Herschel Walker vs. Rev. Warnock: Why We Endorse Herschel Walker

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

                “Her choice, her body.” This continues to be the rabid chant of the pro-abortionist gang. So, you have to wonder why they are going bonkers over an alleged event that they say happened in Herschel Walker’s life when an ex-girlfriend said that he paid for her to have an abortion. During the pro-abortionists’ march on Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh’s house, we saw a young Black woman (aka ‘birthing person’) who boasted that she was going to go out and get pregnant just so she could get an abortion. That’s about as sorry as those who are going after Walker for his ex-girlfriend’s choice. Whether he pressured her or not is irrelevant seeing that she was an adult who had a choice to make and she made it, maybe with the same carelessness as the young Black ‘birthing person’ who said she was going to get pregnant just so she could get an abortion. The Black birthing person might even go one better and wait up until the full nine months then decide to adhere to Democrat Party’s policy of abortion at any time—abortion on demand as if abortion were a new streaming service. We are sure The Immaculate Rev. Warnock will stand by her, along with the new wave of Black preachers who are now praising abortion to keep in lock step with the Democrats’ platform and not with Jesus’ platform.  In a recent Joni Table Talk episode on the Daystar Network, Kamala Harris was shown speaking on abortion at the predominantly black National Baptist Convention on September 8, 2022 in Houston, Texas.  Harris in praise of abortion stated: “One does not have to abandon their faith to agree that a woman should have the ability to make a decision about her own body and not to have government to tell her what to do…In this moment, let us heed the words of First Corinthians ‘Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong, and do everything in love’.”

This Daystar episode inadvertently pointed out what is happening in the Black church among Black ministers. To reiterate that particular episode was about the overall issue of abortion and not about the ‘color’ of a church. Furthermore, it showed without even meaning to an issue that will not be addressed in the Black church because of the Black church’s blind allegiance to the Democrat Party.  Never would one have imagined that a Black woman in Harris’ historic capacity would have used a Bible verse to condone abortion at a black Baptist convention where her words were greeted with handclapping and amens coming from Black ministers no less!

Black Georgians as well as the rest of Georgians are getting a preview of what life would be like under the Democrats’ policies on socialism: Empty grocery store shelves, sky high gas prices, sky high rents, dreams of home ownership turning into nightmares, dummied down education. No baby formula. No Freedom, and a continued attack on Christianity as a non-Woke entity which needs to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is weaponizing the Black minister to advance socialism in the Black community to preempt the Black family unit and neuter the Black male, continuing their 1960’s policies of the Great Society which destroyed the Black family and introduced quasi-socialism into the Black community. Unfortunately, prominent Black ministers such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are no longer about the business of the church but rather about the business of the Democrat Party.  They no longer fear the Lord but fear the Democrat Party and Nancy Pelosi. Neither Jackson nor Sharpton has denounced Black Lives Matter (BLM) which has flat out said that it is a Marxist organization and the “nuclear family is white supremacism” while it stockpiles millions in donations from white Corporate America and white liberals. Neither Jackson nor Sharpton has denounced the Democrat Party’s new credo of ‘preaching’ that children should no longer use the terms ‘mother’, ‘father’, or ‘woman’ or ‘man’. Neither has Rev. Warnock, for that matter. In fact, because Rev. Warnock pastors Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, he has become the poster boy for the Black socialist minister. This is not by accident but rather by meticulous design by a Party which knows that the Black minister is the most powerful and influential figure in the Black community, and if you control the Black church, you control the Black community.

 Black preacher warriors must return to the pulpit. One such preacher warrior is Pastor Corey Brooks who is fighting back Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago and her ‘rule of Wokeism’ which has seen record-breaking murders of Black babies and youth.   Pastor Brooks, executive director and founder of Project H.O.O.D., spent 100 days on a roof top in the middle of winter to call attention to violence and killings in Black neighborhoods.  Rev. Warnock is no Pastor Brooks. He is a wimp with a white collar. He is about nothing, and he will deliver nothing.

                When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade and sent the decision-making back to each state, Herschel Walker released the following statement: “This Supreme Court decision sends the issue of abortion back to the states, which is where it belongs. I stand for life and Raphael Warnock stands for abortion, including the heinous practice of partial birth and late term abortion. I won’t apologize for erring on the side of life, especially considering the radical abortion views held by Senator Warnock and today’s Democrat party.”

                 Presently, the Democrat Party is so full of Black socialists that it is no wonder that not one of them has yet to ‘fess up that Karl Marx said “religion is the opium of the people.” They’ve yet to come out to criticize Joe Biden regime’s plan to hire 87,000 IRS agents whose training will include carrying a gun. Why wouldn’t the Democrat Party use the IRS to threaten the Black church with their 501C (3) status if those Black churches don’t obey the Party? Yes, we predict the Black church will be among the IRS’ first target in accordance to the Democrat Socialists’ agenda and philosophy. Yes, it will be the Black church which brings this plague of locusts on itself.

                Hershel Walker is against Biden and the Democrats’ plan to hire the 87,000 IRS agents. The righteous, glorious Rev. Warnock is not. Herschel Walker is against having a bank balance of $600 reported to the IRS. The Immaculate Rev. Warnock is not. Herschel Walker is against abortion on demand. The holier-than-thou Rev. Warnock is not.

                Rev. Warnock is an influential leader of this new movement of Black socialist ministers who are nowhere near those early Black ministers of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. This new wave of Black socialists-Marxists is usually George Soros-led and bought.  In a 2014 interview with Germany’s BILD, George Soros clearly stated his goal: “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black hate groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

 The immaculate Warnock has yet to renounce Soros who has contributed millions to Black DA’s, mayors, secretaries-of-state, and other politicos who advocate Defund the Police, cashless bails, CRT pedagogy, BLM-Marxism. For the record, George Soros is among the top ten richest men in America and reaped his multi-billion-dollar fortune under capitalism, and now he wants to rule the world and economically re-enslave Black Americans.

 Herschel Walker. Know him as more than a gifted athlete and entrepreneur. Know him as Georgia’s new U.S. Senator who has endured crap on his way to victory. Why? Because what is now the Democrat Socialist-Soros Party has brought out the big guns to totally destroy Walker by any means necessary. This is what they do.

Of course, we hope Walker did not pressure his ex, but if he did, it is still on her. To reiterate, she made the choice.

                As for Herschel Walker’s estranged son lambasting his father in mainstream media, this behavior is on the son who, in our observation and opinion, is giving into his Woke peers who will throw him back into the tar pit after this election is over. Parents are not perfect people, but on the whole, they are decent people who make mistakes. No one really knows what relationship Walker and his son will have in the future. That’s between them.

