The Mid-South Tribune Endorses President Trump’s Platinum Plan to Invest $500 Billion in the Black Community and to Create 500,000 New Black-owned Businesses

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

What the black community and the rest of America will not hear about from mainstream media is President Donald J. Trump’s Platinum Plan.  The plan calls for investing $500 billion in the black community and for the creation of 500,000 new black-owned businesses. The plan is historic in that this, to our knowledge, is the biggest amount of funds to be invested in the black community. However, what got our attention more than the funds was the fact that the goal of creating 500,000 new black-owned businesses is an integral part of the Platinum Plan, period.

We want to add upfront that President Trump has made promises and kept them. He often says the phrase “Promises made, promises kept” at his rallies. So, if this President has made good on these ‘promises made, promises kept’, why wouldn’t he keep the promises made inside his Platinum Plan to black U.S.A. citizens? Furthermore, this President is unconventional and creative enough to make sure his promises to black citizens come to fruition. At press time, we were pleased to see mogul rappers Ice Cube and 50 Cent come out in support of President Trump. They are multi-millionaires and have worked hard to get where they are. But let us hope that Ice Cube and 50 Cent will stay the course in their support of President Trump’s economic black agenda and not back up and back down as so many black celebrities have done when they receive backlash from elite white liberal racists and their black pseudo liberal sidekicks. Let us hope that they are more akin to football legend Jim Brown who had no hesitation in going up to see a newly elected-President Trump about “his people.” Mr. Brown exemplifies what black men did before they were run out of the household by the so-called Great Society, implemented and led by President Lyndon B. Johnson who boasted that with the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, he would have those ‘N-words voting for him for the next 50 years or more.’ Time has proven Johnson right; Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s assertion that ‘If you ain’t Democrat, you ain’t black’ backs him up in the 21st Century.

 Ice Cube and 50 Cent also represent a symbolic threat to the Democrat Party whose policies have for decades upon decades made the black community dependent and sought to make the black male irrelevant and eventually defunct. It is no secret this party has made it a practice to enlist black females and have a barrage of leadership training programs stressing the leadership of the black female, further displacing the black male. The black community needs both. A leader in this displacement has been and will continue to be Joe Biden not only with his authoring the 1994 Crime Bill but now with keeping in place a black Democrat loyalty to be used as a springboard into full-blown socialism in the United States of America to appease socialist Bernie Sanders and AOC’s wing of the party. The questions to be asked are, ‘What is Biden getting out of it? What is Bernie Sanders and AOC getting out of it? One also sees where Big Tech, Big Corporations, Big Advertising, and Big Athletic Leagues are pouring millions into Black Lives Matter (BLM), a self-anointed Marxist group. In other words, a socialist-communist group which recently scrubbed its website of its proclamation of Marxism and the fact that it does NOT believe in the traditional family and labels a family with a father as white supremacist.  BLM scrubbed its website because blacks are beginning to see BLM’s true socio-political agenda.

 One can see how ballistic the Democrat Party and Democrat socialists went when rap mogul Kanye West came out in support of Trump. The threat was clear to us then as it is now: These are young black male influencers who are rich– filthy rich. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Democrat Party and Joe Biden are advocating raising taxes on those who make more than $400,000. Don’t kid yourselves. These high taxes will impact both black and white middle class, pushing them into poverty. The working-class poor will become poorer. And all of this would send this nation into socialism aided and abetted by the Democrats’ model of packing the Supreme Court to legalize every political move Democrats want in the Judicial Branch.  Do remember, not one Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member or Democrat candidate or Democrat Party member has shown one ounce of support to those black owners of businesses who saw their businesses burned to the ground. Not one. Not one CBC member has expressed sympathy to those black families whose loved ones have been beaten and killed during riots and looting. It is clear the CBC has put BLM and Antifa above everyday working black Americans. It is clear the CBC wants to defund the police, putting black neighborhoods in jeopardy while they live safely in their homes and neighborhoods.

