards and Nobel Peace Prizes used to stand for something truly good, now they represent a level of hatred which is being readily accepted and tolerated by The People who won’t stand up and fight back these small, hateful, crazed groups which are now in top positions to do as AOC and the Squad members have advocated which is to blackball and blacklist anyone who worked for the Trump administration or had anything positive to do with Trump or even to track down voters who voted for Trump. Where is the Congressional Ethics committee on that? Is this not how Hitler, Idi Amin, and other dictators did—censor, blacklist, blackball, annihilate? Was not this Mandalorian actress right after all? Again, we point out that Johnny Depp still has a job. Madonna still has a career. What makes them better than she? Why has she and others who speak out being stripped naked and taken to the proverbial gas chamber? As of a delayed press time, the host of the Bachelor TV program is being marched into what is now the ‘WOKE’ gas chamber; yet, he foolishly turns around and apologizes to the mob which is bent on destroying him anyway. Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for anyone who apologizes to demons.

There is reason, too, why Joe Biden is eliminating borders (aka the Wall) and Trump legislation regarding illegal immigration. It is clear: In order to prime this nation for socialism and accommodate Soros’ Open Society theory, it must bring in a new onslaught of illegal immigrants who are coming not to reap the fruits of capitalism and secure the American Dream but to reap the free benefits of America’s welfare system. Yes, we believe in any economic system there should always be a humanitarian program because anyone of us can fall through the cracks during hard times. But this system was designed to be temporary; yet, what will happen and set in place to happen is for these thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to come in to serve as new voters for a new Democrat Socialist Party. These over-the-wall illegal immigrants will have the same blind loyalty to this party as does the Black community which they are slated to replace anyway. Joe Biden and the Democrat Socialists being aided and abetted by Big Tech have a 100-day agenda to plow the fields of the United States of America for full-blown socialism, creating in its wake (or ‘Woke’) two classes as in any socialist nation: The Very Rich and the Very Poor — the classic ‘plantation’ of the Have and Have Nots. In order to achieve a ruling class and those who are ruled, the middle class must be and will be eliminated (as was begun with NAFTA) which Joe Biden is quickly implementing. There is nothing new about these tactics. They are historic; they are history; they are about who will be responsible for taking out and taking down the Number 1 nation. Who gets the bragging rights for bringing the USA into a failed economic theory called Globalism-socialism- Open Society? For delivering the U.S.A. on the platter to competitor China? There is nothing new about those who want to rule the world—one can look from Alexander the Great to Napoleon to Hitler.  Yes, the Democrat Socialists want to mate with China and produce a blue-blood communist baby. If it were not so, why hasn’t the so-called press not ‘pressed’ Joe Biden’s and his son Hunter Biden’s relationship with China? Why wasn’t Nancy Pelosi not questioned on her decision to have Cong. Eric Swalwell as an impeachment manager in President Trump’s unconstitutional second impeachment trial when it has been proven that he’s had sexual relations with a Chinese spy? Of course, that’s acceptable. It’s Woke. It’s cute. It serves as Pelosi’s burnt offering to China to bring the U.S.A. into the globalist-socialist fold, with China as Number one. And, yes again, it is understood, that if you want to advance socialism in the United States, you do it through the Black community, and if you want it logistically carried out, you do it through the Black Church. (One has to only look at Rev. Warnock, an avowed socialist, as an example of those Black ministers who are embracing socialism-communism-Marxism for the sake of the Democrat Party—not for Jesus Christ).

So-called white liberals of the Democrat Party define themselves and their own self-righteousness on the self-perpetuating victimhood of Blacks who in turn define themselves on rage. Self-righteousness and rage make dynamite to take the whole country down. These white liberals are the reincarnated KKK with many of them residing in SiliKlan Valley, a suburb of Silicon Valley; thus, it should be no surprise that Big Tech has chosen to censor non-submissive Blacks. After all, they need to continue Racism, Inc. to support the Woke Cause and a growing Chinese world market. As far as they are concerned, America be damned as they enter the Emerald City to see Oz behind the (Iron) Curtain.