For the record, Walker did make the following statement on his family and the mainstream media’s onslaught on his family: “You know, I’ve never denied any of my kids and I love them more than I love anything. They didn’t do anything. It just made me want to fight harder because I’m tired of people misleading the American people. I’m tired of people misleading my family. I love my kids, first of all, and they knew the truth…”

                 As a young man who rose to fame and fortune, Walker no doubt made some mistakes, but what his son perhaps failed to realize is that his father worked hard, used his talent, and went on to obtain both athletic and business skills to support his family and create jobs. His father kept food on the table, paid the utility bills, paid for his education, and paved a way for him to have an easier path to acquire success and learn from his father’s mistakes if need be. Whatever happened to the word ‘grateful’? Herschel Walker was able to do this in an America which has in its Constitution ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ which gives its citizens the right to dream. Ironically, it is The Immaculate Rev. Warnock who is preempting Rev. Dr. King’s ‘I have a Dream’ to accommodate a Party which is reinventing its roots of segregation under the mask of socialism and CRT; and, unfortunately, in Black socialist ministers who worship the Golden Donkey at the expense of faith.

                Herschel Walker is pro Law and Order, pro-education, pro-family, pro-religion freedom, and pro Christmas. In his pulpit, Warnock praised Castro who outlawed Christmas. In his book, Walker has laid out his sins, his imperfections, and told how he and his wife worked through their problems to raise a family.

                Herschel Walker is a man—not a ‘non-birthing’ person. He is a father, who when all is said and done, continues to feed and care for his family, in spite of a son who is bitter and who has yet to make his own way by ‘honoring’ his father for what his father has achieved to ensure that he, the son, has the freedom to pursue his own happiness. Herschel Walker has chosen to run as a Republican, the party which freed the slave and added the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, lest we forget.  Also, we point out that Republicans delivered the votes to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Bill when most Democrats remained staunch segregationists defying the late President John F. Kennedy and the then-President Lyndon Johnson. Those Blacks who fought for freedom during slavery would have voted Republican had they been allowed to vote. After all, why would they have supported a party which supported slavery and fought a Civil War to make sure it stayed in place?

Herschel Walker is running to bring back sanity and to send the message to the Democrat Party that the Black Vote cannot continue to be taken for granted or that the Black community must be used as George Soros’ black-tarred road to socialism with an open border to accommodate his Open Society.

                We ENDORSE Herschel Walker for U.S. Senator to represent the state of Georgia, and we urge Americans to vote Republican to send the message that America must and will remain free!



Time to Impeach Joe Biden and Replace Mitch McConnell

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Impeach en masse. This is what needs to happen. But, first and foremost, Sen. Mitch McConnell must go.  This weak Minority leader in the Republican Party already has come out and flat out said that Joe Biden cannot be impeached because the Republicans do not have the numbers. This excuse is about as sorry as McConnell himself. Such Republican warriors as Sens. Marsha Blackburn, Bill Hagerty, John Kennedy, and Ted Cruz are demanding accountability from Joe Biden. They, too, must demand that same accountability of McConnell and replace him.

                The solution is simple: First, get rid of McConnell; secondly, impeach Biden.

Biden should not be given the dignity of resignation. He purposely pulled out American troops FIRST, leaving behind Americans and our partners to be tortured, slaughtered, beheaded, imprisoned at the whim and will of the Taliban. He then called back a few troops, among them 13 young soldiers who will never get to live as long as he has; or raise families as he has; or have careers as long as he has. They are gone. When he pulled out American troops FIRST before civilians, he did not even bother to inform our NATO allies which, too, had their respective soldiers, citizens, and partners there in Afghanistan. Callously, Biden provided lists of Americans and partners to the Taliban, and he left over $85 billion of military equipment, uniforms, weaponry and invaluable intel for the enemy to parade in victory, and possibly sell to the highest bidder.  Biden is the commander-in-chief who performed the inside job of leaving the door wide open to benefit China in the short and long run. This was not about getting America out of Afghanistan because most Americans wanted to get out of the war, but this was about Biden selling out to China and to a cabal of globalist-oriented billionaires and Techno-socialists who have decided that the United States of America should be a non-sovereignty. That is, having no borders and become what socio-economist George ‘Sorry’ Soros deems an Open Society. His Open Society economic theory is unworkable, inhumane, and inferior. Hidden inside its theoretical framework is the goal to simply wipe out America’s middle class by any means necessary, creating sustained chaos until deconstruction of this system is completed to his and his cabal’s satisfaction.

With his sell-out of the United States of America, Biden has made available Afghanistan’s precious mineral reserves used to make computer chips and other various must-needs in the New World Order of Techno-socialism. His resolve to create a borderless—non-sovereignty entity (no longer a nation) is evidenced by what is happening on the southern border of what will no longer be a United States of America but rather a satellite of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as China itself once was to Russia. Make no mistake, China will move to reincorporate Taiwan into the Chinese mainland. Why wouldn’t CCP’s Secretary and President Xi Jinping do as Mao Zedong and make a 21st Century Great Leap Forward to grab Taiwan when America has a leader as weak as Joe Biden? It’s only logical. Biden is compromised by China. His son Hunter’s laptops are indicative of that along with Biden’s behavior regarding Afghanistan. Everyday Americans are aware of this; thus, why one hears the “F____ Joe Biden” chants all over the nation.

However, Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn about Americans “F ing” him or about his declining poll numbers, because he is shielded by a mainstream press which treats him like a newborn baby. With the exception of a few media outlets, independent citizen journalists and bloggers, there would be no real news. The press is nothing but the propaganda machine for what is now the Democrat Socialist Party which appeases the CCP by indoctrinating American children with the CRT Marxist theory and praising the black Marxism of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the nouveau Nazism of Antifa. Biden has even given orders to have a BLM flag flown at an American embassy, signifying to China that he is a Marxist supporter. Recently, in his weak address to the United Nations, Biden did not even mention China’s name.  More proof that he is Xi Jinping’s boy.

Of course, Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin is pushing CRT doctrine down soldiers’ throats, telling them that White soldiers are the oppressors and Black soldiers are the oppressed. So, were the 13 soldiers discussing who was the oppressor and the oppressed when attacked by the Taliban? Was their blood separated by which ones were White or Black or Brown? Were their flag-draped coffins segregated by race?  Idiot Amin Austin’s derangement of indoctrinating soldiers in CRT (which is a bona fide Marxist theory) has divided the military. Idiot Amin Austin’s tactics to force Biden’s COVID mandates on soldiers are forcing out soldiers with dishonorable discharges and loss of pensions. Why would a Marxist theory be used as a basis of whether a soldier is fit or not to serve in the U.S.A. Military? Why would the commander-in-chief Joe Biden order this? All the more proof and prima facie evidence that Joe Biden is compromised by China. Gen. Idiot Amin Austin should be impeached and charged with treason for using his office as Secretary of Defense and status of a general to intimidate, threaten, and harass soldiers to serve communism.

