New Segregationists Return to Democrat Party with Socialist Agenda to Control

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

“I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black hate groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.” George Soros (interview with Germany’s BILD – September 2014).

 The above quote is reportedly from economist George Soros who is the sixth or seventh richest man in the United States of America. Some say he said it; some say he didn’t. But Black Americans mustn’t concentrate on who said it as much as Black Americans need to concentrate on why it was said. It was said because it’s true.  In this 21st Century in an era of Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, CRT, and White racist liberalism, this alleged Soros’ strategy is working. Any outsider or insider knows that if you want to destroy the United States of America, you do it through the Black community. You stamp ‘Democrat’ on it, and the Black community will kiss the Donkey’s ass.  You throw about words like ‘racism,’ ‘voter suppression,’ ‘white supremacist’ and you pretty much have a lockdown on America’s Black ethnic group which continues to use ‘slavery’ as an excuse not to move into the 21st Century. This Black History Month in 2022 is appropriate to stress what George Soros allegedly said about what is now America’s second largest ethnic group. It is even more fitting when radicalized groups such as BLM, Antifa, and a cabal of Black elites have been allowed to destroy Civil War history in the name of Woke. America’s Civil War history is Black History.

If one were to sling back into post-Reconstruction, this observation about the Black community’s gullibility will bear out how easy it was for the Democrat-KKK to bring Blacks right back into a nouveau form of slavery called segregation.  Then, the ‘natives became restless’ again, and Blacks rose up to fight back until it resulted in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. In the meantime, the Democrat Party plowed and plotted its long-term strategy of re-segregating Blacks by playing on the emotionalism and admiration Blacks have for Democrat President John F. Kennedy. President Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy’s successor, boasted that he would have Blacks voting Democrat for the next 50 years or more by giving them such shiny toys as a “War on Poverty” and a “Great Society” which quickly deleted the Black male (husbands and fathers) to make it easier for Black families to qualify for welfare checks.   In dissecting the “Great Society”, one can see that it was no more than an advancement of soft socialism which would develop into hardcore Marxism and Communism as America headed into the 21st Century. The Black community has become the prototype of what American socialism will look like: It is a one-party impoverished system where everything, including the Black church, derives from the Democrat Party with an elite Black establishment in place to carry out the Party’s directives.   Soros and others in his ilk were smart enough to see that all this ‘Blackness’ could be weaponized to destroy America. No other ethnic group in America would have fallen for this, but Black Americans. Why? Because when election time comes, Blacks won’t seek out policies, ask questions, or even read about what the hell is going on. Time has produced the evidence.  (Yes, we know there are exceptions to the rule, but this editorial is about the collective).

Post-1964, “Affirmative Action” became the euphemistic phrase of the day. Now, it’s “Equity” riding on the coattails of Black Lives Matter (BLM, a self- described Marxist organization), Critical Race Theory (CRT), WOKE and other propagandist tools to bring Blacks back into segregation with Blacks aiding and abetting them. As a collective, the Black community is guilty of allowing itself to be victimized and weaponized to destroy the entire United States of America, a nation which has produced more Black millionaires than any other nation on Earth in spite of what was once legal racism. It continues to propagate that it is the only race in human history to have exclusive rights on slavery.

White liberal racists, socialists, Communists, and Marxists have in the 21st Century collectively replaced the KKK with a sophisticated propaganda that Hitler and Goebbels would envy. George Soros has donated millions upon millions to the Democrat Party and has placed his Soros-BLM ‘negroes’ and liberal ‘honkies’ in such strategic positions as judges, attorney generals, district attorneys, mayors, school boards to further his agenda of socialism and his economic theory known as ‘open society’ where there is no sovereign nation—no borders. Dare we say that Soros even owns the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) which is all-Democrat and all-Black? No Black Republicans allowed. Soros in true Marxist and control-freak fashion knows how to put the pieces together to get what he wants which is for the United States to be borderless and the model for globalization—for the U.S. to be the biggest NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in the world.

 Like the KKK hides behind white sheets; Soros hides behind Black bodies. Let’s do point out that what is shameful about Soros is that he is Jewish and should know Jewish history of being discriminated against and slaughtered. However, Soros is typical of a core of elitist rot which is found in every society of human kind regardless of race, color, or creed. This core exudes a sense of superiority and believes it has a Divine Right to rule over everyone else, especially the peasants (citizenry) when, in fact, it is their own inferiority complex which makes them want to subjugate others. This core is its own God; thus, why it pushes the spirit of Marxism, socialism, and Communism in annihilating religion, especially Christianity—especially Black Christianity post 1964 when the Black Church became the spearhead for the Civil Rights Movement.