In the meantime, watch the 100-day honeymoon agenda. Joe Biden has signed, sealed, and delivered nearly 50 Executive Orders in two weeks—more than any president in history—and the orders are growing with dictatorial speed. And, as for that Reparations Bill (H.R. 40), it clearly states that $12 million will be used to ‘study’ reparations. And you can bet your bottom capitalistic dollar that most of this $12 million will go into the pockets of Black elites and their respective cliques, with the same gusto as those billions raised through BLM went to the Democrat Socialist Party via various PACS.  

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to—

Ballots, Supreme Court, and Socialism

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

“One man, One Vote.” This was the battle cry for enfranchisement during the Civil Rights Movement when poll tax, literacy tests, and an array of other tricks were put in place to suppress the Black Vote.  Now here we are in the 21st Century and the battle continues as the Democrat Party retrieves the same tactics as it did when it was the party of Jim Crow in the 60’s and before.  Back then as now, the Democrats had its slate of crooked judges, crooked law enforcers, crooked ballots, crooked whatever it took to win. It has added to its slate of crookedness George Soros, Big Tech, Big Corporations, Antifa, Black Lives Matter-Marxists, Bernie Sanders, AOC & the Punketts (aka the Squad), and Nancy ‘Let Them Eat Designer Ice Cream’ Pelosi. Back then as now, the Democrat Party continues to be a party of chaos, bigotry (now liberal bigotry), and race-driven propaganda– all out of the playbook of Marxism/Socialism to deconstruct the United States of America.

To ensure its agenda of Socialism, the Democrat Party has to appease its comrade, the Chinese Communist Party. Now to get that done, they had to offer up a Chinese-compromised candidate in Joe ‘You Ain’t Black’ Biden. Yep, Biden was the right candidate for George Soros, Big Tech, and Big Corporations to offer up as a goodwill gesture to China. Never mind that these multi-millionaires and billionaires made their fortunes on the fruits of capitalism.  So, why would they give a damn about the peasants—the deplorables? They know that once the United States becomes a socialist nation, they—like their counterparts in China or any other Communist/Socialist/ Marxist regime—will become the elites of that nation.

Big Tech, Big Corporations, the George Soros gang, and what has now become the Democrat Socialist Party already have in place dictator-wannabes in blue states who have been assured that they no longer need The People’s Vote, but rather the Voting Machine’s Vote. They have the software, courtesy of Big Tech, to further re-ensure that these wanna-be dictators will always win—always be in power. This explains why you have governors, mayors and the like shutting down small businesses, tolerating Antifa and Black Lives Matter-Marxists pillaging neighborhoods, businesses, setting up autonomous zones, and bullying persons and streaming of killings via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

 With all this being said and done, it would behoove Somebody in a crippled DOJ, FBI, CIA or FCC, FTC, or the like to see if any Big Tech accommodated Dominion, Smartmatic software, et al in outsourcing those American votes via the internet and their platforms.  Also, I don’t want to hear anything about these Big Tech conglomerates being private companies. They sell and offer stock and that puts them in the public arena.  Big Tech is now a quasi-government force within the U.S. government with ‘sovereign’ powers. That is deadly.

Big Tech has now anointed Mainstream Media to be the purveyor of Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message” and that message is ‘socialism and mo’ socialism’.  YouTube has placed on every video posted, especially posted by non-Democrat Party citizens, these immortal words: “The AP has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden.”  So, who in the ‘F’ is AP—the Associated Press—to call a presidential election? But as things are heating up with non-Democrat Party citizens, citizen-journalists, patriots, and Trump supporters fighting back, the YouTube socialist nation has now placed the following on every video which has anything to say about the election: “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” One must presuppose this statement is to assure citizens that the Dominion Voting Machines and its Smartmatic software are to be trusted. Yeah, like replacing “In God We Trust” with “In Big Tech We Trust” or in “YouTube We Trust.”  Of course, those “robust safeguards” did not stop American Votes from being NAFTA-rized out to foreign countries to be counted. Gee whiz, American votes can no longer be counted in the U.S.A. Of course, Mainstream Media cannot tell American citizens about that—mmmm, looks like AP hasn’t adequately let the American public know that its votes have been outsourced.