In recent events, it has been revealed that Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley during his tenure in the Trump administration made a phone call to his equivalent in China to reassure China that he personally would alert them if President Trump decided to do any harm to them or nuke them. This was done behind President Trump’s back at Cong.  Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi’s urging. Pee-Losi doesn’t need any so-called ‘white privilege’ to get her way, as she continues to assert her political slut privileges to get what she wants. She used those privileges when she initiated two impeachment proceedings against President Trump, even when he longer held office.  This slut even had the audacity to put Cong. Eric ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell on a committee to impeach President Trump when she knew Swalwell had been caught ‘red’ handed (pun intended) having sexual relations with a female Chinese spy. Why did Pelosi put him on the committee? This slut is so low that she even objected to having the names of the 13 soldiers killed at Kabul read in Congress; thus, the names of these young Biden-murdered soldiers were not given the honor they deserved.  One can thank mainstream media (with the exception of a few) that gave America’s First Bitch this privilege to further degrade them. (I make no apologies for calling this slut what she is, and I don’t mind being unprofessional about it, as she had no problem being unprofessional about disrespecting and degrading these young men and women who gave their lives to keep her sorry ass free!)  Furthermore, Pee-Losi has used the Capitol Police as her own personal Gestapo by locking up January 6th protesters, making sure they receive “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley, Cong. ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell, and Cong. Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi should be impeached and charged with treason.

Kamala ‘Giggles’ Harris strongly supported Joe Biden and his moves in Afghanistan. Harris was put in charge of the U.S.A. southern border and illegal immigration on that border. Yet, she shucked and jived her duty as Border Czar while smiling and profiling. Why? Naturally, Harris is a proponent of CRT, BLM—and flat-out Marxism. After all, she was bailing out paid Antifa and BLM thugs.  Giggles Harris has no problem with unvaccinated and unvetted migrants crossing into America’s borders.  Outside of being 13 eggs short of a dozen, Harris has skated on girlish giggles and being economist George Soros’ ‘Negress-in-Chief’ in his Open Society scenario to possibly replace segregationist Joe Biden should he prove to be more unfit and the turncoat than he already is. Harris should be investigated for her ties with China and her Open Society tactics on the border.  She should be impeached and charged with treason.

 Why won’t Mitch McConnell begin impeachment hearings? His wife Elaine Chao, who is Taiwanese by birth, served as President Trump’s Secretary of Transportation. Chao’s family is worth billions. Who is to say that when China makes its move to take Taiwan that the Chao family won’t be reassured that its billions won’t be touched? All the more reason, why McConnell needs to get the hell out of Dodge and let a new sheriff come in.  To reiterate, China will make a move. It won’t get another opportunity to do so. As America’s first dictator, Biden is weak and at China’s beck and call. Leaving Afghanistan wide open for China to call the shots via the Taliban, was America’s first dictator’s   acknowledgment that China is, in fact, calling the shots.  One can surmise after all is said and done with kickbacks, payoffs, money laundering, Hunter’s paintings among other shenanigans, the Biden family will be America’s latest multi-billionaires. And you can bet your bottom dollar, Biden won’t be redistributing his family’s wealth like a good socialist. Just as calls were made to investigate President Trump’s financial records, the same calls must be made to investigate Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s financial records.

America is at a crossroads: Either it will bend to the will of its first dictator, Joe Biden, and his media babysitters or it will fight back what is now the Democrat Socialist Party which has in place a $3 Trillion-plus congressional bill under the guise of ‘infrastructure’ to fund its advancement of America into full-blown socialism on the backs of what will become American peasants.

Who said that impeachments have to be done one at a time? It is time to impeach en masse the following: Segregationist Joe ‘Benedict Arnold’ Biden, Kamala ‘Giggles’ Harris, Gen. Mark ‘The Rat’ Milley, Gen. Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin, Rep. Eric ‘The China Pimp’ Swalwell and last, but not least, Nancy ‘Pee-Losi’ Pelosi who stinks to high heavens after refusing the reading of the 13 soldiers who were killed at Kabul.

Afghanistan is about Joe Biden and American sell-outs to China.  

                If two impeachment proceedings can be held for President Trump over some made-up bull by Nancy Pee-Losi asserting her political slut privileges and Maxine ‘Alligator Mouth’ Waters yelling ‘Impeach 45’ before he even took office, then, surely impeachment proceedings must begin on Joe Biden along with the aforementioned who are responsible for the blood of 13 soldiers and for the torture, beheadings and other deaths of other Americans, our partners and allies left behind.

 We don’t want to hear another excuse about how Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing because he has some alleged mental issues going on.  Biden knows exactly what he is doing. He volunteered to be the puppet all for the love of money.  Time will bear this out and so will China when the CCP reveals how they own him; and Hunter’s laptops will confirm it. China’s billion dollar-plus loan to Hunter apparently is paying off.

                Joe Biden is a joke, but America is not laughing.

              F-Joe Biden!

                I- Joe Biden! IMPEACH Joe Biden.


To NFL, there is Only ONE National Anthem; Stop Weaponizing ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing’ to Appease BLM

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

What was once known as the Negro National Anthem has been weaponized in the 21st Century. The latest in taking what is presently known as the Black National Anthem is the NFL’s decision to play both the National Anthem and the Black National Anthem at the beginning of its games. This is yet another example of PC appeasement based on ignorance and mollifying a bunch of spoiled multi-millionaire Black NFL players under the guise of Equity and social justice.

 First of all, I doubt very seriously if Roger Goodell until recently had even heard of the Black National Anthem or that the official name of the anthem is “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” which is a poem written by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 (and pre-dates the NFL by 20 years). The poem was set to music in 1905 by his brother J. Rosamond Johnson to celebrate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. Yes, it was Ole Abe himself, a Republican, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the WHITE man who was responsible for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, who had this honor bestowed on him by two Black men who actually lived under Jim Crow and were about 10 years short of being born into slavery. You see, when it came to ending slavery both Black and White worked to get it done, just as was done to end Jim Crow in the 1960’s. 

Generations of Black parents, citizens, teachers, preachers passed the song down to be a hymn of hope and “marching on until victory was won.”  The goal was to get this nation to live up to its moral contract of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. That victory was finally won with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill.  But now, Goodell in the 21st Century has taken it upon himself to become the Great White Hunter leading a tribe of Black NFL players in the PC jungle to “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” a song my generation knew and sang but certainly did not think of as a replacement of the National Anthem or become propaganda for a socialist-Marxist movement inside Big Sports.

