Blacks Should Help Hold the Line in Georgia to Block Socialism

By Ms.  Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

 We endorse U.S. Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

We urge the Black community of Georgia to vote for Senator Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue to remain in their U.S. Senate seats–no matter how ‘white’ they are, because in a 21st Century the American Black populace can no longer afford to continuously vote for candidates because they are Democrat and Black or because they are Democrat and white. 

If you vote for socialist/Marxists Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff, you need to know that your property, your business, your home, your rights will be one day state-owned in accordance with their socialist/Marxist beliefs as found in any socialist/Marxist nation on Earth. Capitalism with flaws and all in the United States of America has produced more Black millionaires and multi-millionaires with a couple of billionaires thrown in for good measure. It has produced a Black middle class which is presently being decimated by Antifa’s and Black Lives Matter’s destructive activities and by Democrat governors, mayors, and officeholders who now wheel the dictatorial power of lockdowns under the guise of COVID-19 to further decimate the middle class—both Black and White. Their dictatorial powers are plowing the grounds for full-blown socialism.

Democrat socialists advocate redistribution of wealth; yet, they do not redistribute their own wealth. Just ask AOC, multi-millionaire Bernie Sanders, well-off Stacey Abrams or LeBron James or the Six-Billion Dollar Man himself George Soros if they are redistributing their own wealth? After all, Bernie Sanders doesn’t need three homes, does he? Or LeBron James doesn’t need millions to play basketball, or George Soros doesn’t need six billion dollars to live comfortably, does he?

We don’t mind knocking Warnock no matter how ‘reverent’ he is. We’ve seen too many Black ministers worshiping the Golden Donkey and now they’re worshipping the Golden Socialist Donkey. We are frankly sick and tired of these Black churches opening their doors to Democrat candidates at the expense of the Black community without making those candidates accountable. How many times have we seen these Black ministers endorse these Democrat candidates who don’t know them or their congregation after an election? 

To Black Ministers who support Rev. Warnock, we are sure you are knowledgeable about the Bible, but we dare say that you are Not knowledgeable about socialism which is communism and Marxism. Your churches are on lockdown, and this is not solely because of COVID. This is because to ensure that socialism is successful in this nation, churches have to close and stay closed. If you think, Black ministers, that you don’t have the freedom to preach now under a lockdown, you can look forward to a permanent lockdown where you are not allowed to preach at all. Look at Venezuela which was once thriving under capitalism until socialism was introduced. Now people are eating out of garbage cans, drinking dirty water and trying to get to the United States. Look at Cuba, where until a few years ago, citizens were not even allowed to put up Christmas trees or go to Mass. The Pope was barred from visiting what was once a Catholic nation. Look at Russia when it was the Soviet Union where religion and churches were outlawed. Not until the Iron Curtain fell were people allowed to worship God Almighty. In the U.S.A., you now have Big Tech, Big Advertisers, Mainstream Media, George Soros pushing and pouring millions of dollars into Antifa and Black Lives Matter to also advance atheism in the Black community. It is not surprising that Black ministers are the ONLY ministers who will not fight back the irrational lockdowns of their churches. Why? Because those who want to destroy the United States’ ‘structure’ such as Cong. James Clyburn know that Black folks will go along with ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ and vote for ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ as long as the word ‘Democrat’ is followed by ‘whatever’, including socialism. It is no accident that Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Rev. Warnock use the term ‘Democrat Socialism’ to sell this crap to the Black community—to make it sound pretty, pleasant, and innocent, and humble. Black ministers, look at those African nations which operate under socialism. Look at the dictators over those nations. Are they not greedy? Are they not corrupt? Do they not own their citizens’ property, body, and soul? Need we say more? Better yet, ask the Hispanic and Cubans about their lives under socialism. Unlike the Black community, the Hispanic and Cuban Americans pushed back on Antifa and Black Lives Matter when they attempted to boycott Goya and destroy one of the biggest employer of Hispanics and Cubans. IF Antifa and Black Lives Matter had been successful, it would have been only a matter of short time before their community and businesses would have been burned to the ground.

Furthermore, Black Ministers, ask Rev. Warnock why he invited Castro to his church? The answer is obvious: He wanted his congregation to embrace socialism-communism.

“Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord.” Jeremiah 23:1. This is a verse Black Ministers who support Rev. Warnock should understand.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has already declared openly that Democrats will push Joe Biden all the way to the Left, and that Left (as Sanders himself has said) is Democrat Socialism and Democrat Socialism by any other name is communism and Marxism. Cong. James Clyburn has said openly that he wants to change the “structure” of the United States, meaning change it to Democrat Socialism.