Of course, as I write this, YouTube has banned altogether videos with the word ‘Fraud’ in relation to any video questioning or even calling the 2020 presidential race a ‘fraud’. Why be surprised? This is what Socialism/Communism/Marxism does and it only adds credence to Big Tech emperors being sympathetic to China’s Communist regime to make further inroads in acquiring China as a consumer market at the expense of the American people. YouTube has officially banned Freedom of Speech. Welcome, America, to what a full-blown socialist state will look like. YouTube is now the 21st Century Iron Curtain; Big Tech is now the 21st Century Iron Curtain.

Moving on. Of course, George ‘Zombie’ Soros and his billions control the Democrat Socialist Party with his white plantation hat on backwards to take this country backwards. Soros has not only recruited members of Siliklan Valley—oops, Silicon Valley—to do his alleged Open Society bidding, but he and the Democrat Party have now recruited Blacks who praise socialism and communism. Of course, as I’ve always believed, “Socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism.” The latest Black socialist is Rev. Raphael Warnock who heads the historical Ebenezer Baptist Church which gave us the venerable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Warnock is playing the usual rhetoric to get the Black Vote. He knows that all he has to do is be Black and Democrat ala Joe Biden. Of course, if he’s a Black minister, all the better. Never mind that Warnock preaches that one cannot serve the military and God—so much for ‘Onward Christian Soldier’. Dare I also add that in Warnock’s case that a minister cannot serve Socialism/Communism and God? He should know in all his worldly preaching that Marx, the father of Communism and Socialism, said that religion is the opium of the people. Warnock should know that Castro did not even allow the celebration of Christmas or allow the practice of religion, period. But then, dare I say that the Good Reverend Mr. Man Warnock is so entrenched in material politics that he could give less than a damn about The People, especially the Black People whom he claims he loves and that it is his love and concern which inspired him to run for the U.S. Senate?  In the history of my life, I have heard this bull from a number of black ministers who misuse their pulpit to propel themselves into politics to enrich themselves—not to help the hard-working decent Black citizens or any other citizens.

Indeed, I could do little but laugh when the Good Reverend Mr. Man Warnock started early in his debate with white girl, U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler, telling the world the standard ‘I was po (can’t even afford the ‘or’), Black, and grew up in a housing project, I was one of 12 chillums and was the first in my family to graduate from college. Blah, blah, blah …’ when Kelly White Girl came back and cited that she, too, went through hard times and was po (can’t even afford the ‘or’), worked her way through high school and college waitressing, and was the first to graduate from college in her family. This threw Warnock off and he could only come back that she was a ‘selfish’. Never mind that Kelly Loeffler donates her salary to charity. Besides, Sen. Loeffler, regardless of how white and female God made her, worked hard and became a multi-millionaire. She, in fact, exemplifies the American Dream—you know, that dream, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about—you know that dream where five little Black boys could grow up and become the Jackson Five—you know, where Blacks can grow up and become multi-millionaires and entrepreneurs and business-owners regardless of how Black God made them in the 21st Century. Besides, whatever race or color God made you, you should be proud of and wear it like a badge of humanity.

And on this note, I shall like to say to Good Rev. Mr. Man Warnock, “You’re no Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

 Post-Election Day November 3, 2020, mountains of evidence of crooked Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software came to the forefront. Videos of crooked Black socialists and Black Dems working the polls have come out. Videos have already surfaced on YouTube of a black mother and daughter team from Georgia working hard for Joe ‘You Ain’t Black’ Biden and the Democrat Party (aka Democrat Socialist Party). Of course, why should this African American mother-daughter team worry? Massa Soros should bail them out if they’re charged with the federal crime of voter fraud. Or will he? I see – I think I see one of those Siliklan Big Tech people coming to save them—is it? Could it be? Jack ‘Rip Van Winkle’ Dorsey emerging from the whipping Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marsha Blackburn gave him in the Senate Hearing woodshed—no, no, my mistake. Or could it be Attorney General William Barr without his glasses? Oh, if he hasn’t his glasses, he can’t see Fraud. Oh, oh, Mr. Barr is heading left—you know, Left, where you turn off from doing the Right Thing? At the end of the day, William Barr will go down as one of America’s sorriest Attorney Generals in history. He’s no Robert F. Kennedy who stood up for the Black Vote and civil rights.