  Of Course, Black Lives Matter (BLM), a Marxist group, has threatened numerous times to destroy the Lincoln Memorial, that historical marker where the March on Washington took place. All of the suddenly Lincoln is hated and King’s Dream is viewed unobtainable—not by Whites but young Blacks who view victimization as a rite of passage and not as a circumstance to ‘overcome’. When BLM came on the scene, we, too, thought this organization would be about working with the community and policemen to make for a safer community. BLM had no website at the time, and later we wondered why BLM was becoming so hostile towards Whites and even Blacks who did not think as they. Then, we discovered the reason when BLM’s first website went live. What was on the site since has been scrubbed, but not before we were able to download their philosophy: BLM has pledged its allegiance to Marxism and communism. It is anti-male. It is anti-White male, it is anti-family, it is anti-Black fathers. It thrives on chaos and rage.

                Presently, BLM supports the Critical Race Theory (CRT). Not only as a veteran journalist but also as a political scientist, I knew right off what this theory was and what it entailed.  In previous editorials, we have condemned the NEA (National Education Association) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) for their pro-CRT policy and their embrace of BLM. CRT teaches that the Black child is the oppressed (the victim) and the White child is the oppressor (translates into ‘massa’) and these two roles are inherent and will always be the reason why systemic racism in America will be everlasting.

CRT, BLM, and the weaponization of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” are about separation and reinstituting Black codes under the guise of systemic racism in America when systemic racism is no longer legal. That’s what the Civil Rights Movement was all about—making sure once and for all that systemic racism (aka Jim Crow) was no longer a legal framework. Of course, there will always be those who discriminate or who do not like Blacks—but these are not the point. Someone needs to inform Goodell that Black Americans do not need an NFL Great White Hunter to lead a tribe of Black elitist football players to aid and abet in re-segregating America in the name of BLM-Marxists whose main objective is to feminize males and replace a patriarchy at the expense of the family unit.  In fact, Goodell is advocating that players put on their helmets names of Blacks who died or who were abused by police brutality. The NFL Great White Hunter Goodell would do better to advocate that names of Black children who have been killed or maimed by Black thugs be placed on the helmets. A four-month-old Black baby was shot in the head by Black thugs, but through the grace of God Almighty, still lives. Put this baby’s name on a helmet.

Presently, BLM-Marxists’ target is to eliminate the White male utilizing white supremacy propaganda (even the teaching of math is white supremacy). Of course, this is no more than any war tactic found from ancient times to present which is to destroy and eliminate the dominant male regardless of what race, color, or creed that male is. This is no more than what happened during slavery when the Black male had to be destroyed or rendered powerless (which also was done in LBJ’s War on Poverty when Black fathers were pushed out of the household.) These tactics are being employed to advance socialism (communism and Marxism) in the United States. So, why not denigrate the National Anthem by destroying the historical significance of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” to push forth BLM propaganda?

                NFL owners need to man up, because the little White boy in the capacity of Commissioner has yet to grow up and smell the Communism. Goodell needs counseling, because I am seriously suspecting that not only does he want to be the Great White Hunter but a Great Black quarterback.  So, what’s in it for Goodell and the NFL? To embrace BLM to appease the Chinese Communist Party for NFL deals to continue Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” – but where? Into American Communism via Democrat Party Socialism and BLM-Marxism with some Hegelian dialectical flair? (As a side note: It is interesting that the NFL condones BLM which believes that masculinity is male toxicity.  Does not the NFL epitomize masculinity? Why would one advocate for his own demise?)

                See, I don’t want to hear Goodell lament about how the NFL needs Black players as an excuse for making his decision. No, the NFL needs talented players. If you don’t like what color skin God gave you, then take it up with the devil.  

                The NFL would exist without Black players. It was existing before Black players when it began in 1920.  By the same token, the NFL would exist without White players. There are other ethnic groups who can play football. As a matter of fact, the NFL can recruit in other failed socialist-communist nations where young men would jump at the chance to play in the NFL and become ‘real’ American citizens. Try South Africa (which I predicted would become a Third World Nation when the socialists took over; thus, it’s come to fruition.) or Cuba or former communist-socialist-run Eastern European countries or better yet, try the ‘hood’ or Appalachian communities in this country.  But the NFL would not exist without the fans, and ironically– if I might be so bold—without the White fans. This is why along with our No Coke No Woke campaign, we had strongly suggested that there should be a Whiteout Week or more where no White fans (consumers) showed up and/or refused to buy tickets. Then, let us see how long the NFL would last or how long Roger Goodell will keep his ‘capitalistic’ salary or how long these spoiled Black brat multi-millionaire players will keep their ‘capitalistic’ salaries.  We also strongly support the Consumers Research Organization’s ‘WokaCola’ campaign and its ads which can be seen on YouTube and at AlwaysWokaCola.com, because we, too, can no longer stomach this war Big Sports and Big Corporations have teamed up on to go against American consumers without whom they would have no companies. The NFL was born in America—not China and not under communism and socialism.

                We get an earful every day from Black people who in the words of the famous Fannie Lou Hamer, are getting ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ of these Black rich athletes who do more bitching than any group in America who actually lived under slavery and segregation or who now live in neighborhoods where the Black male thug is the nouveau oppressor (massa). These are the silent Black majority of the minority. They get neither the voice nor support from mainstream media. Most of these wealthy Black NFL players have enough cash to buy a one-way private jet ticket to take their black asses wherever they want—if they’re suffering that damn much. And, as for Roger Goodell, he needs to sit his white ass down and be grateful he has enough White fans to keep his multi-million-dollar salary going.

                The USA produces more Black millionaires and multi-millionaires than any nation in the world. It has the distinction of having produced a sizable middle class to keep this nation from falling into The Haves and Have Nots economic model.

                The United States is ONE nation with ONE National Anthem. From Black American to Native American to Italian American to Irish American to Asian American—we are all Americans first and foremost. Every World War and Conflict this nation has been involved in was fought to save America and to savor Freedom and yes, to “Lift ev’ry voice and sing til Earth and Heaven ring…”

                Yes, this beautiful, dynamic poem also invokes Black history and the pain of slavery and segregation which must not be forgotten but never, ever be used as an excuse not to achieve. As I’ve always said, “Socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism.”  All Americans who have brought us in to the 21st Century can and must continue to “Lift ev’ry voice and sing, ‘Til earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise…High as the list’ning  skies…Let it resound loud as the rolling sea…Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us …Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us…Facing the rising sun of our new day begun…Let us march on ’til victory is won…”

                 In spite of America’s flaws (for there is no perfect nation), ‘Victory’ has been won. The Johnson brothers from over a century ago would be proud of America and even of the NFL to see how far we’ve come as a nation and in a sport which once thought a Black quarterback could not exist. 


