Endorsement Editorial on Pres. Trump

By Ms. Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune


“What the hell do you have to lose?” If ever there was a crossroads moment it was when President Donald J. Trump asked this rhetorical question of the black community. We say ‘nothing’ as we did in 2016. We, again, endorse President Trump to continue to “Make America Great Again!”

President Trump thinks outside the ‘black’ box. He focuses on implementing economic policies which will benefit all Americans, because all Americans’ lives matter.

African Americans should reject the Democrat Party’s paved gold roads to Marxism, Socialism, and Communism – under the guise of Democrat Socialism. The Biden-Harris-Sanders-AOC-Congressional Black Caucus-Nancy Pelosi-Black Lives Matter-Antifa ticket will take the black community and America into economic genocide.   For too long, the black community remains a venue for any outside group to advance any crap it wants to.

Black Lives Matter advocates the following: 1. Marxism, 2. Anti-male 3. Anti-nuclear family (by labeling it white supremacist). 4. De-funding the police.  Black Lives Matter believes in the redistribution of wealth albeit George Soros has yet to redistribute his own; Democrat Party socialist Bernie Sanders has yet to redistribute his or give up two of his three houses; AOC has yet to redistribute her own; such superstars as LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick have yet to redistribute their own. Presently, a conclave of big advertisers, corporations, and Big Tech has formed partnerships to advance Marxism and Socialism in the black community while their respective communities remain capitalistic and riot-free. Safe.

Any warrior knows that if you want to control a community, you must first destroy or cripple its males and its means of communication.  Mainstream media outlets aid and abet the Antifa-Black Lives-Matter-Marxist-socialist agenda in the black community to push forth a ‘Medium is the Message’ and that message is Anti-Trump, anti-Republican Party, anti-capitalism to achieve Soros’ Open Society at any expense to the black community.

The elementary question remains in the black community: If you have had 400 years in slavery, why haven’t you advanced beyond reacting, marching and rioting? Why hasn’t the black community like any other minority advanced economically? Passage of the 1964 Civil Rights bill has already dismantled the once legality of Jim Crow not only in the South but nationwide.  If it were not so, the United States would not produce worldwide the highest number of black millionaires and multi-millionaires with a couple of billionaires thrown in here and there.


We watched Tuesday night when the President gave the citizenship pledge to five immigrants who did it the right way by going through the steps to become U.S. citizens.    First Lady Melania Trump, who became a citizen in 2006, told us why she wanted to get from under a communist regime to come to America. We heard the pain of Maximo Alvarez whose family escaped the Communist terrorism inflicted on Cuba by Castro. Alvarez is now the owner and founder of a gasoline distribution company.

Yes, the United States continues to be a land where black rappers can go from the street to mansions; yet, in too many instances we see some of those same rappers and superstars who ran up behind Donald Trump BEFORE he was president now disown him claiming that he is a racist. We appreciated how former NFL football star Herschel Walker told the world of his 37-year friendship with President Trump. Besides, we have to ask that if Donald Trump had been viewed as a racist, his TV reality show, “The Apprentice” would have not remained a No. One TV show for years. Do you really think that George “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” Wallace would have been able to have a number one TV show in America’s households without being denounced as a racist?

Still, we ask ourselves, ‘Why won’t the black community fight back this small, roach-hatred infested group of Black Lives Matter and Antifa?’ The black community needs to answer for itself.  It has in the 21st Century become a minority group which sits and sits on any other black who dares to move, to have something, be something. A prime example is the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) which literally sat when President Trump during his State of the Union speech announced that a little black girl had received a scholarship. These grown-ass CBC adults sat in unimaginable hatred of this little black girl and her mother who had achieved a better education opportunity all because Trump made a way for her to attend a charter school, something her mother had been trying to do for years. Is this not the same hatred the Little Rock Nine black children encountered when they wanted a better education? But you can bet your bottom dollar that many of their children are in private and charter schools. For the record, it was President Dwight D. Eisenhower who sent in the National Guard to protect these black children. Eisenhower was a Republican. There was a time in the black community when the entire neighborhood showed up for high school graduations. These were times of victorious celebration because for any black child to get an education meant the whole community was being lifted, moving forward, successfully breaking the Black Code which dictated that it was a crime to teach a slave to read and write.