                As I write this, I am elated that Texas (a state which remembers the Alamo) is suing Georgia (the state where Gen. Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground to free the slaves) and is taking its voter fraud case to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Thank God Almighty! that Texas has taken up the banner to keep America free from China and its Communism and the enslavement of its minorities (Yes, China has 21st Century slavery, folks. Just ask the Uyghurs.). Louisiana was the first to join Texas to argue that because Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin had voter irregularities (fraud, corruption, threatening of Republican poll watchers, etc.) it corrupted the legal Electoral College vote process and violated the 14th Amendment. As I further write this our Tri-State area states of, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas have co-joined with South Carolina, Florida, South Dakota, Alabama, Kansas (home of Brown vs. Board of Education), West Virginia, Indiana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Oklahoma, and Utah.  The Trump Campaign has also joined in this lawsuit.  Thank God for Texas, Ken Paxton, Ted Cruz, a give ‘em hell President, et al! Let us say amen!

                In the last century when the typewriter was the computer of its day, students had to develop their typing speed by typing the phrase: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

                Now is the time for the Supreme Court to come to the aid of its country. Now is the time for this judicial body of Nine to right what went wrong. To remedy a U.S. A. presidential election not because of President Donald J. Trump but because of the sanctity of The Vote. Once the sanctity of The Vote can be called by AP (the Associated Press) and not by The People who comprise ‘One Man, One Vote’, then this nation is lost. This last bastion of individual freedoms is lost. It is incumbent upon the Supreme Court to hear this case where it is becoming more obvious each day leading up to January 20, 2021 that it was rigged so openly and so blatantly that the U.S. Constitution could end up as a rape victim with no recourse. We have seen too many judges who have neglected their duty for the sake of politics that they are reminiscent of too many judges during the Civil Rights Era who chose to look the other way rather than disturb an immoral and illegal status quo. This is the 21st Century and there never, ever should have been this level of corruption of The Vote; this is the 21st Century and there never, ever should have been any place for a Mass Media Outlet such as AP to call any election at the expense of The People. This is the 21st Century and there never, ever should have been a place where Big Tech can replace By the People, Of the People, and For the People. Never! Never! Never!

As a veteran journalist, I have done my share of covering politics and elections. When I was editor-in-chief of another newspaper, we discovered in a small Mississippi town of a rigged election involving voting machines and software. Yes, there were racial overtones in this election with a black candidate and white candidate running for mayor. Long story short: The voting machine’s software had switched the names of the candidate on the inside so if you were voting for Candidate B, you would instead be voting for Candidate A without knowing it. When a smart young African American man who was a computer tech student discovered this and the switcheroo, the white man who had been named mayor had to give up the title. Shouldn’t such justice still take place in this election, a presidential election where the stakes are even higher because of worldwide political implications?

 Because of duty, the U.S. Supreme Court should hear Texas vs. Georgia with utmost speed, and as stated at the end of any lawsuit, We, The People, “pray for relief.”


Time to Separate Sports from Politics; Time to Put the Fans First

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Have you seen one elite African American NBA or NFL player come out to denounce the killing of black babies and children in Chicago or other hot spots? Have you seen even one of them lead a march against black-on-black crime?  We point out these two sports organizations because African American athletes are at the core of these organizations’ wealth. This black core inside both these organizations has employed bullying to get what they want in their support of Black Lives Matter (BLM). Any other player who goes against this elite black core of players will suffer their wrath. Just ask white quarterback Drew Brees who took his pill of ‘apologetism’ and backed down. One wonders how he will explain what could have been his white Rosa Parks moment to his sons.  We can suspect that there are black players who agree with Brees or who just want to play football and forget the politics. We can imagine there were some black players in the NBA and NFL who wanted to go to the White House when invited, because it was a once-in-a-lifetime event they could tell to their grandchildren. (Even when I was invited to the White House in the last century, it was an honor I shall always remember even if I did not vote for the President who invited me.). Yet, this elite core of black superstars called this shot in their lives.