MLB Must Learn from the Masters Tournament

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

  Major League Baseball leadership could take a page out of the Masters Tournament leadership’s book. Without PC apology, the Masters held its ground by Not backing down to cater to the threats of the mob over Georgia’s new Voting Bill (SB-202); thus, the Masters was held.

 We have read this law just as we have read all 700-plus pages of HR-1 which advocates the nationalization of voter laws, preempting state legislatures and other rights (We have gone into detail on in a previous editorial). Obviously, no one in a leadership capacity at the MLB bothered to read the law. Instead, this weak leadership under Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr.  jumped on the bandwagon along with Coca-Cola and 200 other corporations to economically burn down Atlanta.

 Furthermore, we agree that MLB should be held accountable under the Sherman Anti-Trust laws (more on this at a later date), and should be duly stripped of Sherman Anti-Trust protection.

 Black Lives Matter, an avowed Marxist anti-male organization, now rules MLB. BLM also has advocated that the family unit with a father included is white supremacist. We read all of this on the group’s website before BLM decided to do some PR and scrub its ‘roots’.  Manfred finds nothing upsetting about this, but yet he and his cohorts continue to fall for the garbage and lies advocated by this group of spoiled Black brats (BLM) and spoiled White brats (Antifa) that Georgia’s voting bill dictates that voters cannot have food or water in the voting line along with other lies they see as the proverbial voting suppression when, in fact, it is voting protection.

 On its website, the MLB has sunk to a level where it presents points on how to talk to Black people to make them feel ‘human.’  This presupposes that Blacks are not human. Naturally, the MLB was instructed by BLM. These points are infantile, yet approved by MLB Commissioner Manfred who in his leadership capacity is 13 eggs short of a dozen. This BLM-approved dictum on how to talk to Black people is in the spirit of real Jim Crow when Blacks were considered mentally inferior.*(See Guide to Conversation below)

 Over the last decades the Black community has been destroyed not by Whites, but by Black elites and advocates such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Stacey Abrams (an avowed socialist/Marxist), and now by the little boy known as Lebron James who has yet to grow up to do something constructive for his community other than bitch.  This NBA superstar has no problem catering to China and seeing after his own millions brought to him on the platter of capitalism.  This also seems to be the case with a BLM founder who has bought herself a million-dollar-plus mansion in a white neighborhood. As of this writing, there are reports that she has bought four other homes and allegedly screwed local BLM chapters out of funds. We are not surprised, because this is the Standard Operating Procedure of Black elites, anemic Black leaders, and Black politicos.

 Not one member from the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) or so-called Black leader or Black Church (with one notable exception in Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) came out to stand up for Atlanta’s Black-owned businesses, small businesses, and other businesses.  Why? Because these are Black cliques who put the Democrat Party (which is morphing into the Democrat Socialist Party) above its own community.  This is not about racism. This is about Racism, Inc.

 Also, this is about fear and subjugation. Even Atlanta’s Black business owners are too afraid to speak out because BLM is apt to burn them down. Black is the new KKK. Sports is the new KKK.

 For the record, the United States of America has produced more Black millionaires than any nation on Earth. Jackie Robinson, the man who integrated baseball, would not understand the level of hate these Black athletes have when they have not endured anywhere what the great Jackie Robinson did to pave the path for these Black brats most of whom can’t even sit down to READ anything as they sit in their mansions and ride in Cadillacs. It is obvious, they don’t give a damn about the Black vendors or White vendors trying to make a living or even about the fan who has saved his coins just to have a beer and hot dog and enjoy a game without politics and bull.  

 How convenient it is for even millionaire commissioners like Manfred to forget that it’s the ‘lowly’ fans who pay their salaries and utilities.

 This group of spoiled Black athlete brats, BLM, Black elites, and opportunist Black leaders will destroy sports. Weak commissioners like Manfred will destroy sports. 

 Yes, what the sports world is doing is letting this small group of spoiled Black athletes take the sports industry down a spiral of no return under the guise of racism. These ignorant Black athletes have successfully stripped Common Sense and run it naked in the street into the arms of a straitjacket. That straitjacket in the MLB is Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. who needs to be taken to the woodshed by someone in his organization who has Common Sense. You know, that rare commodity very few leaders and CEOs seem to possess these days.

 Sports must never become one of the branches of government. We must make the MLB the poster child that sports will not run America.

 Again, we commend the Masters Tournament and its leadership for holding the line and standing their (golf) ground.

Below is the MLB Conversation Guide on talking to African Americans:



In department/team meetings, staff calls, at the water cooler … the most “human” start to this conversation is always: “How are you?” “How is this impacting you?”

  • Lead with empathy.
  • Listen and acknowledge responses and feelings.
  • Don’t attempt to walk in their shoes or “relate” to the issue but allow people to share.
  • Always defer to commonalities of the shared human experience (emotions, family, safety), rather than try to understand or define racial nuances. For example: “I can’t possibly understand what you are feeling, but the loss of a father, brother, spouse, son, would be traumatic for anyone.”
  • Understand there may be varying perspectives, bias and opinions and everyone may not be comfortable sharing.
  • Reinforce the company’s policy on discrimination and harassment.

Guidelines for having conversations about race:

  • Have the conversation rather than avoiding it.
  • Listen actively; hear fully before responding.
  • Solicit input; ask what they think, “What did you think about that?”
  • Honor “frames of reference” — different perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Seek to understand what others are thinking; before sharing your thoughts. People are more willing to hear from you when you hear them, first.
  • Share your views as just that your views that may not be shared by others. Honor that.
  • Respond with care, acceptance and compassion. You don’t have to agree; however, you do need to acknowledge and appreciate the person; no matter what.
  • Nobody’s perfect — you will not be perfect in what you say; and they will not be perfect in what they share. There is no right. Do the best you can.
  • Everything does not need to be said — it’s enough to create space for the conversation.
  • Avoid teaching, preaching and the temptation to ‘correct’ others — no one has the answers.
  • Let go of agendas and expectations.
  • Appreciate others’ viewpoints; say “thank you.”
  • Do your personal work. Get support to unpack your feelings and concerns at another time, so that you can better hear and support others.

It is Time for a Whiteout of Coke and the MLB

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

                A few years back at the dawn of the 21st Century as I recall, I received a call from a Black man who was fighting Coca Cola. This gentleman was leading a fight against Coke in what became a class action lawsuit in which Coke was being accused of not promoting qualified African Americans in any position of significance. In this lawsuit, Blacks who had graduated from Ivy League and other universities of higher note were being so blatantly overlooked that some had either suffered nervous breakdowns or had to seek counseling, because they could not believe in this day and age that with all their credentials and hard work that Coke would not promote them based on their color. As editor of this newspaper and out of curiosity, I asked him why was he calling all the way from Atlanta, Georgia about what I deemed at the time to be a local issue. Besides, we hadn’t heard much of anything about the matter. But what we did find out on investigating and further pursuing the story that there was a media blackout because of alleged threats by Coke to pull their advertisement. The grievances of these African American Coke employees had been suffocated. Bottom line, we ended up being the only media (to our knowledge) to carry the story, write editorials, and print in its entirety the whole class action lawsuit. (The internet was neither as prominent nor dominant at the time).