Education and the value of education once upon a time had been respected in the black community and was looked on as the main building block to obtain middle class level. At the time, it was not money which made that determination because seldom did blacks have money or inherited money anyway. There were times when it was not uncommon to hear an uneducated parent say that their one goal in life was to make sure their black child got an education. These uneducated black parents were the movers and shakers in the community because they had the value of education. They never would have in a million years thought their child should be taught Ebonics (as advocated by 21st Century black academia and black liberal elitists) or have ACT tests eliminated to further dummy down the black child.

In a 21st Century, the black child is expendable.  President Trump introduced Operation LeGend in honor of four-year-old LeGend Taliferro who was shot to death by black thugs. Would a racist have done this? In a world of Biden and Harris, if young LeGend had lived, he might have been incarcerated quickly and forgotten.

“Operation LeGend is not to harass, it’s not to harm or to hurt. It’s to help investigate unsolved murders. In which one of those happens to be our innocent four-year-old son. This operation is personal for us. We want justice for our son and others. We have to take a stand in our communities to make this operation be successful,” Charron Powell, mother of LeGend Taliferro, stated.

Yet, the black community has failed to protect its children. There are no marches for the children. There is no passion for the children. Their innocent lives don’t matter. Their futures don’t matter.

President Trump has guaranteed a 10-year funding of HBCUs (Historical Black Colleges and Universities). Trump did this because he could not understand why HBCU presidents had been coming back and forth to the White House during past administrations to beg for funding. These colleges were the building blocks to black economic stability; yet, President Barack Obama’s policies began a road of displacing these colleges with community colleges, when there was clearly room for both—yet, America’s first ‘man of color’ president began an unprecedented level of wiping out black colleges and their historical significance. Of course, his disrespect for HBCUs extended to Congressional Black Caucus members whom he did not meet with when he first came into office. Obama managed to meet with every other group while the CBC begged to meet with him.  When he finally met with them, he stood up before the world to chastise them as if they were children: “What are you whining about?”

We have editorialized (and I in the capacity of editor of another newspaper) that HBCUs should be enhanced, especially in the 21st Century, by having ‘state-of the-science’ STEM departments. The HBCU has always embraced students regardless of race, color, and creed. And, in many instances those minorities such as Indians (as from India), Africans, and others who would not be embraced as academic members were embraced at black colleges. During the RNC Convention, even Nikki Haley said that her father taught at an HBCU. Today, a sizable number of white students go to and graduate from HBCUs, such as with Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri or Lane University in Jackson, Tennessee. These white students weren’t looking for color; they were looking for an education. They did not care that their professors were African American. Like any serious student, they wanted to learn.

We believe that HBCU presidents should again meet with the President and Secretary of Education De Voss to implement STEM departments so that more ‘Hidden Figures’ can be accommodated. Who knows? Maybe some will be part of the newly-formed Space Force. We were also pleased to see that HBCUs are included in the Opportunity Zones Initiative.  On a recent Fox & Friends (Fox Cable Network), HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson stated that “… Just designating a place an Opportunity Zone increases the property value by 1.1%. For the half of people who live in Opportunity Zones who own homes, that worth has gone up by $11 billion already. This is the type of thing the President is trying to do — a rising tide lifts and floats all boats. That’s what we’re talking about.”

Unlike when Mrs. Rosa Parks sat so that we may rise, the 21st black community has sat until mediocrity, contentment, 400-year excuse-making and violence became the norm. The black community has sat accepting promises made by the Democrat Party which delivered nil or nothing. The black community has sat and silently consented when Congressional Black Caucus members voted to pass NAFTA, further wiping away the black middle class in such cities as Detroit and Flint. The black Democrats of the Caucus continue to put Nancy Pelosi’s, Maxine Waters’, James Clyburn’s, and Old Guard black Democrat one-time civil rights activists’ emotionalism above black economic interests. Most of these congressmen and leaders such as Al Sharpton are relics of the past. If they cannot and refuse to adjust to the 21st Century, they should remain in the past. We were even disturbed how the late Cong. John Lewis embraced Black Lives Matter-Marxists, and especially disgusted how America’s first ‘man of color’ President Barack Obama used his funeral to further the Democrat agenda—not the black community’s socio-economic agenda. Of course, Obama didn’t do a damn thing for the African American community when he was there, so we were not surprised to hear his eulogy to the late Congressman become emotional rhetoric to secure the Black Vote. Just disgusted.