We, too, thought Black Lives Matter would be a positive in the black community. We supported their cause to do something about police brutality but with the understanding that most of our police officers are good, decent people, and that it would be incumbent upon them to help rid the community of the bad apples. We thought BLM would act as a liaison between police and the black community.  But instead, this became a De-fund the Police Movement. As a veteran journalist, I have had many seniors come up to me and whisper how they wanted more police in the community. Whisper, because they were afraid—not of the police, but the black thugs and the black backlash. We thought this was a prime opportunity for a young group of blacks to take the role of leadership to protect the elder, the young, and the decent black citizens working to have something good, produce something good. These were the forgotten black people. They are still forgotten.

Instead, BLM has yet to step foot inside of a black community to call out the barbarism of Chicago and the killing of black babies and children. The infamous Colin Kaepernick has yet to denounce black-on-black crime and the slaughter of black children. We have yet to hear him denounce the killing of a one-year-old black baby or any denouncement from any of these elite black athletes who reside in the sanctity of black privilege and wealth. We have yet to hear even Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson denounce the latest killings of black babies and children and the maiming of black seniors. Why? The answer is simple enough: It does not fit their agenda to keep their status of leadership in a community which is throwing them overboard to cater to BLM and this black core of multi-millionaire athletes who bask in capitalism. They have in fact as has LeBron James kowtowed to China to keep their multi-millions intact. Besides, do you really think LeBron James or members of the black multi-millionaires in the NFL and NBA would be making the fortunes they are in any African nation if they’d been born there since they are so into ‘black this and black that’ without any regard to character? When an ethnic group does little to protect its young, it becomes worthless and loses all respect.

Black Lives Matter was going by the wayside until George Floyd’s horrific death. We were all mortified and condemned his death—his murder. Regardless of race, color, or creed, we as Americans and human beings renounced what these ‘bad’ cops did and how they gave our good decent police officers a bad name. Yet, it became immediately clear that George Floyd’s death became an undercover operation for Antifa to conjoin with BLM to destroy and burn down black-owned businesses and other businesses such as AutoZone and Target; to loot at will; to video a killing of a retired black policeman who was guarding his friend’s business to play online; to desecrate statues of Frederick Douglass, Abe Lincoln, and monuments that slaves themselves  paid to have erected. Antifa, which is mostly comprised of paid young angry white agitators, had no problem in utilizing BLM and BLM had no problem being utilized. BLM and Antifa to this date have continued to destroy anybody and any community they deem fit to destroy so they can plow the field for the United States to become a bona fide Marxist/socialist government.  They have seized Portland and Seattle for weeks, and the pathetic thing is that these cities are mainly run by black Democrats who have yet to denounce black-on-black crime and the killing of black babies.  This is black privilege: You are allowed to say nothing negative about another black person or organization.

This America has produced more black millionaires than any nation in the world. This America in spite of flaws has produced black multi-millionaire athletes inside the NFL and NBA. Any talented black boy or young man has the opportunity to kick or bounce a ball and go straight to the bank with million-dollar checks. Yet, if he gets to the NBA or NFL, he hasn’t the Freedom of Speech. This select core of privileged black athletes has handed down the Commandments that If Thou Art Black, Thou Must not have an Opinion contrary to BLM. Thou must Renounce any President who is not a Democrat. In fact, these elite black athletes adhere to what the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has stated that “If you ain’t Democrat, you ain’t black!” Yet, this elite group of black privileged athletes would not re-distribute their own wealth. We don’t see Kaepernick or LeBron James redistributing their wealth as BLM’s Marxist philosophy advocates. In fact, LeBron James seemingly is more concerned about hurting China’s feelings than denouncing the killing of black children or black-on-black crime. One can almost deduce that if the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China invited him to an event, LeBron James and these other elite black athletes would flock there, not giving a damn about China’s history of slaughtering and enslaving its own people.