                But what was of particular import at that time was that those Blacks fighting Coke called for Blacks to stop drinking Coke. We advocated the same, and I personally did not drink a Coke for over a year until the lawsuit was settled. We editorialized relentlessly that Coke should be muffled until it did right by its Black workers. We are prepared to do the same now regarding its White workers as well.

                First of all, when Coke started holding classes for Whites to “be less White,” we found this as much of an abomination as back then when Coke would not promote African Americans for being black. Here, we are in the 21st Century, and Coke is at it again with authentic reversed discrimination: This time, implementing the pomposity of the Critical Race Theory to denigrate our fellow White Americans because it is now the rage (pun intended) to destroy White Americans because they are white. Critical Race Theory in the spirit of ‘Mein Kampf’ is to economically destroy the majority in America (which, incidentally, is White) to advance socialism.  Unfortunately, the Black American is being used as the jack hammer to get this done to his own economic detriment which is evident in Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to move its All-Star Game to Denver, Colorado to punish Georgia’s White population under the guise of voter suppression.

                If it had not been for White American support there would have been no 1964 Civil Rights Bill or 1965 Voting Rights Bill. So, where the hell is the White guilt coming from which Woke uses as a weapon? Even, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew he needed the majority White American support to get these bills passed. He relied on morality, and morality won.

 Coke and over 200 other Big Corporations chose to interfere with Georgia’s new voting regulations which do not re-establish Jim Crow voting laws. Coke and these 200 Big Corporation carpetbaggers have decided with the ‘culture cancellation’ of the MLB All-Star game that Blacks in Georgia are stupid and suppressed, and that all Whites in Georgia are racists and need to ‘be less white’.

Incidentally, Denver is where the Democrats nominated President Barack Obama and Biden to be their ticket.

                Mr. Paris Dennard, the Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman and Director of Black Media Affairs, recently stated: “Democrats and the Biden/Harris administration view Georgia’s Black residents as collateral economic damage in their quest to score political points by intentionally spreading lies about the Georgia election reform law that actually expands voting while protecting the integrity of the vote for all residents in the state. The endorsement of this boycott will undoubtedly hurt Black Americans, and Biden and Democrats simply do not care.”

                So, back to Coke’s “Be less White” classes. This phrase presupposes that to be ‘White’ is to be inherently superior anyway. Therefore, to accommodate Black sensitivity, Whites must ‘be less White’. Furthermore, those 200 or so Big Corporation carpetbaggers who jumped on the ‘Woke’ bandwagon to annihilate Atlanta’s economy have sent the message to us peasants that it is now Big Corporations in charge of The Vote—be it black or white.

                Now, let’s back up and be real. First all, without white consumer money, these corporations would not exist. This white money pays salaries. Yes, black money does, too, but to be perfectly honest, it is White fans and consumers in this nation which make up the majority. It is mainly white money which is the economic basis of the middle class and nation. It’s a fact. So, we find it astonishing that a White person would put up with the degradation of corporations telling them that they should “be less white” or force them into some classes to make them “less white”. If these companies were to advocate sessions for Blacks to be “less Black” what exactly would that entail? Still, one has to wonder if Coke has classes for its global partners and employees in China to “be less Yellow” or in India to “be less Brown”. God Almighty made us all what He chose to.

                Yep, the MLB is taking the All-Star Game to Denver where the voting laws are stricter than in Georgia and you need a voter’s ID. Coke and the 200 or more Big Corporations fell for the Woke propaganda that Georgia’s new voting law has such nonsense as voters not being able to get water or food–and the usual– voter suppression.  We know having just put out an editorial to vote NO on HR-1 that this move against Georgia is another rung in nationalizing voting rights and supplanting state legislators. To reiterate, Blacks are being used to execute HR-1 and advance this nation to a level of having a one-party rule and that party will be the Democrat Socialist Party (formerly known as the Democrat Party, the party Blacks support with blind loyalty).  

                Coke, the MLB, Joe Biden, and those 200 Big Corporations are sending the message that all ‘peckerwoods and N-words in Georgia’ will be whipped into submission to Woke. Besides, Biden allegedly won the state of Georgia with The Black Vote, so he in the Democrat Party fashion can go on his merry way because if you’re not Democrat, ‘you ain’t black.’

Governor Kemp must not let the MLB renege on its contract without penalty. Athletes’ and executives’ salaries could not be paid without the fans. Black-owned businesses, small businesses, minority businesses, entrepreneurs, vendors, and the City of Atlanta itself have put in tons of money, energy, and time to have the All-Star Game which the MLB promised the city two years ago. The MLB should be sued for a couple of billions for breach of contract and for violating Good Faith with a host of other legalities. Also, it is time-out for southern states to continue to let themselves be used as the whipping boy for the by-gone era of Jim Crow.  How long must the South pay for the M.F. Civil War?

By the way, the MLB has no problem in carrying out its contract with China.  Remember that, White and Black Georgians.

                These corporations are getting away with degrading others, because those who are being degraded will not fight back. This now includes every day, hard-working Whites who just want to drink a Coke or go to a baseball game.

                Any White person who lets himself or herself be bullied by anybody calling him or her a ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’ deserves to be treated like a fool and degraded to the point of no return. Why? Because there comes that same historical time as it was in Black America to fight back, to stand up, and to kick proverbial ass.

Just as we advocated that Blacks should give up their Cokes to get a justifiable class action lawsuit settled, Whites should now target Coke and do that same. Blacks should do the same. Georgia should do the same. The South should do the same.  Georgians made Coke and Georgians can break Coke.

We must not drink Coke. We must boycott Coke and all Coke products. Drink Pepsi or any other brand.

On top of that, there should be a WHITEOUT on certain days in MLB cities when our fellow White Americans must NOT buy tickets to baseball games. Let’s see if the MLB can make the payroll. Let us inflict the same economic pain they have inflicted on small businesses, Black-owned businesses, and other businesses and see if they can take the brunt of what so many small businesses and restaurants have gone through during the COVID-19 Pandemic—and now these businesses are to be punished again by billionaires and multi-millionaire athletes and MLB executives? It is up to White Americans to stand up to this crap to end it—to cancel ‘Cancel Culture’. Must you spend 40 years in the desert before you get it done!