The black community has sat until Joe Biden authored and honed the Crime Bill which saw the incarceration of thousands of black men many of them the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons of the “Great Society” which dismantled the black family of its fathers for generations.

At least in President Trump’s case, it been “promises made and promises kept.” The black community had its highest employment rate in history until the China virus.

President Trump and the nation’s only black Republican U.S. senator, Tim Scott, introduced the First Step prison reform program which saw Mrs. Alice Marie Johnson get a second chance at life and a career. We saw during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, August 25, former bank robber Jon Ponder tell the world how his life was changed and how he went on to found Hope for Prisoners in Las Vegas. We heard the story how Ponder found his Christian faith and became friends with former FBI agent Richard Beasley who arrested him. We saw President Trump put his action where his mouth was and give Ponder a full pardon. We saw President Trump attend the graduation ceremony of one-time prisoners in Ponder’s program who have received a second chance. President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” achieved no more than lip-service and public relations when it came to helping young black men and boys, but such lip service has been the modus operandi of black Democrat politicos.

The black church sat until the Johnson Amendment was introduced to make it impotent. We have seen the black church welcome exclusively white Democrat politicians. It is sad to say that the black church was no longer about worshipping God, but worshipping the Golden Donkey. We have yet to see high profile ministers denounce the FACT that “Under God” was left out of the Pledge of Allegiance. The move to get rid of God and any reference to faith is not surprising. This is what Marxism does. This is what Black Lives Matter-Marxists do. After all, Karl Marx said that “religion is the opium of the people.” So, if you want to manipulate a community, you must destroy its churches and replace it with the Party—and that Party is the Democrat Party which continues to grow in its influence and dictatorship in the African American community.

God, give us the strength to say ‘no’—not to the Democrat Party but to ourselves for continuing to accept the fact that the Democrat Party rules in the black community. Its tentacles have reached into the black church, the black school, the black media and worst of all, the black family. It is no longer the community which held dearly a value system of mores which brought out the best in black leadership, black scholastic achievement, and black work ethic.  There was a time when the community preached “Young, Gifted, and Black.” There was a time when black parents and teachers taught and instilled in black children that they had to be two or three times as good at what they did because they were in a Jim Crow society and may inherit a Jim Crow society. There was a time when a black teacher with a raggedy book taught more to black children than a unionized white liberal teacher does now with expensive books, computers, and what have you. The black community continues to sit as little Black Johnny and Janey are dummied down to a point of no return. This is why we endorse Melania Trump’s “Be Best” Initiative which also stresses STEM to young black children.

We endorse the Opportunity Zones created by Senator Tim Scott, implemented by HUD Secretary and White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council Chairman Ben Carson and others under the leadership and commitment of President Trump who on more than one occasion has acknowledged that the black community’s next ‘opportunity’ should be and has to be economic, a philosophy we have advocated for years.  Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated that economics is the next plank in the Civil Rights Movement. One has to only read and reread King’s ‘Mountaintop” speech, his final speech before he was assassinated on the steps of the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968.

We reemphasize:  Everything in the Black community emanates and has to be sanctioned by the Democrat Party from the black family to the black church to the black schools to the black media—EVERYTHING.

If America wants to see how a one-party system and full-blown socialism will look, it needn’t look any further than the black community.  It needn’t look any further than the deterioration of the black community. Look at the majority of that community accepting the rule of the mob, the bullying of the mob, and worse of all, worshipping the Golden Donkey.

Socialism is a lazy man’s capitalism.

We also say that it is time for a civil war inside the black community. The God-fearing, decent, hard-working black citizen must take back their community. Black ‘real’ men must work with police departments and stand guard around black-owned businesses and other businesses when riots break out to run off what we call the low-down, good-for-nothing black trash and white trash known respectively as Black Lives Matter-Marxists and Antifa from the neighborhood and to kick George Soros in his ‘Open Society’ ass. The black community must change the makeup of an irrelevant, defunct, good-ole-black boy and black girl network of the Congressional Black Caucus which was founded on welcoming both black Democrats and Republicans, but no more. Black citizens must also remember that the CBC did not give a damn about the China-Covid19 Virus in the black community until the CARES Act was introduced, and then they saw it as more of an opportunity to help their cliques rather than their constituents. Where were they when it became evident that the virus had no color line and would cross into the black community as well? Instead they joined their Democrat comrades in calling Trump xenophobic and praising Nancy Pelosi who wanted to go partying in Chinatown. It was evident that the CBC was more interested in making Trump look bad rather than in the health of their black constituents. Did you see even one of them early on inform their constituents on the potential danger of the China Virus? No. You can trace the timeline: They only became interested when CARES money came into play. The black community must not continue to send blacks to Congress based solely on the facts that they are black and Democrat. Nothing more.