 Just as one has a core of elitist rot in the Jewish community, there, too, exists a core of elitist rot in the Black community and the White community. To reiterate, this elite rot has existed all throughout history when you have those who want to rule the world and, if not the world, as many as possible around them. They are control freaks. They are evil. They are greedy. They exist. One needn’t understand ‘why’ they do what they do. All one needs to understand is that they do exist. Hitler existed. Why the name Hitler has become taboo in the 21st Century when describing villains is beyond my comprehension.  Leaders, influencers, politicians, and others who share the same belief system as a Hitler come out of the woodworks when the timing is right and ripe to help the Hitlers advance their agenda to conquer or they are ones who get a high off torturing and mass murder. They feel an exhilaration in coming out because a society’s mores become in sync their desires. Thus, why you see the Black thug being praised, let out of jails to go on rampages to steal and kill, to smash and grab, to torture and torment. He knows his Black skin is now a highly prized commodity for his debauchery.  His Black skin is now a highly prized commodity to advance socialism or as Cong. James Clyburn, an African American, would put it, to completely ‘de-construct’ the United States to start over in Joe Biden’s words to ‘build back better’. Better what? At whose expense? Questions, the Black community won’t even ask. Of, course, Clyburn being part of that Black core of rot elites will keep his fine house(s), autos, and the opportunity to acquire wealth in the folds of capitalism. Is he set to be part of America’s new socialist regime, along with other CBC members who continue to sellout their Black constituents?

 Hitler could not have pulled off what he did without help. Wokeism is the nouveau Nazism in America. One mustn’t forget that NAZI does stand for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party—ahhhh, there’s that ‘socialism’ word again.

These new Woke purveyors have been well-hidden until now—now after society buckled under Woke hate, bullying, threats, power, and last, but not least, Woke money. Their billions from Corporate America, Democrat donors, Soros et al have provided them the freedom of speech to yell ‘fire’ when there is no fire just to inflict chaos.

 Silicon Valley is no longer Silicon Valley but SiliKlan Valley which backs socialism, Marxism and renewed segregation to force the U.S.A. into globalism via the Democrat Party. Big Tech does not hire many Blacks because these White liberals believe in the CRT mantra that Blacks are incapable of learning math and that math is white supremacist for Blacks but quite necessary for the Valley and its ‘peculiar society’ of black algorithms.

 Corporate America is no longer Corporate America founded on the principles of freedoms and the Pursuit of Happiness. Corporate America no longer operates on the principles of capitalism, Adam Smith, and the socio-economic innovation which birthed from hope, dreams, and vision. It has become the hammer and sickle which plans to beat the hell out of America.

This newspaper’s theme is “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” This is a biblical verse which can and does translate not only in Christianity but politics, as well.

In journalism, the first code you learn is “The Truth is Your Defense.” No longer is this practiced in 21st Century journalism.  Marshall McLuhan said that “the medium is the message.” Today’s media has been transformed into the Gestapo Press. When you see a legacy newspaper sinking to a level of calling out a small shop owner who dared to contribute about $250 to the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy, you know you are no longer living in America—in the land of Milk and Honey—but a land where those in power simply enjoy the destruction of stoning an individual with the same contemptible passion as any hater living under a deranged dictator. What purpose did this serve the Washington Post to accommodate a paid Woke mob to go after her? Why? This is what a communist, socialist, or Marxist newspaper does. This is what a Gestapo press does.  This is what Goebbels would love.  Goebbels would even love how the mainstream press shields America’s first dictator, Joseph ‘Stalin’ Biden from an ounce of scrutiny.

Already, Fox, OAN, and Newsmax are being targeted because Democrats have deemed them ‘conservative’ and not ‘Woke’. In fact, the NAACP campaigned to get OAN off AT&T Direct TV. Campaigns have begun to get Newsmax off Cincinnati Bell. Why? These three big networks represent the Last of the Mohicans in journalism. Whether one agrees with everything on these three networks, he must save these three to have some semblance and authenticity of Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech.

Already, in the Black community you have a Black press which serves as no more than Democrat Party outlets, annihilating the spirit of the North Star and those Black newspapers which had to be snuck into the South by Black Pullman porters to get to Black readers.

