The Mid-South Tribune’s Endorsement of ALL Black Republican Candidates in 2020 Election

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

To the Black community, if you keep sending the same black representatives back, you’re going to keep getting the same thing: Nil or nothing.

                What our black citizens need to realize is that the second-round of stimulus checks are not going out because Democrat Nancy Pelosi has handed down the orders. Joining Nancy Pelosi is the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) which obeys Pelosi at the expense of black constituents in their respective districts. Pelosi’s relentlessness in leadership is to keep the black community in check, hoping that President Trump will be seen as the one holding back funds critically needed by all Americans. As usual, the CBC is aiding and abetting her. The Democrat Party’s oldest trick is to keep black Americans thinking that Republicans are white supremacists. It is no accident that in every presidential debate or townhall, or interview where a mainstream media journalist is in charge, the term “white supremacist” is tossed about when it comes to black issues. Not one of these journalists, to our observation, has ever brought up the issues of education, jobs, job creation, entrepreneurship, black-owned business, HBCUs, riots, black-on-black crime, the black family or any other issue which impacts the black community.

These ‘Democratified’ -pseudo -liberal journalists continuously play to the Democrats’ black base which is essentially the black female. To reemphasize: The Democrat Party caters to the black female. Period. Exclamation mark. Practically all of their leadership seminars are aimed at the black female. Any warrior knows that if you get rid of the male, it is easier to conquer the women and children; thus, this is the strategy of the Democrat Party to secure the Black Vote. Any warrior also knows that to conquer, you cut off communications. This is where Big Tech comes in to begin and continue its campaign of deleting any and all non-conforming blacks such as black Republicans, conservatives – or any black who does not conform to the will and whim of the Democrat Party. The move by Big Tech is to further advance a socialist agenda on the backs of the black citizens, and to annihilate BLEXIT and the Walk Away. Besides, Democrat candidate Joe Biden has already made it clear that “If you ain’t Democrat, you ain’t black.”

                Because the Democrat-led Congressional Black Caucus has chosen for decades now to put the Democrat Party over its respective constituents, it’s time for new black blood to replace it. This is why we are endorsing All of the black Republicans who are running for office in 2020. We are continuing what we have advocated for decades which is to turn the Black Vote into a Swing Vote.  We continue our resolve to replace this group of stagnant black officials with blacks who think economically. How pleased we were recently to hear multi-millionaire rap mogul Fifty Cent endorse President Donald Trump; albeit, his assertion of Trump not liking blacks, is absurd and a continuation of the propaganda that Republicans are racists and white supremacists.  If such were true about this President, a slew of rappers who befriended him before he was president would not have been anywhere around him. Yet, they were, as evidenced in numerous photos and videos with witnesses abound.

For decades upon decades, CBC members have run on two qualifications (1) being black and (2) being a Democrat. They needn’t deliver anything, and they have a freedom to punish any black citizen who won’t subjugate himself or herself to the Democrat Party. A case in point was during the President’s 2020 State of the Union speech in which the President announced that a little black girl had received a scholarship from a charter school her mother had been trying to get her into for years. Instead of applauding this achievement, the entire CBC chose to protest the little black girl and her mother. They sat. They sat on a black child’s achievement all because they did not want to insult the teachers’ union or public schools (Although, one can be assured that some of their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are in private and charter schools). If parents feel that a public school does not fit the needs of their child, then they should have a “choice.” After all, this is the 21st Century. Joe Biden was not for school choice when that choice specifically stemmed from Jim Crow; when a black child had no choice. Biden had even enlisted the aid of former KKK member, the late Sen. Robert Byrd, to help him keep ‘white’ schools lily white.

It, too, was shameful how the CBC did not make any move on COVID-19 until the CARES Stimulus Bill was passed. Then they acted as if they really cared. Why? Because money came into play, and in too many instances, the CBC elites will take care of their own cliques and party members. Anytime sizable funds are released, it is incumbent on everyday black citizens to ask, “Where’s the money?” Kim Klacik who is running for Congress to represent Baltimore is asking that question. Millions have seen Klacik strut in her red dress touring the ruins of Baltimore which is still decaying from riots and decades of Democrat black leadership. In her political ad, Klacik examines the level of education in the city’s public schools where black students are not even proficient in math and reading. Unfortunately, this is the state of education is universal in the black community.

All of these inspiring and common-sensical black Republicans running are bringing out issues—real important issues—and they are proponents of black capitalism and capitalism. Read Burgess Owens’ book and philosophy. Owens is about Old School values which used to be an integral part of the black community. Joe Collins is taking on a mummified Maxine Waters who lives in a $6 million mansion OUTSIDE of her district. After all, she can’t possibly live in the same area as the black peasants who pay her salary and keep those expensive wigs on her head. Then, there’s the feisty Angela Stanton-King fighting to replace the legendary John Lewis who, in our opinion, should have resigned years ago. Lewis, in our opinion, and others in his ilk who emerged from the 60’s Civil Rights Movement had and have become stagnant, entitled, elitist and entrenched in what is now the good-ole-black boy-good-ole-black girl network. Then, there’s John James running for the U.S. Senate. As a West Point graduate, he has served his country in combat in Iraq and received two Air Medals and a Combat Action Badge (CAB). He has great ideas. Give him a chance to execute them. In the Memphis area, the same can be said of Charlotte Bergmann. We can go on with our accolades for this new level of black leadership—American leadership to expand the black middle class and build black wealth from the black farmland to the suburb to the city to the nation. Time to get rid of the present black rascals!

  See below the names of all of our endorsements. Big Tech may stop you from posting, but find a way—including word of mouth—that it is time to VOTE black Republicans into Office. Already, we are getting word from blacks that they are voting for anyone with an “R” at the end of their name on the ballot. After this election, blacks must take on Big Tech in Silicon Valley with the same passion and commitment it did when it took on Jim Crow in the South. Because, now, as we all know, Big Tech is utilizing black algorithms and its overwhelming economic power to destroy the First Amendment rights of non-Democrat black citizens to keep those blacks in their place. When and if there is a congressional hearing on Big Tech’s censoring, black citizens and black pundits should be invited to participate in this renewal segregation under the guise of Tech Jim Crow.

                For the Record: We have already endorsed for a second time President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

                We kindly ask for you to Vote for the following Black Republicans:

2020 Black Republican Candidates

John James, MI, U.S. Senate

Tamika Hamilton, CA-03

Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, CA-26

Errol Webber, CA-37

Aja Smith, CA-41

Joe Collins, CA-43

Casper Stockham, CO-07

Vennia Francois, FL-10

Byron Donalds, FL-19

Carla Spalding, FL-23

Lavern Spicer, FL-24

Angela Stanton-King, GA-05

Philanise White, IL-01

Craig Cameron, IL-07

Rayla Campbell, MA-07

Kimberly Klacik, MD-07

Kendall Qualls, MN-03

Lacy Johnson, MN-05

Billy Prempeh, NJ-09

Laverne Gore, OH-11

Kathy Barnette, PA-04

Wesley Hunt, TX-07

Charlotte Bergmann, TN-09

Wendell Champion, TX-18

Tre Pennie, TX-30

Burgess Owens, UT-04

Leon Benjamin, VA-04


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