In Defense of The Honorable Clarence Thomas and the Case against Joe Biden

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

Like most back in the day when the Clarence Thomas congressional hearings were going on, we were glued to the television at home and in the newsroom. Not only was this event a historic soap opera but a revelation of character of the ‘grand’ inquisitors and the man who stood his ground in spite of a “high tech lynching”. Joe Biden was one of those inquisitors. As editor of another newspaper back then, I listened intrigued to see who would become America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice. One of our political columnists who was a Black Democrat loyalist sat intrigued as well. While in the newsroom one day, I received a call from a reporter in Cleveland, Ohio. (I add the ‘Ohio’ because in these parts, you have Cleveland, Tennessee and Cleveland, Mississippi). The reporter asked me what did I think about Clarence Thomas and the proceedings. I gave her a short answer where I recall simply saying: “I’m open-minded. Let’s see what he has to say.” Little did I realize that I would receive a call from the White House. It seemed somehow, someway, President George H.W. Bush had read my statement. The woman on the other end asked politely would I mind if they (the White House) sent me material on Thomas. I said I would not mind. And boy! Did I receive a mountainous stack FedExed in. I read every bit of it and took notes.

Towards the end of the hearings and after my combing (sometimes re-reading certain items) through the material the White House had sent me, we strongly endorsed Clarence Thomas as America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice. I viewed Judge Thomas back then as a God-fearing warrior judge who stood his ground, and I viewed the proceedings as no more than the Democrats (aided and abetted by the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and the usual Black status quo suspects) having a field day because Thomas was not the right ‘Negro’. He was a conservative, he didn’t kowtow, and worse yet, he was a Republican. I didn’t agree with him on everything, most notably on Affirmative Action, but I did agree with him that Affirmative Action was not a good thing in the long run for Black Americans. Where we perhaps differed just a bit (as I would write a few years later) was that I believed Affirmative Action needed some written deadlines and written goals and then it should be put to rest in the annals of history. Not so. Affirmative Action has morphed into a policy of perpetual Black victimhood under a 21st Century public relations campaign of ‘Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity’, Woke, CRT, BLM and other B.S.

Even the staunch Black Democrat senior political columnist was on Thomas’ side, and the only one at odds was a White liberal political columnist who happened to have been baptized a Harvard graduate and figured that should give him added weight. But, alas, the buck stopped with me, so that was that after hearing pros and cons. To reiterate, we endorsed Clarence Thomas who would make history by becoming America’s second Black Supreme Court Justice, and the Black status quo has never forgiven him for not allowing himself to be a victim of ‘high tech lynching’. (After all, their relevancy and power are based on perpetual black victimhood).

During those hearings, I began to suspect Joe Biden was a throw-back segregationist wrapped in 1990’s swaddling Democrat Party liberal clothing.  A 21st Century Joe Biden has substantiated my suspicions in spite of presenting himself as ‘woke,’ ‘progressive’ and pro-Black—you know, a good White boy Democrat Blacks would vote for or they ‘ain’t Black’.  Yes, he remains Joe Biden, a segregationist who has ‘WOKEN’ into a socialist-Marxist to appease George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Squad, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and the other darlings on the extreme Left. In short and in my opinion and observation, Biden continues to go in whatever direction will expedite him politically and financially, aided and abetted by what is now a Gestapo Press (save for a few here and there in the media).

My instincts about The Honorable Judge Thomas were right, and it was later proven, that Clarence Thomas was not hated in the Black community as the Black elites would have one believe. I witnessed this when Thomas a few years later came to Memphis to speak. On my way to have what turned out to be to my surprise a one-on-one interview with him, I had to pass what seemed to have been an infinite line of Black admirers there for this historical occasion. I even saw a father with his Black son on his shoulders waiting to see Clarence Thomas. Other Black parents were there with their children. As I said, this turned out to be a long one-on-one interview, when I thought I would merely be part of a packed press.  When the Marshals escorted me back for my interview, Clarence Thomas said to me, “Ms. Mitchell, we might not agree on everything, but you’re the only reporter who has ever been fair to me.”  “Fairness” is a word any journalist would appreciate.

When Clarence Thomas became America’s second Black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall was still living, and Thomas had the pleasure of meeting him, as Thomas relates in his autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son”: “What was supposed to have been a brief courtesy call on Justice Marshall ballooned into a two-and-a-half hour visit, and I loved every minute of it. He regaled me with tales of his long, remarkable career as a civil-rights lawyer. ‘I would have been shoulder to shoulder with you back then—if I’d had the courage,’ I said.”

“I did in my time what I had to do,” Justice Marshall replied. “You have to do in your time what you have to do.”

 Thomas concludes in that recollection: “Those words have stayed with me, too.”