                It’s a downright dirty shame that Big Corporations and sports leagues continue to kowtow to Antifa (White spoiled brats) and BLM (Black spoiled brats who are avowed Marxists) both of which have not created one job. These little bastards have not built anything in Georgia or any other state. These little bastardized groups serve as no more than a front to advance socialism, communism, and Marxism in the United States of America. Furthermore, the little Black bastards in BLM have destroyed Black-owned businesses, property, killed Black lives and maimed Black lives aided and abetted by the little White bastards of Antifa. BLM can bet their black asses that white Antifa has not invited them to their lily-white neighborhoods to tear down their homes and businesses. This shows one how stupid BLM is!

                Besides, if anyone thinks that Antifa and BLM have this much power, then the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale. You can bet your bottom dollar that calls from powerful billionaires and Tech socialists were made to intimidate and/or threatened weak corporate leaders to jump on this bandwagon of WOKE.

                Now that Coke, MLB, and Big Corporations have declared war on the consumers—us peasants—we shall declare war on them.

                Yes, the citizens of Georgia and especially every southern state should target MLB, Coke and Coke products to send the message of ‘We shall overcome WOKE’.  Batter up!


Time to Separate Sports from Politics; Time to Put the Fans First

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Have you seen one elite African American NBA or NFL player come out to denounce the killing of black babies and children in Chicago or other hot spots? Have you seen even one of them lead a march against black-on-black crime?  We point out these two sports organizations because African American athletes are at the core of these organizations’ wealth. This black core inside both these organizations has employed bullying to get what they want in their support of Black Lives Matter (BLM). Any other player who goes against this elite black core of players will suffer their wrath. Just ask white quarterback Drew Brees who took his pill of ‘apologetism’ and backed down. One wonders how he will explain what could have been his white Rosa Parks moment to his sons.  We can suspect that there are black players who agree with Brees or who just want to play football and forget the politics. We can imagine there were some black players in the NBA and NFL who wanted to go to the White House when invited, because it was a once-in-a-lifetime event they could tell to their grandchildren. (Even when I was invited to the White House in the last century, it was an honor I shall always remember even if I did not vote for the President who invited me.). Yet, this elite core of black superstars called this shot in their lives.

We, too, thought Black Lives Matter would be a positive in the black community. We supported their cause to do something about police brutality but with the understanding that most of our police officers are good, decent people, and that it would be incumbent upon them to help rid the community of the bad apples. We thought BLM would act as a liaison between police and the black community.  But instead, this became a De-fund the Police Movement. As a veteran journalist, I have had many seniors come up to me and whisper how they wanted more police in the community. Whisper, because they were afraid—not of the police, but the black thugs and the black backlash. We thought this was a prime opportunity for a young group of blacks to take the role of leadership to protect the elder, the young, and the decent black citizens working to have something good, produce something good. These were the forgotten black people. They are still forgotten.

Instead, BLM has yet to step foot inside of a black community to call out the barbarism of Chicago and the killing of black babies and children. The infamous Colin Kaepernick has yet to denounce black-on-black crime and the slaughter of black children. We have yet to hear him denounce the killing of a one-year-old black baby or any denouncement from any of these elite black athletes who reside in the sanctity of black privilege and wealth. We have yet to hear even Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson denounce the latest killings of black babies and children and the maiming of black seniors. Why? The answer is simple enough: It does not fit their agenda to keep their status of leadership in a community which is throwing them overboard to cater to BLM and this black core of multi-millionaire athletes who bask in capitalism. They have in fact as has LeBron James kowtowed to China to keep their multi-millions intact. Besides, do you really think LeBron James or members of the black multi-millionaires in the NFL and NBA would be making the fortunes they are in any African nation if they’d been born there since they are so into ‘black this and black that’ without any regard to character? When an ethnic group does little to protect its young, it becomes worthless and loses all respect.

Black Lives Matter was going by the wayside until George Floyd’s horrific death. We were all mortified and condemned his death—his murder. Regardless of race, color, or creed, we as Americans and human beings renounced what these ‘bad’ cops did and how they gave our good decent police officers a bad name. Yet, it became immediately clear that George Floyd’s death became an undercover operation for Antifa to conjoin with BLM to destroy and burn down black-owned businesses and other businesses such as AutoZone and Target; to loot at will; to video a killing of a retired black policeman who was guarding his friend’s business to play online; to desecrate statues of Frederick Douglass, Abe Lincoln, and monuments that slaves themselves  paid to have erected. Antifa, which is mostly comprised of paid young angry white agitators, had no problem in utilizing BLM and BLM had no problem being utilized. BLM and Antifa to this date have continued to destroy anybody and any community they deem fit to destroy so they can plow the field for the United States to become a bona fide Marxist/socialist government.  They have seized Portland and Seattle for weeks, and the pathetic thing is that these cities are mainly run by black Democrats who have yet to denounce black-on-black crime and the killing of black babies.  This is black privilege: You are allowed to say nothing negative about another black person or organization.

This America has produced more black millionaires than any nation in the world. This America in spite of flaws has produced black multi-millionaire athletes inside the NFL and NBA. Any talented black boy or young man has the opportunity to kick or bounce a ball and go straight to the bank with million-dollar checks. Yet, if he gets to the NBA or NFL, he hasn’t the Freedom of Speech. This select core of privileged black athletes has handed down the Commandments that If Thou Art Black, Thou Must not have an Opinion contrary to BLM. Thou must Renounce any President who is not a Democrat. In fact, these elite black athletes adhere to what the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has stated that “If you ain’t Democrat, you ain’t black!” Yet, this elite group of black privileged athletes would not re-distribute their own wealth. We don’t see Kaepernick or LeBron James redistributing their wealth as BLM’s Marxist philosophy advocates. In fact, LeBron James seemingly is more concerned about hurting China’s feelings than denouncing the killing of black children or black-on-black crime. One can almost deduce that if the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China invited him to an event, LeBron James and these other elite black athletes would flock there, not giving a damn about China’s history of slaughtering and enslaving its own people.

No matter how much this elite core of black athletes bitch, they would not have been who they are had not what happened in the past (slavery) brought them to where they are, the United States of America. You are born who you are because of the past. No one has a choice where and to whom they are born. It is what makes ‘you’ you and after that, you have the right to ‘Pursue Happiness’. Many want to come to America because of this principle. Even Jackie Robinson made it in spite of the flaws. Jim Brown made it in spite of the flaws. Yes, this nation is flawed because it is not heaven. No nation is.

Unfortunately, the black community (collectively speaking, because there are individuals who can think on their own) remains a community which reacts. Black Lives Matter and this core of elite black athletes fall into that category. They are symptomatic of 21st Century weak black leadership. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, African American leaders and citizens sat in churches, thought out and organized to rid the nation of the legality of ‘systemic racism’. Let us repeat this. The ‘legality of systemic racism’ was eradicated with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Making Jim Crow illegal was the goal. It was achieved.  It was achieved with black, white, Jewish, and others marching against it; with black, white, Jewish and other lawyers filing lawsuits against it and winning. For the record: Had not Republicans voted to pass the Civil Rights Bill during the Johnson administration, there would have been no bill because the Democrat Party in the South was pro-segregation just as it was pro-slavery in the 19th Century.  Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer fought the Democrat Party to get her rights inside this party to even be a delegate; thus, the Mississippi Freedom Democrat Party was founded.