 High taxes aimed at punishing those making $400,000 or more will 1) kill off any wealth accumulation by blacks, 2) stunt growth of black-owned businesses and entrepreneurship.  3) cut-off any economic growth of black athletes who may be already or about to go into super-star status. 4) kill dreams of those who desire to rise out of poverty. This is the Democrat Party’s and Joe Biden’s plan to demolish black capitalism. If it were not so, would they have not denounced the destruction of black-owned businesses? Or other businesses in the community which employ blacks?

The Democrat Party and Joe Biden dare not denounce rioting under the guise of BLM and Antifa, because black-owned businesses represent a growing black middle class. If any nation has a growing middle class, capitalism is inevitable. Freedom is inevitable. Opportunity is inevitable. To them this must not happen by any means necessary which means they must continue to have a free hand in destroying black capitalism with the same vindictiveness that prejudiced whites had in destroying Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, Rosewood, the Negro Baseball League, black-owned banks, etc. during the height of Jim Crow. Blacks must remain in poverty and dependent and be in the position Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently voiced in her refusal to sign off on another CARES Stimulus package when she stated, “We feed them.” Her statement is mainly designed for black people, most of whom are blindly loyal to the Democrat Party. “We feed them.”  Remember these words. If you are black, you are a mere tool in destroying the most successful economic model in the history of mankind, the United States of America. As with any entity formed by mankind, the USA is not perfect, but it is more perfect than those Old-World notions of peasantry and slavery which affected all races. It must be understood that blacks do not and never will have exclusivity on slavery. Never forget but move on.

Recently in stomping for Joe Biden, President Obama said, “Protesters who inspired us” referring to rioters. Do you think America’s first president of color would have dared said the same if they had rioted in his neighborhood or in any elitist neighborhood?  President Obama himself has yet to denounce Antifa or Black Lives Matter-Marxists. Think about it.  Have a cup of coffee. Sober up. Move on.

What President Trump recognizes as well as any economist with a grain of sense is that the African American is the second largest minority in the nation, and it has to be dealt with economically—not emotionally. You cannot have a minority this large and not have dire economic repercussions if it is not pulled into a positive, constructive middle class. If the black collective grows in poverty and becomes a stronghold for any group which wants to advance socialism/Marxism/communism, the black collective will become detrimental to America as the world’s leading economic success.  One politically incorrect example is the NBA and NFL both of which boast of predominant black players. BLM-Marxists had no problem in infiltrating these leagues. Never mind that BLM has little regard for the black male. One saw how easily these black rich male athletes were manipulated to the point of destroying two of the most successful sports entities in the world and two which have produced more black millionaires and multi-millionaires in the world. BLM-Marxists did not care that the fan base which supports the salaries of these black athlete elites has essentially been destroyed and that this group of blacks was taking the NBA and NFL into economic demise and chaos. The owners of these leagues are impotent because they want to be politically correct instead of saving what they created and what the fans want. However one feels, it is mostly a white fan base which supports these leagues and keeps them in business. Yet, these black athletes and owners have cut off their noses in spite of their faces. They have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. See, it is about economics in the long-run.

If the black community ‘collective’ is not moved into a stabled middle class and continues to let such socialist groups as BLM-Marxists and Antifa infiltrate it, this will serve China’s Ten-Year-Plan  of displacing the U.S.A. as the number one nation, and it will serve the economic purpose of George Soros’ ideal of an Open Society where anyone from any nation can simply walk in and be entitled to everything and anything now afforded to America’s citizens. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has been instrumentally softening the black community for socialism via their support of NAFTA which destroyed Detroit and other manufacturing cities where a black middle class was prospering. Why did the CBC support NAFTA at the expense of the black community? Because the Democrat Party handed down the edict.