There is no journalism today; therefore, it is duty of the citizen-journalist, the independent journalist, and the citizen himself to serve as journalists and defend the Truth.

The Truth has to be exposed. The Truth is being strangled. The Truth will be killed and buried while citizens remain inside, having locked themselves inside to appease this Monster called Woke; this monster called hate; this Monster called intolerance. This Monster called the Democrat Party.

This Monster has now come for the children. It comes under the guise of the teachers’ unions known as the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT). These teacher unions no longer are comprised of teachers who simply want to ‘educate’—Latin for ‘to bring out’ excellence. These unions under the socialist, Woke and CRT leadership of Becky Pringle (an African American), president of the NEA, and Randi Weingarten (a White American) president of the AFT have joined hands with CRT-advocates such as Nikole Hannah-Jones to teach Black children that they are oppressed and that White children are the oppressors. This pedagogic philosophy CRT espouses is taught as FACT. Their so-called FACT presupposes that the Black Child is inherently inferior and the White Child is inherently superior (white privilege) in this nation called America. Therefore, the NEA and AFT have used the Black Child as the Poster Child to dummy down the White Child and any other non-Black Child to accept “Equity” as a way to repent for having been being born White and for the racial sins of America. The Black Child must accept that he is inherently incapable of learning math because math is white supremacist. When he says ‘you is’ instead of ‘you are’, teachers should accept this because the Black Child cannot be taught basic English grammar, because he is incapable of it. Instead, he must be taught Ebonics and if he should apply for college, there should not be SATs or ACTs scores, because the Black Child is inherently inferior and can never pass these tests anyway. If the Black Child gets into a Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, he must be given his degree out of Equity sympathy, and he must be allowed to have a segregated graduation ceremony.  After all the Woke-CRT-BLM Black citizen insists on this new 21st Century of Jim Crow separatism which has sprung up more and more in classrooms, where COVID, too, is no longer a health issue but socio-political issue which is being used to institutionalize a segregation which will make the segregation of the 1960’s look like child’s play (pun intended).

 Yes, Hitler had doctors who threw away their Hippocratic Oath to advance racism and experimentation on ‘inferiors’. America’s CDC is no longer the Centers for Disease Control but rather the Centers for Democratic Party Control; and, Dr. Fauci has induced Faucism into the takeover of the CDC where no other physician, scientist, theorist, or caregiver has a say. Classrooms under the auspices of the NEA and AFT are separating COVID-vaccinated from the non-COVID-vaccinated children. Furthermore, they are teaching the ‘privileged’ vaccinated children to hate the non-vaccinated. These teachers are bold in showing their own hatred and disdain for those whom they feel ‘inferior’. They are emboldened because they know the Gestapo press and the Joseph ‘Stalin’ Biden regime will protect their behavior in bullying children.

  In other words, the Black Child will never, ever catch up to the White Child or any other non-Black Child; therefore, all other children must be held back (dummied down) to be WOKE. To be the Good Child who will morph into the Good Adult to fit into Soros’ Open Society and to kowtow to a core of rot elites forever and day. 

This core of rot elites will continue to acquire wealth, power, and control as it does in any society which devolves into socialism, Marxism, communism. Bernie Sanders will have his house on Martha’s Vineyard, his other two or three houses, and his millions; BLM founders will continue to have their three or four mansions and accumulate wealth of $60-plus million in the guise of donations; SiliKlan Valley oligarchs will continue to acquire billions as they provide platform Woke privileges to these new segregationists; the NEA and AFT Unions will continue to own your child. After all, in the Democrat Party doctrine and advocated by Black Cong. Cori Bush, parents are not to be called ‘mother’ or ‘father’, ‘daddy or mommy’, but rather mothers are to be referred to as ‘birthing persons’ and fathers as ‘non-birthing persons’ rendering them as no more than breeding material.  Merrick Garland will continue to weaponize the DOJ (Department of Justice) to crack down on parents as his family acquires millions by selling CRT curricula to re-segregate America. Black Hollywood elites will continue to gather millions while they praise Jussie Smollett and say nary a word about a Black Child being killed or maimed by Black thugs.  Joe Biden and family will continue to acquire millions as Joseph ‘Stalin’ Biden elevates George Floyd as having more influence worldwide than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Biden can say this because the Gestapo press protects him.  Joe Biden will keep America’s borders open to accommodate Soros’ Open Society.

Soros’ Open Society is Nazism empowered and legitimized by the media.



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