The following is an alleged quote from white multi-billionaire George Soros whom many accuse of financing Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but whether Soros said this or not is irrelevant because the quote is true regardless of where it actually originated:

“I’m going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

It was alleged that George Soros made this quote in Germany’s BILD newspaper in 2014.  Not only I as a veteran journalist but as a political scientist and hopefully with common sense most of time (We are all flawed and can screw up), know that this is one of the tactics used to advance Marxism in the black community. Marxism is socialism and communism. Black Lives Matter has called itself Marxists (See their website); therefore, in all of our editorials and opinion pieces, we are now referring to it as Black Lives Matter-Marxists or BLMM. ANTIFA (the Left’s KKK) is part of this Marxist movement via the black community; via manipulating the black community.  You have to be a fool not to realize that these riots and looting are perpetuated by and organized by paid agitators. You can only get away with what rhymes with ‘hit’ in the black community, because this community is so obsessed with the excuse of slavery and ‘systemic racism’ that it no longer thinks – just reacts. It is rabid in calling anyone who doesn’t agree with it ‘racist’. The word ‘racist’ is now up there with the little boy who cried ‘wolf’. We are now hearing blacks who are sick and tired of hearing the words ‘racists’ and ‘racism’. Of course, these are the black individuals who will never be heard because they are preempted by BLMM, Antifa, and a core of elite black athletes mainly in the NFL and NBA and who now control the NFL and NBA merely because they are black. Their black privilege has replaced white privilege (they both cancel out each other without producing anything of worth).

Now let’s get dirty and to the point: It is disturbing that now Madison Avenue advertisers and corporations have joined in to advance Marxism in the African American community while they bask in capitalism. This conclave of advertisers and corporations now praises BLMM and has caved into this hysteria to appease the black community without asking what real black people want. Real black people want law and order, school safety, home ownership, business and entrepreneurship, good schools, good jobs—you know, what any decent American regardless of race, color, or creed would want. They want the best for their families; however, BLMM states that the nuclear family is white supremacist and must be done away with. This is right out of the playbook of communism. Destroy the family.  No matter how much BLMM claims to protest over George Floyd, it is anti-male and anti-father. BLMM follows the credo of Karl Marx who stated that religion is the opium of the people. So, it is no accident that even churches and Christianity (staples in the black community) are prime targets of BLMM and Antifa.

It is naïve to think that the powers-that-be in the NFL and NBA and the conclave of advertisers and corporations really believe this BLMM-Antifa tenets. They know damn well that the black community cannot sustain their businesses as consumers. BECAUSE, the black community is po (can’t even afford the ‘or). These advertisers and corporations move on FEAR which is catalytic in their irrationality in funding a Marxist movement in the black community. It is their public relations move not to look racist. They have been sufficiently bullied; furthermore, they know they can capitalize on the fact that the black community reacts; it is emotional.

Notice that BLMM and Antifa or any other Soros-backed group did not go into the Hispanic community (Look at how the Hispanics rose up to save Goya Foods with a ‘buy-cot’ to stamp out Antifa and BLMM’s boycott of this Hispanic company which employs over 4,000 of their own and others); they did not go into a Japanese or Chinese-American community; they did not go into a Jewish community; they did not go into a Native American community; or even to be totally absurd—into a Martian community.  Why? Because the black community is easy.  It reacts.  All you have to do is yell ‘racism’ and that’ll do it. This is a hard thing to say; yet, it is the cold-blooded truth. Advertisers and corporations have poured millions via Black Lives Matter-Marxists to keep the ‘natives from being restless’ and to keep their own capitalism intact which means in the long run, they do not give a damn about this nation or the value system of vision and hard work which made it possible for “Wealth of a Nation”.  Yet, they pay millions to bring this “sh—t” into the black community.

This 21st Century black community is economically and intellectually stagnated in the same manner you find in Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” Everyone all of the world knows in the long run that protest in the black community goes nowhere except into oblivion only to raise its ugly head to march or riot. How long do you march? How long do you riot? How long do you blame slavery? Slavery is NOT unique and exclusive to blacks. Every race at one time or another in world history has endured slavery. You do not get a get-out-of-the-human race card by having slave ancestors. The world owes you nothing.

Blacks should remember the history of slavery, but must not live every day in that history which stagnates today and annihilates tomorrow. This black generation has already negated the gains. Previous black generations did not see themselves as victims but rather as Overcomers who demanded the American Dream. They were taught to be two or three times better in their skills and education. That value of education served as an economic framework to participate in capitalism. I’ve often said that socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism. BLMM proves my point. It takes little brain cells to destroy and a lot more to build. We need to OVERCOME.

Let’s wrap this up. We do not condone Marxism in the black community. These black athletes have butterfly lives. In fact, with all their foolishness of thinking they have won something, they need to sit their black asses down and think. You don’t let some group of paid agitators come in and “F” over your community or even for that matter, you don’t let advertisers and corporations in their fear place a Marxist group in a leadership capacity in the black community. We doubt that millennials know the true history of Marxism, of Stalin, of Mao Zedong or even such black leaders as Idi Amin or the ones who slaughtered Rwandans, or those who destroyed their citizens in the name of Marxism/socialism/communism. Extreme groups on either Left or Right are implosive and will take down everybody. (Watch South Africa as it disintegrates with its new government of socialism).

At the end of the day, those NFL, NBA, advertisers and corporations powers-that-be with  common sense may be silent now and/or pretending to be silent but they will come to their senses and begin to replace these elite black athletes who have done little but bitch and jumped on a BLMM Antifa bandwagon that no sensible American regardless of race, color, or creed would jump on.  Common sense will not let these black pseudo progressives destroy the most prosperous nation which still remains a world beacon for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream.

Let it be understood that we will fight BLMM and Antifa by any means necessary. Yes, we will ‘Lift Our Voice and Sing’ while also singing the National Anthem. We don’t give a damn how many millions advertisers and corporations fund BLMM with or in spite of any blackball of ourselves because of our editorial stand. (We’ve gone through it before). We are Americans. Don’t tread on US.

To those black Americans who get it, get on the Ark. To those black Americans who don’t. Let the Flood come.

It is time for advertisers and corporations to get the hell out of advancing Marxism/socialism in the black community. It is time for sports to get out of politics. It is time for sports to put fans first. It is time to be pro-America.