 Those Black ministers supporting socialist-Marxist Rev. Warnock, you are not the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s or Black ministers of the Civil Rights era. Warnock is not worth the destruction of this nation or the destruction of the Black church. He has embraced Black Lives Matter (BLM), a group which brags about being Marxist and an anti-male organization in that it has labeled any family with a Black father in the home “white supremacist.”

Furthermore, Black Ministers, do you not realize that the Democrat Party had the word “God” taken out of its platform? Why do you think they did that? We’ll tell you. This was to appease the socialist-communist-Marxist faction of their party such as Bernie Sanders, AOC, Stacey Abrams, James Clyburn, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. This was to appease China which Joe Biden and some of his family members have allegedly cut deals with to make them billions (and this is a news story mainstream media and Big Tech have suppressed to keep us peasants from knowing about).

For too long the Democrat Party has used and abused the Black community to get black votes to advance itself and then discard that vote once the election is over. The Black Vote is about as expendable as a wet paper straw. The fact that the Black community continues to vote straight Democrat and gets kicked in the butt each time has become a level of perpetual insanity.  However, in this portion of the 21st Century, this Democrat Party is now using the Black community and the Black Vote to usher in socialism and to advance socialism via Black celebrities, Black academic elitists, Black athletes, and Black entertainers who got theirs and who don’t give a damn when they ‘preach’ defund the police then trek back to their safe mansions and fine homes with ample protection when they know full well that the everyday Black citizens will be the ones to suffer in a ‘policeless’ community.  Yes, we know there are bad apple policemen, just as there are bad-apple ministers. If the truth be told, there are bad apples in any profession.

                Now a new breed of black socialists/Marxists/communists is on the rise in the Black community to use it then lose it after this Georgia election, continuing the Democrat Party’s traditional practice of taking the Black Vote for granted. The new darlings of the party now are avowed socialists Stacey Abrams and Rev. Warnock. This Democrat Party is on the move in recruiting more Black socialist candidates to make the Black community the bedrock of socialism—to make the Black community the black hole to take this nation completely into a Third World status where you have only the Haves and Have Nots.

                 How convenient that Warnock doesn’t mention to his congregation or to any other Christian congregation that Karl Marx stated that religion is the ‘opium of the people’ so, why is a minister advocating Marx, the father of socialism/communism? Dr. King’s niece, Evangelist Alveda King, recently signed a letter along with other brave Black ministers denouncing Rev. Warnock.  Of course, when Warnock came out as a socialist and a pro-abortionist, who should come to his rescue but 100 Black Ministers who accused Sen. Loeffler of attacking the Black church in an ad she is running. Really? Really.  These Black ministers do not realize that it is not Loeffler who is critical of the 21st Century Black Church, it is Blacks themselves who no longer believe in the leadership of the Black church and its ministers who have invited exclusively Democrat candidates in their churches, into their pulpits, and have aided and Democrats in celebrating Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It is this hidden dissatisfaction with the Black church among Blacks themselves which is growing and far too many Black ministers are blind to what is really happening in their own community. These Black ministers will never acknowledge that it was President Donald Trump who got rid of the Johnson rule that churches must not engage in politics lest they lose their non-profit status. This was part of the Democrats’ Great Society of the 1960’s which crippled the Black church and ridded the family of Black fathers. We reiterate, BLM labeled the Black family with a father as ‘white supremacist.’  Thus, in practice it is BLM advancing the concepts of slavery by busting up the Black family structure.

                Those Black ministers who had the guts to come out against Rev. Warnock asked him the following question in their open letter: “Can you in good conscience defend abortion, knowing that abortion kills 474 Black babies for every 1000 live births? Abortion decimates Black communities, disrupts Black families and inflicts untold harm on Black women. Black women and Black families need your advocacy; they need your protection. But they do not need Black pastors making excuses for the racism in the abortion community. Killing Black lives, especially killing unborn Black lives, does nothing but brutalize and scar vulnerable Black communities who are already suffering so much.”

                When riots broke out in Atlanta headed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, where were many of these Black ministers or Congressional Black Caucus Members? No prominent Black ministers and CBC members came out to condemn BLM or Antifa. Not one came out on the side of Black business-owners who saw their dreams burned to the ground. Why didn’t they? Socialist/Marxist Warnock did not condemn the destruction of the Black community and Black-owned businesses. Stacey Abrams has not condemned the violence of BLM or Antifa. Why Not? Then again, why would they? These are their comrades as in communism and socialism.