Under President Trump, black unemployment went down to its lowest in history. This was a blow to the socialists and to CBC. Why? Because first of all, the Democrat Party was supposed to have won in a landslide in 2016. But Trump trumped that. Now, Joe Biden is being slated to win. If Biden comes in, he brings China’s agenda with him. One has to only look at Biden’s economic umbilical cord to China when he was vice president. Examine it now in spite of a mainstream press which is working 24/7 NOT to ask journalistic questions about Biden’s alleged economic China connections via himself and his son, Hunter.  If the U.S.A. can be transformed to a socialist country via the black community, it would be a stroke of genius for the Chinese. One has to ask oneself, what’s in it for Biden, members of the Democrat Party (which is incorporating the Democrat Socialist Party’s policies), and members of the Congressional Black Caucus? CBC has become no more than the corrupt dictatorship as seen in many socialist African nations where the dictators are wealthy and the people are starving. Why would CBC-member James Clyburn say that the United States must be ‘restructured’. What the hell is that? Restructured? No mainstream journalist asked what he meant. Restructured how?  Why? What’s in it for him? We make no apology when we say that the black community—collectively speaking, we emphasize—has become a quasi-headquarters for advancing and implementing full-blown socialism in the United States. If successful, the United States will succumb to a Third-World status, aided and abetted by Big Tech which will or could get China as the world’s largest consumer market for selling out the nation—for being the 21st Century Benedict Arnold. Of course, China will be more than a market; it will be a Big Tech partner.

 Get another cup of coffee and sober up.

We reiterate, underneath the Democrats’ move to raise taxes is to stunt a growing black wealth now being accumulated by young black males. 50 Cent put it truthfully when he flat out said that he wants to remain 50 Cent and not 20 Cent. When one looks at the list of growing black wealth, it is indeed the young males who are mainly in music (rap) and super star athletes.  Look. Look carefully: There is a method to their madness. Why is it that the black community is the only minority targeted by Democrats to give sanction to rioters? It was the first and only community where Antifa and BLM-Marxists have come in and destroyed at will and with praise from the Democrat Party and CBC.

To further reiterate, what is disgusting is President Obama daring to imply that these BLM and Antifa protesters are in the same spirit as the protesters of the 1960s who were in fact inspiring, peaceful and led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who got their heads bashed in so his black ass could become President one day in the 21st Century. (Of course, Joe Biden felt good about wanting to change the name of Obamacare to Bidencare and throw Obama under the bus—but we digress). Furthermore, what is disgusting is a so-called woman of color Vice President candidate in the form of the changeling Kamala Harris who laughed about violating drug-use herself while she was putting away more black men when she was a prosecutor. This VP Democrat candidate Kamala Harris has advocated bailing out Antifa and BLM rioters.  She has yet to talk about bailing out destroyed black-owned businesses or meet with those blacks who lost loved ones or whose family members were maimed during the riots. Of course, Vice President Mike Pence handily put away Harris during the vice-presidential debate when he showed that she would be a giggly, inept president should this nation unfortunately elect a white liberal racist Joe Biden who has already promised that his  proposal  of putting $70 billion in the black community would also go to the “Divine 9” – which is a phrase indicating  black sororities (and here we go  again with the black elites getting what it wants at the expense of the black community). Harris is a member of a black sorority even if she does claim to be ‘black’ when it is convenient.

Bottom line: We do not want to hear President Obama or any of his minions call these rioters who burn, loot, kill, maim, and film the killing of a former black man via Twitter and Facebook as inspirational. We do not want to see Big Tech Willie Lynch their way into determining who so-called black leaders and influencers will be. Big Tech is perfecting the art of Willie Lynch. Why?

Now have a cup of strong ‘black’ coffee. Sober up. Move on.