No matter how much this elite core of black athletes bitch, they would not have been who they are had not what happened in the past (slavery) brought them to where they are, the United States of America. You are born who you are because of the past. No one has a choice where and to whom they are born. It is what makes ‘you’ you and after that, you have the right to ‘Pursue Happiness’. Many want to come to America because of this principle. Even Jackie Robinson made it in spite of the flaws. Jim Brown made it in spite of the flaws. Yes, this nation is flawed because it is not heaven. No nation is.

Unfortunately, the black community (collectively speaking, because there are individuals who can think on their own) remains a community which reacts. Black Lives Matter and this core of elite black athletes fall into that category. They are symptomatic of 21st Century weak black leadership. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, African American leaders and citizens sat in churches, thought out and organized to rid the nation of the legality of ‘systemic racism’. Let us repeat this. The ‘legality of systemic racism’ was eradicated with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Making Jim Crow illegal was the goal. It was achieved.  It was achieved with black, white, Jewish, and others marching against it; with black, white, Jewish and other lawyers filing lawsuits against it and winning. For the record: Had not Republicans voted to pass the Civil Rights Bill during the Johnson administration, there would have been no bill because the Democrat Party in the South was pro-segregation just as it was pro-slavery in the 19th Century.  Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer fought the Democrat Party to get her rights inside this party to even be a delegate; thus, the Mississippi Freedom Democrat Party was founded.

The following is an alleged quote from white multi-billionaire George Soros whom many accuse of financing Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but whether Soros said this or not is irrelevant because the quote is true regardless of where it actually originated:

“I’m going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

It was alleged that George Soros made this quote in Germany’s BILD newspaper in 2014.  Not only I as a veteran journalist but as a political scientist and hopefully with common sense most of time (We are all flawed and can screw up), know that this is one of the tactics used to advance Marxism in the black community. Marxism is socialism and communism. Black Lives Matter has called itself Marxists (See their website); therefore, in all of our editorials and opinion pieces, we are now referring to it as Black Lives Matter-Marxists or BLMM. ANTIFA (the Left’s KKK) is part of this Marxist movement via the black community; via manipulating the black community.  You have to be a fool not to realize that these riots and looting are perpetuated by and organized by paid agitators. You can only get away with what rhymes with ‘hit’ in the black community, because this community is so obsessed with the excuse of slavery and ‘systemic racism’ that it no longer thinks – just reacts. It is rabid in calling anyone who doesn’t agree with it ‘racist’. The word ‘racist’ is now up there with the little boy who cried ‘wolf’. We are now hearing blacks who are sick and tired of hearing the words ‘racists’ and ‘racism’. Of course, these are the black individuals who will never be heard because they are preempted by BLMM, Antifa, and a core of elite black athletes mainly in the NFL and NBA and who now control the NFL and NBA merely because they are black. Their black privilege has replaced white privilege (they both cancel out each other without producing anything of worth).

Now let’s get dirty and to the point: It is disturbing that now Madison Avenue advertisers and corporations have joined in to advance Marxism in the African American community while they bask in capitalism. This conclave of advertisers and corporations now praises BLMM and has caved into this hysteria to appease the black community without asking what real black people want. Real black people want law and order, school safety, home ownership, business and entrepreneurship, good schools, good jobs—you know, what any decent American regardless of race, color, or creed would want. They want the best for their families; however, BLMM states that the nuclear family is white supremacist and must be done away with. This is right out of the playbook of communism. Destroy the family.  No matter how much BLMM claims to protest over George Floyd, it is anti-male and anti-father. BLMM follows the credo of Karl Marx who stated that religion is the opium of the people. So, it is no accident that even churches and Christianity (staples in the black community) are prime targets of BLMM and Antifa.