We say The Honorable Clarence Thomas has done in his time what he had to do in his decision on Roe v. Wade and other decisions he has made which remain unpopular with the Left, Democrats and status quo Blacks. Yes, he has withstood with dignity the paid mobs and nasty protesters sent to his home to harass him, his family, and other Supreme Court Justices appointed by President Trump. I use the word ‘nasty’ because most of them are nasty-acting and nasty-looking which is an appropriate combination to make dirt.  They actually could use the hoses of the 1960’s sprayed on them. These paid protesters demonstrate neither dignity nor commitment which made those protesters of the 1960’s push on until the 1964 Civil Rights Bill was signed, sealed and delivered. They are, in fact, an insult to those who actually put their lives and livelihoods on the line—Blacks and Whites. There was not this Antifa crap made up of spoiled White brats laughing and giggling while they protest and tear up whatever is in sight. Democrat Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson never would have flown Marxist BLM flags on embassies as Joe Biden has done to signal to China that he, too, is a Marxist (Let us do remember that BLM is a self-avowed Marxist organization).

From my observation, Joe Biden has such a deep hatred and resentment of Clarence Thomas, seemingly stemming back from those congressional hearings that he chose to attack him overseas in the G-7 meeting in Madrid, Spain in his cloaked statement—no—rage— when he stood before the world on foreign territory and stated: “So I — I can understand why the American people are frustrated because of what the Supreme Court did.  I can understand why the American people are frustrated because of inflation.  But inflation is higher in almost every other country.  Prices at the pump are higher in almost every other country.  We’re better positioned to deal with this than anyone, but we have a way to go. And the Supreme Court — we have to change that decision by codifying Roe v. Wade…”

Of course, those high prices at the pump did not stop Biden from delivering millions of gallons of American oil reserves to a Chinese oil company related to his son, Hunter. Why?

It is Joe Biden with whom America is frustrated. The polls show that, but dare I say that the polls in reality are worse. Biden continues to be what I saw back then: He is weak and he cannot man up to take on the responsibility of a real man and a real leader without blaming Russia’s Putin for everything and all things. America has never, never, never had a ‘non-birthing person’ sit in the oval office who is so low that if he crawled on his belly like any legless worm, it would still be too high. With Joe Biden, Benedict Arnold now sits in the Oval Office. And we all know Benedict Arnold was never elected president.

 Throughout the history of the United States of America, no man sitting in the Oval Office has ever attacked his own country while on foreign soil. Yet, Biden goes scot-free because of liberal privilege. Why?

If I hear another excuse about Joe ‘Benedict Arnold’ Biden being senile or that he’s not the same astute politician he was in days of yore, I am apt to puke on the person spewing such.  Joe Biden was never astute. I doubt very seriously if he even knows how to spell astute. But I shall tell you this: Joe Biden knows exactly what he is doing. He knew exactly what he was doing as Commander-in-Chief when he abandoned American troops, American citizens and America’s partners and allies in Afghanistan. At this delicate juncture in America’s history, any ally or partner or even soldier would be foolish to go into any war as long as Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office. He will leave them stranded. Thirteen young soldiers will never, ever get to be his age, because he left them in Afghanistan to die. Why? Because he didn’t give a damn. Now he is commanding our brave men and women in the military to adhere to a WOKE culture advocated by General Mark ‘White Rage’ Milley and Secretary of Defense General Lloyd ‘Idiot Amin’ Austin. Both White Rage and Idiot Amin sat before woke-joke of congressional hearings with blood on their hands, defending Joe Biden who as Commander-in-Chief did a nod-nod-wink-wink when he purposely abandoned Afghanistan to leave it wide open for China to come in to get control of Afghanistan’s rare minerals (needed for computer and car chips, etc.), and for the Taliban to claim billions in state-of-the-art military equipment and parade around with American equipment on the graves of the 13 soldiers, severed heads of those he had promised get out, and so many others who have lost life and limb so this sorry bastard-in-chief can live in the White House. It sickens me still how he had the audacitythe disrespect— to check his watch several times as those young 13 soldiers lay cold in their flag-draped coffins and with unfinished futures. Yes, it sickens me still, because Joe Biden is the first domino in the theory that has unbalanced the world.  

 Yes, I am sure I shall have to serve a little time in hell, but I shall neither forgive nor forget this the bastard who has now become the first domino to destroy this nation of patriotic warriors before the Greatest Generation and beyond who put and will put their lives on the line to keep AMERICA Safe!  And then he has the audacity to criticize Judge Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court, and yes—even blame Putin—for his treasonous behavior towards these United States of America. At least, Putin isn’t selling out his own country!