President Trump did not write the 1994 Crime Bill. Biden did and most members of the CBC went along with it.  President Trump was not even in politics when this bill was written and implemented.  The Democrat Party’s socialist/Marxist/Communist policies are designed to push an agenda where dreams of, as 50 Cent says, “Get rich, or die trying” are ruined. (Also, the title of his movie, and a movie which The Mid-South Tribune was asked to sponsor for a Mid-South advanced premiere screening of at the Malco Theater. For the record, we have long supported and sponsored advanced screenings of our black movies and supported black Hollywood in the Mid-South area, and we now find it disturbing how many black celebs are now supporting Black Lives Matter-Marxists, Antifa, and a Democrat party which advocates distribution and redistribution of their wealth—but we digress). Besides, do these multi-millionaire rappers, super-star athletes, and celebs really believe they would have been able to acquire this much wealth in any other nation and without a capitalistic economic model? Even the now much-maligned Hattie McDaniel took care of her own backlash when she defended her maid roles, by stating that Hollywood (even in the 30’s) allowed her to make enough money to ‘play a maid and not be one.’

We have long advocated that black America’s next step on the civil rights ladder should be economic, especially in these times when a Black Lives Matter PAC has been unleashed NOT to help build black wealth generationally but to destroy it. Trump’s Platinum Plan uses the word ‘generational wealth’. That, too, is a first in discussing an economic plan to pull blacks into mainstream America middle class. Keeping black-owned farm land intact is part of his generational wealth growth.

We strongly endorse President Trump’s Platinum Plan of a $500 BILLION investment and the creation of 500,000 new black-owned businesses.

But let us, too, be realistic. Who the hell would build or rebuild in urban areas and other areas where the mantra is ‘defund the police’ and where businesses from Target to AutoZone to barber and beauty shops to mom-and-pop stores have been destroyed? Sad to say, but the black community remains the ONLY ethnic group where anyone can come in at any time in the 21st Century to tear down dreams, burn the dreams, and go scot free without consequence. So much for Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech which has been buried in a socialist nightmare.  Antifa and BLM are continually aided and abetted by Joe ‘he ain’t black’ Biden and his changeling and giggly soror ‘sista’ of the Divine 9 VP pick Kamala Harris.

 Now you can bet your bottom dollar that with a $500 BILLION investment that if it is not handled with ample accountability, the same-o, same-o will happen as it historically has been doing: Black political elites will take care of their own; black elite cliques will benefit; black elite academia will benefit while preaching socialism and picking up their pension on Wall Street. In other words, the good ole black boy and black girl network will use the Platinum Plan for self-enrichment. As a shameful example, one only has to remember how Congressional Black Caucus members sat when President Trump announced that a little black girl had received a scholarship during his State of the Union Address. Really? This little black girl and her mother did not fit into the black Democrat clique. The black farmer does not fit into the black Democrat clique. Recently, we learned how black farmers are at war with John Deere which allegedly refuses to deal with black farm trade shows. Instead of John Deere sitting down with black farm representatives, the company chose to do the usual route: Donate to the NAACP which has become in the 21st Century country club for black elitism, and behaves no more than an arm of the Democrat Party in spite of claiming to be non-partisan. (Let us now pause and snicker). Hopefully, John Deere and the black farmers can come to terms. Hopefully, any black farmers’ organization can sit down at the table to put in their two-cents worth on any implementation of the Platinum Plan.  Again, we were pleased to see Ice Cube sit down, think, and write down his “Contract with Black America.” Obviously, he is a black man of action. Of course, we were not surprised to learn that the Democrat Party told him that they would look at his Contract after the election; the Trump administration invited him to sit down with them and tell them what he wanted to see happen in the black community; therein, lies the difference between a party which believes in the American economic model of capitalism and one which believes in socialism/Marxism and black people are gullible fools.

We have long advocated that it is black-owned businesses which must be an integral part of black capitalism and American capitalism.  The Platinum Plan can and must lead in this happening.  We want to see, as Ice Cube has advocated, the black community become more responsible for its action. If $500 Billion is to come into the community, there should be BIG accountability. That accountability must also begin with a complete investigation of funds that come to the black community via the Congressional Black Caucus, which continues over the course of decades to be about as corrupt as a Black Teapot Dome Scandal. Black folks, start asking where the money is going. Case in point: Look at Baltimore. Black Republican candidates Kim Klacik and Joe Collins have no problem with that question. Collins walked over to Cong. Maxine Waters’ Six Million Dollar mansion which was not located in the district that she represents. This crap happens all the time among black politicos who don’t give a damn about their black constituents which indicates in the long run socialism will be hell for their constituents and heaven for them.