Just like cream rises to the top, so does trash.

We reiterate: It sickens us when black babies and children are shot like dogs and not a damn, no-good Democrat says a thing. When a community shows no outrage over the slaughtering of its children, that community ceases to be human and humane. These black Democrats and white Democrats are mainly in charge of these cities where these senseless killings are happening. In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer, ‘We are sick and tired of being sick and tired’ of the likes of a bug-eyed Chicago Mayor, a glazed-eyed New York mayor and self-righteous governor, black prosecutors such as the Soros-backed one who arrested the white McCloskeys  (Mark and Patty) who had enough guts to protect themselves when the BLM-Marxists and Antifa mob descended on their home. We don’t care if their house had been a mansion or a shack, it was theirs to defend. We have seen where Black Lives Matter-Marxists and Antifa have sealed off doors of a church to burn people alive inside. Recently, they sealed off a police station where police were still inside to burn them alive. Mainstream media will not report such incidents.

We support our police. Most of whom are good citizens and decent. The black community wants the police in their neighborhoods; the black community wants LAW and Order.

We applaud those ‘real’ black men of Englewood who ran BLM-Marxists and Antifa out of their neighborhood. Furthermore, we know these riots and lootings are no longer about George Floyd, but rather about delivering the black community to the Democrat Socialists for Election Time. Even, Democrat State Rep. Vernon Jones of Georgia was man enough to call out the Democrat Party about its neglect of black voters, and if you heard his speech at the Republican National Convention, you would have heard why he is endorsing President Trump and why he is putting the interests of his constituents over the interests of what has become the Democrat  Socialist Party.

We shall OVERCOME the Democrat Party!

If this black civil war inside the black community does not happen quickly, it will be economic genocide, and the black community will go by the way of the Etruscans. No company—from a Target, to an AutoZone, to a Kroger, to a Macy’s to a Home Depot to a mom-and-pop store will build anything back in the black community. Black businesses and entrepreneurship will have no place to take root.  Even Opportunity Zones will not work.

If the black community as a whole hasn’t the guts to get rid of Black Lives Matter-Marxists and Antifa, then it is time to bring in the Ark. And at that point, we must say to those blacks who want a better life for themselves, children and generations to come, get on the Ark. As for the rest, let the Flood come.

We shall OVERCOME the Democrat Party!

As we endorse President Donald J. Trump, we have still yet to hear any Democrat, the DNC, or a member of the Congressional Black Caucus denounce Black Lives Matter-Marxists, Antifa and violence in the black community. We have yet to see any of them reach out to black business owners who have seen their dreams burned to the ground. Not one of them has denounced the killing of retired policeman Dorn who was guarding his friend’s pawnshop during the riots. Antifa and Black Lives Matter-Marxists live streamed his brutal killing.  Big Tech did not censor that!

We have yet to see or hear Joe ‘He Ain’t Black’ Biden or his running mate Kamala ‘I Only Claim to be Black when it Benefits Me’ Harris hold a press conference denouncing the violence, black-on-black killing, the killing of black babies and children or even the killing of a white five-year-old little boy riding his tricycle when his black neighbor shot him pointblank in the forehead. This is about hate, and hate knows no color.

We strongly endorse President Donald John Trump and black Republicans. We urge our black citizens to give this President and the brave black Republicans a chance. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain to stand up for  the black community which gave us Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Mr. Medgar Evers, and the thousands – black, white, and Jewish citizens who walked the bridge, sat at lunch counters, endured powerful water hoses and dogs, and sacrificed their lives, limb, and livelihood.


We endorse the Trump-Pence ticket to:

Make America Great Again!

Make Black America Safe Again!


Vote for Donald Trump on November 3rd.


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