Yes, I might have to spend a little time in hell, but unlike Joe Biden, at least I’ll know why I’m there for my short time, but Joe Biden won’t. He is disgraceful, and any American ally and American soldier who will fight another war with him at the helm will need all the prayers they can get, because Joseph Stalin Biden will abandon them, sell them out to enrich himself and his family and cronies making the Teapot Dome Scandal and Watergate look like child’s play. I don’t even put it beneath Joe Biden to instigate World War III as the ultimate distraction to keep his sorry ass clean as he opens the borders even wider to accommodate George ‘Sorry’ Soros’ so-called Open Society (Nouveau Hell). Yes, the borders are so wide open that any enemy can send in armies and terrorists with Joe Biden’s blessing. Yes, the borders are so wide open that sex and human traffickers are making billions, and with that kind of money, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone in this nation and yes, even in this government, is getting kickbacks. All of which brings us back to the question of ‘why exactly is Joe Biden keeping the borders open?’ No check points, no procedures—nothing. Why is he flying unvetted immigrants in the middle of the night to states, some of which are projected to be toss-up states in the 2022 mid-terms? Are they to be outfitted with the deceased’s Social Security cards to vote? American taxpayers are paying for these nefarious night flights. And, what other destinations are these undocumented immigrants slated for? Is it too farfetched to say they are being rerouted into China? Sold? Sold for body parts? Modern slavery? World history has shown that the imagination of cruelty is not farfetched in the hands of madmen, dictators, and power-cravers. Sex and human trafficking are not new. They’re happening every day.  Hunter Biden is already being connected to possible sex-trafficking. Read and re-read “Hunter’s Lap Top” by Miranda Devine.

 Yes, I do believe Joe Biden is the manipulator of a corrupt justice system inside the White House. Joe Biden is the FBI; Joe Biden in the CIA; Joe Biden is the Secret Service; Joe Biden is the DOJ with his HMIC (Head Monkey in Charge) Merrick Garland; Joe Biden is indeed Marshall McLuhan’s ‘the medium is the message’ in the Fourth Estate and Big Woke Tech.

America be damned as far as Joe Biden is concerned, because this nation allowed Joe Biden to kneel on its flag and break its back as he smiled at America’s silence, its consent to let him walk away without penalty, without question, without guilt, without impeachment.

 America be damned as it lets Joe Biden con his way to lead America down a road of no return, into Third World poverty, into a new racism of white liberalism, Woke madness, BLM Marxism, Bernie Sanders socialism, Black thug privilege, Maxine Waters screaming violence, Antifa’s chaos, and George Soros’ bigotry of an open society.  America be damned as it lets America’s Gestapo media protect him, embrace him, and kiss his lily-white red ass. America be damned as it lets Joe Biden snicker as it runs out of baby formula, food, gas, jobs, and small businesses; as it lets itself be locked down, locked up, locked out and locked jawed forever as it hits a high in homelessness and hopelessness and be strongarmed by a CDC which behaves as the Democrat Party’s henchman. In fact, the CDC should change its name to the Centers for Democrat Control. It is no longer a medical agency Americans can trust and should trust.

Those who F’ ed Joe Biden, got it right because they know that Joe Biden is America’s sin.

Yes, we stand by the God-fearing warrior judge known as Clarence Thomas. We stand by the institution of the U.S. Supreme Court.  We stand by this nation which began its birth that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. They are NOT birthing persons. They are NOT non-birthing persons. They are NOT livestock!   We have fought a Revolutionary War and a Civil War to uphold those precious words and the spirit of those words found in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. America is not perfect, but damn it, it’s home! It is the home NBA player Brittany Griner is whining over now that her black butt is locked up in a Russian prison.   And it remains the ONLY nation on Earth (despite global warning and the rest of the B.S.)  where people who crave freedom want to come and see their dreams come true. Yes, they, too, have a Dream!

No, America, Clarence Thomas is not corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is Barabbas!  America has emboldened him to a point where he knows he can say anything, do anything and not be held accountable for anything. His silence is a deadly inference that he condones the assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh, and if Kavanaugh is six-feet under this will give Joe Biden and his WOKE extremists a chance to name a new Supreme Court justice to advance socialism and an elite class. Like any segregationist and turncoat when it comes to lynching, murdering, crippling or defaming anyone who is denying them power, Biden is okay with this. This is why he has yet to denounce left-wing bounties put on Supreme Court justices to pay anyone who will inform them where targeted Supreme Court justices are. Is this the America we are living in today—a 21st Century America? A dictatorship?

Joe Biden is moving like a lightening-speed bulldozer to deliver the United States to China, and to take Mao’s Great Leap Forward to make America China’s satellite nation. Why else would the borders remain wide open? Why else would he give Afghanistan to China? Why else would he deliver millions of gallons of America’s oil reserve to China? Joe Biden is compromised. Joe Biden is bought. And once China has what it wants, it will reveal just how much it owns Joe Biden via that laptop, his actions, and other evidence. Then, we shall see how much worse it is than we thought. Shame on us!

You see, I don’t want to hear those who continue to excuse Joe Biden for not being ‘all there’, as some sweet decrepit old man who has lost his way and his marbles. I don’t want to hear those who continue to let him sit in the White House drenched in blood, because America knows exactly where his crime was first committed: Afghanistan.   Yet, America continues to turn its back on that crime—on the 13 soldiers he left to die, on those many he abandoned, on those he never gave a chance to survive. But why should Joe Biden respect America when America cannot respect itself?

 Yes, Joe Biden is America’s sin.  Time to repent. Time to impeach Joe Biden.



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