Ice Cube writes in his Contract: “Chronic poverty creates an atmosphere full of negativity, frustration, hopelessness, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, crime, and violence. These are some of conditions that plague the Black Community which is dealing with extreme generational poverty. As we begin to gain social and economic equality it is our duty to clean up ourselves and our community. This contract is a 2-way street. As we gain social and economic equality, we must begin to dissolve any bitterness in our hearts for past wrongs. We must become better citizens who are more productive on all levels of American society. We really must step up after we pass the Contract with Black America with no more excuses left in the kiddie. Our entertainers should be persuaded to deliver more positive content that leads our youth to make better choices in life. A new pride must develop with these new opportunities and we must fight against negativity, frustration, hopelessness, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, crime, and violence.”

Now, as we’ve stated before: Let’s see if Ice Cube folds or not, and if he  will black man-up and not run for the hills as did Steve Harvey and the little black ‘boys’ who are too frightened to stand up to multi-millionaires such as LeBron James who got theirs, and are now ready to embrace BLM-Marxists and Antifa to further embrace  Marxist/socialist/communist China to usher in a new province for China which has already screwed over many African nations. Besides, let James redistribute his own wealth. Let Bernie Sanders redistribute his own wealth and live in only one of his three houses. Let AOC redistribute her growing wealth. Let George Soros redistribute his billions. Let Collin Kaepernick redistribute Nike multi-millions. Let Big Tech redistribute their billions and billions. How ironic that these supporters of socialism reaped their wealth from capitalism. How ironic that they used Adam Smith to get to Marx and Hegel while lying in the lap of luxury.

We urge you to read President Trump’s Platinum Plan and Ice Cube’s “Contract with Black America.” (You can find Ice Cube’s Contract at .

 We are thrilled to see a ‘civil war’ happening inside the black community.  We are thrilled to see the decent black individual who wants good schools, good jobs, entrepreneurship, black businesses fighting back. We are thrilled to see the Walk Away from the Democrat Party Plantation, BLEXIT (Blacks exiting the Democrat Party), Black Voices for Trump, and videos of blacks running Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa out of their neighborhoods—stuff you won’t see on mainstream media. More and more blacks are daring to voice that they are no longer Democrat. They’re not hiding anymore and they are not intimidated anymore. We were thrilled to see in the Platinum Plan that President Trump has designated both the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations. Too bad the Southern Poverty Law Center has not done the same, illuminating that if you are a member of Antifa or Black Lives Matter you have some type of God-given right to destroy black businesses, homes, maim and kill persons while glorifying your heinous acts in ONLINE perpetuity with Big Tech’s blessing. (After all, it was Big Tech which wrote the algorithm that if you put the word “black” in a search engine, you will come up with “monkey”.)

                We are thrilled to see a slate of capable black Republican candidates fighting like there’s no tomorrow to uplift the black community economically. We have already endorsed ALL black Republicans running for office. It’s time to give them a chance and a forum.

                The Platinum Plan is a gamechanger. Several items such as Opportunity Zones, HBCU funding, and prison reform First Step Act have already been implemented.  We have been especially concerned over this nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), especially when the Obama administration seemingly was in full force of destroying these venerable educational institutions and transferring funds to replace them with community colleges. Several years ago, we strongly advocated saving Tennessee State University (Nashville) which was being supplanted with these underhanded tactics of rerouting funds to historically white colleges and newly minted community colleges. Why not have good education all the way around? We believe there should be school choice, charter schools, enhancement of public schools, and that STEM education programs should be set up in all schools and STEM departments in all HBCUs. This is to make this nation 21st Century STEM-competitive.  This nation cannot continue to push out dummied down black students while graduating them under Affirmative Action programs. Adding to that, we say that HBCUs must get rid of those presidents, board members, and socialistic-elitist faculty who no longer believe in the excellence of the black student.  They must get rid of the black elitist scoundrels who believe it is okay for the black child to learn Ebonics and to think that using good grammar is somehow ‘white’. Back in the day, it was the black committed instructors who taught the “Hidden Figures” or who produced the “Great Debaters” and not the 21st Century realm of black victimhood.

