Time for Bar & Restaurant Owners to Fight Back!

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune

                America’s restaurant & bar owners—collectively speaking—have not fought back under this guise of COVID 19 which mayors, governors, and other state officials want to use as an excuse to let their inner-dictator come out. New York Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio are prime examples. Yes, COVID-19 exists, but we have learned how to follow healthy guidelines and as of this writing, vaccines are being distributed. But now officeholders are using these guidelines to intimidate and threaten the very fabric of American capitalism, entrepreneurship.  Even, Big Tech god Bill Gates has come out of the socialist closet, advocating that restaurants & bars should remain close for nearly two years. Billy Boy doesn’t feel the pain of restaurant & bar owners. If he did, he would offer loans, grants or something to these owners with his billions he made as an entrepreneur.

                Recently, California’s tearful Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill owner Angela Marsden gave us a comparative tour of her $80,000 tent she’d put up to keep her customers and staff safe for outdoor dining only for the mayor and governor to force her to close while allowing the same type of tent, courtesy of Hollywood, to be set up and used right across from hers. Sure, you felt sorry for her and other restaurant & bar owners from California to New York going through what is, in my view, more about politics than health. Many others agree with this assessment, as witnessed in Staten Island when hundreds of everyday people came out to support a local pub & bar owner who chose to fight back and is continuing to fight back.

                But must these two and the few others fight alone? What was disturbing and irritating was when I heard Ms. Marsden whining in a Fox interview that bar & restaurant owners felt helpless because they feared their liquor license would be pulled. Fear, you know is that four-letter word that we human beings feel at one time or another. But there is another person whom I think of as a sort of philosopher-minister and that is Joyce Meyer who has stated in many of her lectures and sermons, that whatever you fear “Do it afraid. “Go for it! It is long past time for these bar &restaurant owners to go on offense—Together.

                In 1955, when Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man, she went to jail. But in the meantime, Blacks—real Black activists organized (unlike the bullying and cowardly Black Lives Matter-Marxists of today). Their attitude was the rock upon which the modern Civil Rights Movement was built. They boycotted the Birmingham transit authority. Those Black citizens who had cars used them to take those without cars back and forth to work; those who could walk to work or wherever, WALKED.

                Restaurant & bar owners must and should take a leaf out of the Prohibition era. Those owners with licenses intact should stockpile with (everyone pitching in with funds) on whatever liquors and wines they need and be ready to help themselves and those without with the liquor supplies they need to stay open.

                Blacks during that Jim Crow time, met in churches and homes to organize their response in support of Mrs. Rosa Parks – to say Hell, No! Bar & restaurants must organize wherever they can with a plan to have one day—a D-day—to open nationwide. Come hell or high water, every bar & restaurant owner should OPEN. Get bail money ready. If Kamala Harris et al can bail out Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs after they had violated COVID 19 restrictions, then decent, hardworking bar & restaurant owners can do the same! If Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs can burn down small businesses, bars, and restaurants without penalty even to the point of having Washington D.C. and New York mayors help them paint BLM murals on streets and walls, then, by heavens, bar & restaurant owners are entitled to be in business to support their families and employees. And be respected!

                To bar & restaurant owners, do the following:  1) stockpile wines and liquors and help each other out in your respective vicinities. Some should hold on to their licenses in case you need a second wave of stockpiling what you need. (2) organize with a target D-Day to open nationwide (3) sue these dictatorial officeholders and liquor commissioners and have these lawsuits filed and/or ready to go before that target D-Day of OPENING. After all, if Walmart, Walgreens and other big-named stores can sell liquor and wines, why can’t you? This is discrimination. 4) Do Not use Internet platforms to organize. Big Tech is not on your side. They make billions while you make pennies. 5) Have bail bond money ready, set, go. At this point, bar & restaurant owners, you have nothing to lose. You can no longer afford to let these officeholder maniacs control your livelihoods. We live in America, not in some Third World Nation. Stop whining and operating in fear. Organize and kick ass. If Mrs. Rosa Parks and Blacks of the Jim Crow era withstood being put in jail at will, lynching, beating, blackball of their livelihoods, and the KKK, surely, you can withstand the pain to get back your rights as American small business-owners. Fight back!


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