                It is imperative that the Black community takes its own leadership in stopping what has been advancing in the Black community, hard-boiled socialism. Hard-boiled communism.  It is imperative that the U.S. Senate is where the line should be drawn in Georgia. This matter is bigger than Republican and Democrat or Black and White. This matter is about NOT letting the United States of America be served up on a platter to China which has a record of treating Africans as modern-day slaves. The record is there.

  So, Black Georgians, do you think that if this nation becomes socialist and becomes part of the Reset Button to bring the United States into the folds of a New World Order that you will be treated fairly? That you will own your own business or have the dreams of making millions in any career? Do you think any rapper or athlete under socialism would have been allowed to accumulate wealth?  China will surely advance its agenda to accommodate what is now the Democrat Socialist Party where the leadership of AOC and her Squad, Bernie Sanders, Stacey Abrams, Rev. Warnock and others have pledged their allegiance to socialism/Marxism/ communism.  This pleases China which has a 10-year plan to surpass the United States and subjugate the United States in a New World Order.

To stress again, China’s human rights record towards Africans is atrocious.  The following is from the Human Rights Watch Organization ( article entitled “China: Covid-19 Discrimination Against Africans” and lays out the doggedness of how the Chinese Communist Party treats Black Africans: “The Chinese government should end the discriminatory treatment of Africans related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch said today. Authorities should also protect Africans and people of African descent throughout China from discrimination in employment, housing, and other realms. In early April 2020, Chinese authorities in the southern city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, which has China’s largest African community, began a campaign to forcibly test Africans for the coronavirus, and ordered them to self-isolate or to quarantine in designated hotels. Landlords then evicted African residents, forcing many to sleep on the street, and hotels, shops, and restaurants refused African customers. Other foreign groups have generally not been subjected to similar treatment.” (Read article in full at

 Let’s say China sees its dream of supplanting the U.S.A., do you really think Blacks will fare better? You will no longer be at the bottom of the totem pole, you will not be on any pole, because there will be no pole. Do not let Kelly Loeffler’s and Perdue’s skin color and party affiliation determine your decision in this crossroads election.

Post the 1964 Civil Rights bill, the Black community has seen rise up the Warnocks and Stacey Abramses representing a sick Black elitism which has systemically blocked economic progress in the Black community to benefit the Democrat Party. This Black elitism has found its way into the education system where Black children are saturated with socialism and taught by Black elites that they should embrace socialism and believe in the redistribution of wealth—as long as it’s not the Black elites’ wealth. We have seen this group of Black elites get into positions only to advance a good-ole-black boy-good-ole-black girl network. We have seen this group label everything and anything they don’t like as “White Supremacy” or “Racism” using those as catch-all phrases to advance their agenda to stay on top and the rest of the Black populace be damned. We have seen skittish Whites who are so frightened of being labeled ‘White Supremacists’ or ‘Racists’ that they run and hide, and fail to stand up for themselves as human beings. Throughout history, everyone of any race, color, or creed has been called names and labeled, but when you submit to the labeling, you are no better than the ones who labeled you.  That labeling and name-calling has been extended to Big Tech giants who now use algorithms to keep those they don’t like in check and subjugated to advance their technological pursuit of a Chinese market at the expense of American citizens—at the expense of Freedom of Speech.

                 This new breed of Black Democrat socialist politicians advances the destruction of the black community to re-structure the United States of America and what they deem as this nation’s capitalism. Yet, this new breed doesn’t demand outright that George Soros redistribute his wealth, that Tech giants redistribute their wealth or Black officeholders redistribute their wealth. Never mind these people got their careers and wealth on the fruits of capitalism.  The Good Rev. Mr. Man Warnock is no exception; yet, now he wants his Black church members and other Black citizens to renounce this nation’s ‘structure’ as has African American Cong. James Clyburn. These socialist-liberals define themselves and their purpose on black poverty.

                Jon Ossoff is simply a socialist wimp.

                Again, we strongly endorse Senator Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue, and if they are elected back to their respective seats, they should sit down with Black people who have common sense (not the traditional Black leaders who are no more than an extension of the Democrat Party) to advance an economic agenda. They should take a look at Ice Cube’s Contract with Black America Plan—seeing that the Democrats refused to even meet with Ice Cube. They should sit down and ask for input from such Black citizens as Jim Brown with his AmeriCan program and other Black citizens who don’t mind writing down and presenting their plans rather than burning down and pillaging the Village in the name of socialism.

                Black Georgians, VOTE LOEFFLER and PERDUE then hold them accountable.


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