It is naïve to think that the powers-that-be in the NFL and NBA and the conclave of advertisers and corporations really believe this BLMM-Antifa tenets. They know damn well that the black community cannot sustain their businesses as consumers. BECAUSE, the black community is po (can’t even afford the ‘or). These advertisers and corporations move on FEAR which is catalytic in their irrationality in funding a Marxist movement in the black community. It is their public relations move not to look racist. They have been sufficiently bullied; furthermore, they know they can capitalize on the fact that the black community reacts; it is emotional.

Notice that BLMM and Antifa or any other Soros-backed group did not go into the Hispanic community (Look at how the Hispanics rose up to save Goya Foods with a ‘buy-cot’ to stamp out Antifa and BLMM’s boycott of this Hispanic company which employs over 4,000 of their own and others); they did not go into a Japanese or Chinese-American community; they did not go into a Jewish community; they did not go into a Native American community; or even to be totally absurd—into a Martian community.  Why? Because the black community is easy.  It reacts.  All you have to do is yell ‘racism’ and that’ll do it. This is a hard thing to say; yet, it is the cold-blooded truth. Advertisers and corporations have poured millions via Black Lives Matter-Marxists to keep the ‘natives from being restless’ and to keep their own capitalism intact which means in the long run, they do not give a damn about this nation or the value system of vision and hard work which made it possible for “Wealth of a Nation”.  Yet, they pay millions to bring this “sh—t” into the black community.

This 21st Century black community is economically and intellectually stagnated in the same manner you find in Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” Everyone all of the world knows in the long run that protest in the black community goes nowhere except into oblivion only to raise its ugly head to march or riot. How long do you march? How long do you riot? How long do you blame slavery? Slavery is NOT unique and exclusive to blacks. Every race at one time or another in world history has endured slavery. You do not get a get-out-of-the-human race card by having slave ancestors. The world owes you nothing.

Blacks should remember the history of slavery, but must not live every day in that history which stagnates today and annihilates tomorrow. This black generation has already negated the gains. Previous black generations did not see themselves as victims but rather as Overcomers who demanded the American Dream. They were taught to be two or three times better in their skills and education. That value of education served as an economic framework to participate in capitalism. I’ve often said that socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism. BLMM proves my point. It takes little brain cells to destroy and a lot more to build. We need to OVERCOME.

Let’s wrap this up. We do not condone Marxism in the black community. These black athletes have butterfly lives. In fact, with all their foolishness of thinking they have won something, they need to sit their black asses down and think. You don’t let some group of paid agitators come in and “F” over your community or even for that matter, you don’t let advertisers and corporations in their fear place a Marxist group in a leadership capacity in the black community. We doubt that millennials know the true history of Marxism, of Stalin, of Mao Zedong or even such black leaders as Idi Amin or the ones who slaughtered Rwandans, or those who destroyed their citizens in the name of Marxism/socialism/communism. Extreme groups on either Left or Right are implosive and will take down everybody. (Watch South Africa as it disintegrates with its new government of socialism).

At the end of the day, those NFL, NBA, advertisers and corporations powers-that-be with  common sense may be silent now and/or pretending to be silent but they will come to their senses and begin to replace these elite black athletes who have done little but bitch and jumped on a BLMM Antifa bandwagon that no sensible American regardless of race, color, or creed would jump on.  Common sense will not let these black pseudo progressives destroy the most prosperous nation which still remains a world beacon for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream.

Let it be understood that we will fight BLMM and Antifa by any means necessary. Yes, we will ‘Lift Our Voice and Sing’ while also singing the National Anthem. We don’t give a damn how many millions advertisers and corporations fund BLMM with or in spite of any blackball of ourselves because of our editorial stand. (We’ve gone through it before). We are Americans. Don’t tread on US.

To those black Americans who get it, get on the Ark. To those black Americans who don’t. Let the Flood come.

It is time for advertisers and corporations to get the hell out of advancing Marxism/socialism in the black community. It is time for sports to get out of politics. It is time for sports to put fans first. It is time to be pro-America.