                One day we would like to see President Trump visit the oldest boarding school for blacks. That school is Piney Woods, located in Piney Woods, Mississippi—the state which produced many HBCUs in spite of Jim Crow—even Yankee Jim Crow (which existed as well).

                We strongly agree with the following statement from Calvin Tucker, a Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member.  “President Trump has achieved more for Black America in four years than Joe Biden has in four decades. From 3 million new jobs to 500,000 additional black-owned businesses, President Trump generated unprecedented opportunity for the Black community, and he’s the only candidate on the ballot who can do it again.”

                Now having said all of the above in endorsing the Platinum Plan, we say to those in charge and to those affected that they better make damn sure that before $500 Billion is plunked down that those communities are SAFE, including safe from Big Tech Thugs who fund Antifa and Black Lives Matter-Marxists. Otherwise, you might as well save that money for Martians in a far, far future. Time for some black Wyatt Earps and Doc Holidays to come in and clean up black communities so the ‘town folk’ can have law and order in the 21st Century.

Also, we continue to advocate that for the most part the black community can no longer function as a group because the chain is weak. Break the chain. Those black individuals who want something better in life, get on the Ark. As for the rest, let the Flood come.

Here are some highlights in President Trump’s Platinum Plan:



  • OPPORTUNITY – By achieving historic employment levels for Black Americans, as well as increasing access to capital for new businesses, President Trump has been committed to ensuring all Black Americans can achieve the American Dream.
  • SECURITY – By signing into law the celebrated First Step Act, President Trump has brought common sense criminal justice reform to the American people for the first time in decades, while ensuring that our streets and communities are safe for families and business owners.
  • PROSPERITY – As the first President to provide long-term funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this Administration continues to seek immediate and generational advancement for Black Americans.
  • FAIRNESS – As demonstrated through his actions to initiate investment into Opportunity Zones, as well as address health disparities, wage gaps and necessary education reforms, President Trump works every day to advance a fair and just America for the Black Community.


  • Increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion
  • 3 million new jobs for the Black community
  • 500,000 new Black-owned businesses
  • Making Juneteenth a federal holiday
  • Designating the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist organizations
  • Expand Opportunity Zones

• Reach even greater levels of historic employment and wage growth for the Black Community set in 2019, so that anyone looking for a job gets one

• Seek infrastructure funding that will lead to wide-spread growth in the annual $500B federal contracting opportunities

• Grow minority owned businesses with additional tax cuts to stimulate hiring and investment

• Encourage onshoring and development of domestic manufacturing to increase supply chain business development and employment

• Examine barriers to employment including fees, occupational licensing, arrest record inaccuracy and expungement

• Increase activity in opportunity zones including benefits for local hires

• Invest almost $20B toward broadband and internet access to create job opportunities, improve classroom connectivity, and the ability to utilize tele-health services

                The Trump Platinum Plan is a winner, provided those blacks who want ‘something’ good out of life. Blacks must reject Black Lives Matter-Marxists, Antifa and a Democrat Party gone wild. again, we strongly endorse all black Republicans who are running in their respective races. It is long past time for new black blood to come into the CBC and in other state and local governments.

We hope—truly hope—that President Trump will find a way to get input from the everyday black citizen and business owners to make sure that this Platinum Plan of $500 billion investment and the creation of 500,000 new black-owned businesses come to fruition. We also stand by our black farmers to be part of creating and stabilizing generational wealth in the black community.  


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